Why are other countries so sensitive to Australian slang?

  • so just an hour ago a mod suspended me on the escapist because of this:


    basically the guy i replied to was mocking and making fun of me and i simply told responded to him "Bugger off. What's your problem?" and one of the idiot mods on escapist have now suspended me just because i told this guy to bugger off and in their ban message their comment to me was "Please do not be rude to other users"

    how the fuck was i being rude to that guy? Bugger is literally one of the most common and innocent Australian slang terms out there. Bugger isn't even a swear word. telling someone to "bugger off" over here in Australia simply means "lay off" or "go away". If had of told this guy to "piss off" or "fuck off" then that would obviously be swearing at him but bugger off is literally one of the most harmless things i could have said to that guy.

    so yeah. just wondering why other countries, especially Americans are so fucking sensitive when it comes to Australia and Australian language?

  • Nothing to do with other countries, that forum is basically NeoGAF light.

  • I don't know if it's ALL Australian slang, but "bugger" goes from innocuous in some places to downright rude in others.

    I'm from Montana, and the way I grew up pronouncing "collier" is a homonym of a racist term. Words are weird.

    Other than that, I can hardly under stand what most Aussie slang means IN context. :D

  • This arvo i was having a barbie while I realised I need some beer. So I went to the bottle-o for some VB and some bloke came at me who looked dodgy and said "I'm buggered". I told him "Good on ya mate, go home and look at the idiot box. I need to go to the bottle-o". On the way to the bottle-o I saw a couple aussie battlers fighting in front of maccas. I reckon one of the guys got ripped off. I was knackered so I went home called work for a sickie and fell asleep on the dunny.

  • Basically Yoshi, you shouldn't have been antagonistic however the forum went overboard banning you, assuming you hadn't been warned etc.

    @ib0show Dear god that brings back life last year! Hadn't a clue what Aussies were saying to me.

  • @tokeeffe9 Can you translate it for us.

  • @ib0show If I could, I'd still be living there! :)

  • @ib0show that's a bit excessive Australian slang and sounds like something a complete bogan over here might say but i understood all of that. lol

  • @Yoshi Don't be antagonistic, don't get banned! It's really easy! :)

    Also: "bugger off: to leave or go away, used especially as a rude way of telling someone to go away"

  • @Exist-2-Inspire you better never set foot in Australia then if you get offended by something as harmless as that.

    bugger is one of the most commonly used words in Australian slang over here.

    Youtube Video

  • @Yoshi I'm not offended by that, that's just literally what the dictionary says! "used especially as a rude way of telling someone to go away", so you can't blame somebody for seeing it that way!

  • @Exist-2-Inspire i can blame the rest of the globe for being a bunch of sensitive sooks.

    toughen up rest of the world.

  • Well then don't go around and whine like a baby when you get banned on certain platforms!

    Toughen up mate!

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    People in the UK would be more inclined to be sensitive to that particular word as it's an illegal act here.


    "As the law stands, buggery is still charged, exclusively regarding "pseudo-consensual" anal intercourse with those under 16/18, because children cannot legally consent to buggery although they may appear to do so. Rape is charged when the penetration is clearly not consensual. Buggery with an animal is still unlawful under Section 69 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003."

    A word in one country does not equate to the same word in another.

  • @Exist-2-Inspire so basically you're saying Australians have no right to their culture and we need to be offended by every little thing like America seems to be and can never use our own slang, we must abide by other countries rules all the time?

    Fair dinkumm. mods on the internet may as well ban me just for even just saying fair dinkum then...

  • @Yoshi When you use American platforms yeah!?

    Everything you post in this thread sounds like: ""Poor me, i'm not alowed to be rude, don't be so offended!"

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    It doesn't offend me, but as a moderator I can see why it would offend others. That's the thing with moderating for something on the internet that has international reach, you have to keep everyone in mind including the target audience.

    If you have issue with the way they treated you take it up with them, the Escapist has nothing to do with EZA.

    I'm locking this thread as it's not really pertinent to what goes on around here. If you want to discuss the matter further please PM me or another member of the mod team.