Call of Duty WWII (PC/PS4/XB1, Nov 3rd)

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    Honestly, the lack of proper support for the PC version of Infinite Warfare (and Modern Warfare Remastered) has pretty much put me off of the CoD franchise as a whole.

    Sledgehammer HAS to show the PC base some love this time around, or the series is objectively dead on PC. Not 'dieing', not on 'life support'. Dead. And by 'show the PC base some love', I don't mean stuff like including a ranked server browser. (which would be nice, mind you, but I've given up hope of that returning to CoD PC) I mean proper optimization from DAY 1, issues that make it past QA to be fixed in a timely fashion, 100% ranked dedicated servers (even if it's done like the PC version of Black Ops 2 and 3 where you go into matchmaking and then the lobby gets thrown into a dedicated server), stuff like that.

    MP has always been terrible in COD either PC support or not.

    the SP is what is what im interested in it if its any good. because according to previews they remove regen health from SP campaign.

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    @Black-Cell You are a big smelly gaming hipster.
    Call of Duty 1, 2 and 4 were some of the most played games on Steam for years.

    I certainly detest the flaming dogshit the series has turned into, but to say that CoD never had good MP at all is outright false.

  • If they keep sprint out and force you to think about where you are and how to face your opponent and not just sprint away when you are in danger, i'm in. Just like in CoD 2 or many old school arena shooters. They would just have to have good map design around it and it would be beautiful. It's not totally un-doable. Even CS:Go does this. But i'm not really into csgo. loved CSsource and classic counterstrike.

    Does anyone else agree?

  • Trailer got me pretty hyped honestly. I've been dying for a new WWII shooter with a godly budget for those scenes with epic production values. It looks generic, but I'm okay with that because we haven't had one in so long - same reason I'm into Yooka Laylee.

    Also, the "good sign" for me is that there wasn't a modern song or dubstep in the trailer. I know people went nuts over the BF1 trailer, but to me the music killed it because it made it clear as day "this is a modern shooter that we're slapping a skin onto, history be damned." While I'm sure they won't actually respect the tone in the new CoD, at the very least they didn't kill my hype with the first trailer haha

  • This trailer was so incredibly boring. Same old guy yelling at me with cheesy audio effects, camera looking up at him. Same same same.

    It's so bizarre that this series wants to tell human stories but also be Transformers. They should pick one.

  • Going off topic a bit but it seems MW:Remastered and some kind of Zombies collection is also getting stand alone releases
    Youtube Video

  • Does anyone else not really like the title of just Call of Duty: WWII? I guess I'm just not a fan of the turn that the series has taken with the generic naming of Advanced Warfare being the future one, Infinite Warfare being the space one, and this being even more blatantly the World War II one. I feel like that just sells itself short and doesn't leave much room growing the franchise past those simple premises.

    I've never been huge into CoD in the first place, but the name especially seemed weird to me.

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    @Jamicov And what if they want to make a sequel to this one?
    Call of Duty: WWII-2?
    It's Final Fantasy X all over again!

  • Yeah I definitely do not like the name. I mean there is no question what this game is about from the title alone but still, its so boring. They could have done much better. Also it would be hilarious if there was a CoD WWII, CoD WWII-2, and then Allies Returns: Call of Duty WWII.

  • 2 World 2 War
    Call of Duty WWII: Electric Boogaloo
    Call of Duty: 1 9 4 5

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    @Jamicov And what if they want to make a sequel to this one?
    Call of Duty: WWII-2?
    It's Final Fantasy X all over again!

    why do final fantasy 10 sequel not called Final fantasy 11 and instead called final fantasy 10-2?

  • @GoTaco 2 World 2 War is too good. Hahaha. I can't wait for World War II: Normandy Drift

  • Hi, does anyone know if this game has split-screen gameplay?