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  • Reaction Shots is the monthly EZA movie podcast hosted by Ian Hinck & Michael Huber. Each month they delve into a specific topic on movies.

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  • I really loved the first episode of the podcast just because it's great to hear people really dig deep into a subject. It might have lacked a little focus but I think that was just due to the conversation flowing! Wish I could add more but it's been a few weeks since I listened so I don't remember every detail bar really enjoying it.

    I will say again though (as I tweeted Ian) that I'm enjoying hearing the love for Upstream Color, I hope people skipped the spoiler that was in the episode and watch it as it truly is a fantastic movie. Incredible too that Shane Carruth directs, writes, composes and acts in it and believe me the cinematography and score are absolutely unreal. Seriously incredible.

    Everyone, do your homework! :D

  • I was a wee skeptical of this podcast, but in the end I enjoyed it. I shouldn't be too surprised though, since there was a lot of enthusiasm in this.
    It actually made me look at Inception with a closer eye. I just remember watching it and loving it, but seeing it again. Yeah, it's very explanation heavy.
    The guest was pretty good too.

    I'll be sure to watch the second episode!

  • @Inustar Inception is the biggest culprit of the Nolan movies. He does tend to over explain but I guess as was pointed out, does that actually matter if the movie was good once.

    I'd argue it probably does and even though I really like Inception, as you mentioned it's not the best rewatch.

    And the likes of Interstellar and The Prestige are the same but it's nowhere near as bad. The Prestige is one of my favourite movies and I just really like Interstellar.

    I actually think that's why I'm particularly looking forward to Dunkirk, since really exposition shouldn't be as necessary. It's a simple story.

  • 2nd episode of Reaction Shots was great. Had just finished re-watching Brazil with the guy's commentary yesterday.

    Next "homework" is Borgman, which is a movie I saw a few years ago on the festival circuit and it's good, but very weird. Currently free if you have a Hulu subscription, or if you want to do a free trial.

    possibly NSFW Youtube thumbnail of a woman in a bra. Tried to hide in spoiler, but don't think I can? Sorry.

    Edit: Replaced with a different version with a different thumbnail.

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  • Does anyone have a list of every film discussed in Episode One? I just started pledging $25/month and I heard a lot of films I haven't seen.

  • Well I've been way behind on this. When they gave us assignments I actually felt like I had to watch Brazil before I could go to the next podcast but I just kept on delaying it. Today I decided enough was enough and just went for it and feel much better about it now.

    I have to say the topic of Magical realism kind of baffled me. In the end I wasn't sure if there really is such a thing with all the different definitions that were thrown around. Nonetheless I did find some of the conversation very interesting while other parts felt a bit all over the place or just went over my head since I hadn't seen the movie.

    Other than that Huber reminded me of my love for Zodiac. One of the few times I instantly recognised the quote. Arguably my favourite movie, I'd love a whole podcast just dedicated to Fincher.

    Anyway, now that I've lifted that weight, I'm looking forward to listening to the other two podcasts. I've heard mixed things in general so I'm curious if others are still listening and what do ye think?

  • @tokeeffe9 I was in the same boat for a bit, I planned on renting Brazil it didn't happen until episode 3 came out and I had to play catch up. Magical Realism is a tough topic since there is so much room for interpretation, I think they finally kind of agreed that it is more of a plot device than a genre and I think that's a fair way of looking at it. When the discussion for it was posted, Silentconsonant and I had a long chat about what does or doesn't count as Magical Realism and it went much like the podcast discussion.

    I liked the Adult Fairytale discussion in episode 3 a lot, I think watching Borgman first is definitely a good idea this time since it is a strange movie and they discuss it pretty in depth during the episode.

    Episode 4 is very all over the place. AJ LoCascio is the guest and he sidetracks the discussion a lot, so be prepared for that! I still enjoyed the episode, the discussion was interesting overall, and I find AJ funny so I didn't mind the derailing too much, but I definitely could have done with a little more focus since I do enjoy Reaction Shots as a critical analysis of film.

  • @logic__error It really is. There was a stage I came to the conclusion that magical realism isn't actually a thing.

    And then I thought of something like The Prestige might have magical realism but you could consider it sci fi too. I don't know, it's tough to think about! :)

    That's good to know in advance, I might skip on to episode 4 since I have seen Pan's Labyrinth and then see if I can watch Borgman some time. It's just that I spend most of my spare time catching up on games right now. Need to make time for other things!

  • @tokeeffe9 So much to do and so little time these days!

    I think it's worth the wait on episode 3, Borgman is such an unusual film that you deserve to be able to interpret it yourself before hearing their discussion of it! Episode 4 doesn't bring it up, as far as I recall, so you should be safe there.

    There are very few films that actually fall into true Magical Realism, most could be argued are Sci-Fi/Fantasy or the "Magic" is a manifestation of a characters mental state. I think it made for a meaty discussion topic at least!

  • @logic__error Haha, you were not joking about episode 4 being all over the place.

    It got sidetracked so hard so many times but like you, I did enjoy it. I think that was mostly due to practical effects just being a more entertaining topic. I do hope they come back to it in some form later down the road, just to be more specific about it.

    My main gripe with the episode was the standard practical vs CGI debate which happened but at least they explained themselves well and didn't go into the predictable CGI is bad approach. As they said, when the CGI is the focus of the scene, it's generally not good or impactful but when it's used correctly, you either can't tell or are extremely impressed to find out about it like with a lot of Fincher movies.

    Now, to watch Borgman some time!

  • After the last episode, I've now seen Fargo, and the first season of the Fargo show...I'm addicted, lol.

  • The thumbnail on the newest one. Sure, I didn't want to sleep this week anymore.

  • Sofia is a great guest. I like how she shows up all prepared with notes and stuff, what a pro. Lol

  • @TokyoSlim I totally agree! She definitely did the homework and put a lot of thought into things! I really hope they'll bring her back for future episodes.

  • Only listened to the first 20 mins or so but definitely fun to have Sofia on the podcast. The actual horror talk is about to start :D

  • I noticed the other day that she's now here as well. Hi @ItsSofiaH!

    I should watch this actual episode maybe tomorrow. I've liked her on group streams and Easy Updates. And the previous Fargo episode was nice to listen to, interesting bits every now and then.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Did not see this until now - Hi back at you! :) Thanks for watching/listening!

  • Youtube Video

    Just starting listening now even though I've barely seen any mockumentaries.

  • @tokeeffe9 I ended up with plenty to say in my comment, even after realizing I had only seen a couple Mockumentaries myself. I've seen a lot more TV mockumentaries than movies, so at least in that regard I've got a lot of mockumentary hours under my belt and 'Documentary Now' provides a lot of variety to draw from too. The discussion from this episode has definitely encouraged me to try to get some more movies on my viewing list though!