Bloodborne Purchasing decision help!

  • So I played Demon Souls two years after it came out. I Sort of liked it, but was more so disappointed. It could just be me not knowing any good strategies on how to "get good" to progress more easily. So I took a loooong break and didn't buy another Souls game until DS3. And I wanted to get into the game so badly because like most of us, we want to enjoy every game. But I still couldn't get into it. I'm not sure if this is a problem of the class I selected for both Demon Souls and Dark Souls 3 that is keeping me out of the groove. And i've heard Ian and Brad go on about Bloodborne and how it even got Ian into the series when he might not of. The theme of Bloodborne looks a little more appealing. I was wondering if I should give Bloodborne a try and see if I can finally get into the series. Or are there any suggestions that you guys have with the souls games i already have that would hlep me get more into it? I also have DS1 through the games with gold lol. So if you guys could give me any tips on how i can possibly come to enjoy this series that would be amazing.

  • Honestly, I have disliked every Dark Souls game I've played, but if you asked me what one of my favorite PS4 games is, I'd happily respond with Bloodborne. The setting just jives with me more and the controls feel more responsive - plus little nuances like attacking an enemy immediately after you've been hit make the game feel more visceral and urgent. If you can, see if you can borrow from a friend or rent it that way you don't end up wasting money on another game you don't like.

  • I guess it depends on what you didn't like about Demon's/Dark Souls. If the setting or lore of Bloodborne is more appealing and interesting to you then it may be worth trying. However aside from quicker combat, most of the mechanics and gameplay are very similar to the Souls games (especially 3)

  • My personal opinion is BUY IT ! It's my favorite game of all times, but it's really hard to recommend this type of game to someone I don't know.. It's pretty cheap these days though, so ultimately I'd say give it a change.

  • If you can't get into the Souls games I doubt you'll like Bloodborne, as I feel the same way. I'd borrow a copy if anything, buying it would be a waste of cash.

  • @th0r44 I'll parrot @SabotageTheTruth and say that I dislike the Souls game but I love Bloodborne. I certainly didn't dislike the idea of Dark souls or the setting, but never got the combat. Bloodborne though was faster and gelled with me. So maybe try it out if the idea of faster combat appeals to you.

  • I too am in the Bloodborne is aces while the Souls games are poop camp!

    Bloodborne takes the good stuff from the Souls games and refines it while adding a whole host of different awesome stuff on top of it.

  • I have read of people like you (and myself) enjoyed BB despite not caring for any of the DS games.

    I want to try it, but its going to have to be $10 or less. Since there is no demo, I don't want to drop too much on a game I might not like

  • anyone know where in LA there is a good place to find bloodborne game of the year edition for a ok price ?

  • Ok guys you've convinced me. I'll definately give it a shot here soon. I don't really have any friends nearby that have it to borrow from sadly so I might as well just buy it at $20 vs. renting it for $3/day at the redbox. I will respond after playing it to tell you guys what I think. The more aggressive combat sounds like it will make it more fun. Thanks guys for all the help! Oh, and has the game ever given you bad dreams lol? Just for fun stories if you have one

  • No weird dreams (especially since I love most things derivative of Lovecraft) but I can say in the middle of the game, I reached a zen like state where I just understood everything and stopped dying. That... eventually ended, but it felt like I tapped into the matrix at one point.

  • @th0r44 said in Bloodborne Purchasing decision help!:

    Oh, and has the game ever given you bad dreams lol?

    You still have dreams? Tell the little doll I said hello