Call of Duty WWII (PC/PS4/XB1, Nov 3rd)

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    So it looks like the rumors were true and the next Call of Duty game will be returning to WWII.

    As a big fan of all things WWII, I'm tentatively looking forward to seeing what they have planned. I'm hoping they change more than the setting and scale things back a bit in terms of gameplay, story and style. The name is really bad though.. even worse than Battlefield 1. They really can't come up with something better than just 'WWII'? I haven't played a CoD in years but I'd love to see them return to the style of the first few games.

    Is anyone else looking forward to this?

  • I'm with you in tentatively looking forward to seeing what they've got. I was a huge fan of the early Modern Warfares and the first Black Ops. I did not enjoy the ones that followed nearly as much if at all. I also really hope they tone things down for this. My love for that era of COD most definitely heavily relied on my stage of life and all of the friends I had who played it very frequently, but more of my friends picked up PS4s so we might be able to recapture a fraction of that if this game can deliver.

  • I'm hyped.
    I need to see Normandy and Stalingrad with the curent gen presentation that only AAA budget can deliver.
    I hope they add enough variety to the campaign with vehicle sections and many large scale battles. Also, it NEEDS to have a russian campaign, don't make the same mistake DICE did. Those wars were basically fought in the east and that front needs to be there.

    Today I'm playing some MoH Airborne, FIFA's the journey will have to wait.

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  • I'm looking forward to being very bad at this game.

  • @LordBaztion Yeah I'd love to see multiple campaigns like the old days. As much as I want to see a current gen Normandy, It'd be cool to include some lesser known things also.. might help keep it fresh

    Though I'd be happy if they went the Big Red One route and followed a single unit through the war also.

  • Why is there a three day difference between the thread title and that poster?

    I'm actually a bit curious about this one, how will it look. I haven't been interested in WWII shooters since pretty much the excellent Medal of Honor Frontline, and that was freaking 15 years ago. Damn! So I'm interested to get a good game of that sorts on my radar. Doesn't mean I'll buy it on Day 1, though.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Whoops!

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    Cautiously pessimistic.
    I'm of the opinion that any ounce of talent once involved in the Call of Duty series has long since moved on.
    At least Sledgehammer is developing, and they are the least incompetent of the three shithouses that barf out these games.
    Treyarch is a D-grade developer and I honestly can't fathom how Black Ops 1 and 2 are some people's favorite CoD's.
    But hey thank fuck they are moving away from the jetpack wallrunning bullshit. Don't get me wrong, when a competent developer like Respawn does it I love it, but haphazardly slapping that shit on CoD's combat because you panicked when the REAL Infinity Ward made a better shooter and you invested way too much money into futuristic game assets does not a good game make.

    I'm expecting the same terrible map design we've seen for the past 7 games, just back in time.

  • What if the WW stands for Wizards War and this is an alternate timeline if wizards existed. Wizards vs Muggles who would win.

  • @ib0show You jest, but that sounds fuckin rad

  • @ib0show
    Me and my brother were just talking about that the other night, and were not even fans of Harry Potter. (just curious as to how the wizardry world was reacting to the various wars throughout history)

    Anyway I'm still half expecting jetpacks and wall running to be shoehorned in somehow.

  • Will Hitler REVEAL himself?

  • I really, really hope to see more than the normal European stuff in this one. I would love to see more of Russia, Asia and Africa.

  • @Inustar and Italy!

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    Not that Im going to buy the game, but I will follow the reveal and news about it! I mean its a huge series and feels like I need to watch it and see how things goes.

  • Call of Duty WWII revealed 4/26.

    4/26 is Alien day because of the planet LV-426.

    Xenomorphs alternate history setting confirmed???

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    Generic shooter trailer is generic. I dont know, but it really felt like the past 5 cod trailers with a new skin

  • Sounds interesting. They confirmed that the game takes place entirely in the European theater and follows the 1st Infantry Division from their landing in Normandy to presumably the end of the war. I'm glad to hear that they're trying to make it more historically accurate

    @Lotias Yeah it doesn't really tell us much. It really gets on my nerves when they feel like they need to add this intense character drama to a game about WWII.. does it really need anymore drama?