EZA E3 2017 Predictions

  • Turrican HD collection finally emerges. The last official game in this series was released in 1995, it's about time we get it back. (I'm not counting the 2008 Virtual console releases for the two last titles...)

  • Banned

    @LinkJr I'll buy a Switch the INSTANT a new Custom Robo is announced.

  • @DMCMaster You realize that is actually too much, yeah? Bethesda's namesake studio will only have one new IP and the other big game will be The Evil Within: Reckoning or whatever. It seems too soon for another Doom, but Quake, some new app, Elder Scrolls: Legends, and Fallout 4 VR will probably be there. Arkane will have just released two games, so we won't hear from them for probably two years.

    The same goes for Team Gravity.

    Nintendo will definitely only announce one Retro game at most since they trickle stuff out through directs. I think they have to have a big showing including the Zelda DLC and some at least tease at Metroid or people will get mad. And of course Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Mario / Rabbids RPG will be there if they exist at all. It definitely seems like a good time for Smash Bros. Deluxe, but large companies don't risk confusing consumers with overlapping marketing cycles for games in the same series like that. That SMT game won't surface again until relatively when Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE did during the Wii U's lifespan. The virtual console and Mother 3 might happen though. Who knows, who cares?

    And one would think that EA would finally show up with Star Wars, but we thought the same of them last year.

  • Optimistic bets and negatives ones too

    • Resident Evil REmake 2 with a trailer not unlike the FF7 Remake trailer.
    • Bloodborne 2 shadow drop and release (I'm with Ian on this despite how irrational and unrealistic)
    • The Evil Within 2 - new engine, expanded team
    • God of War.... underwhelms us!
    • Crackdown 3 is MIA
    • Microsoft reveals it has an old IP
    • Sony brings back a stagnant IP

  • SMT or Persona x Yakuza crossover game
    Valkyria Chronicles 4
    Ridge Racer type 4 remake
    Soul Calibur 6
    Armored Core 6/reboot/spinoff thing that's the AC equivalent of what Bloodborne is to Souls
    Devil May Cry 5
    Golden Sun: Eternal Eclipse

    ok so that's more wishes than predictions but I think at least ONE of those should happen!

  • Sony

    * Evil Within 2 kicks off Bethesda's E3 Show

    * Amy Hennig game ends EA conference with a In-Engine Trailer
    * Need For Speed Underground 3


    • Virtual Console gets a September release date
    • Metroid starts off Nintendo
    • Mario Odyssey ends the show

    * Scorpio reveal kicks off the show then Crackdown 3 running on Scorpio
    * Cuphead is shown again and shadow dropped
    * Gwent is also shadow dropped
    * Sea of Thieves August date and State of Decay gets a October Date


    • Prince of Persia teaser
    • Assassin's Creed Egypt surprises everyone
    • Ubiart game gets a 2017 release date

    Bonus guess, I'm going to predict the first party games of Sony shown at E3

    Days Gone
    Death Stranding

    Sucker Punch (Writing this list I can see this getting pushed to PSX seeing how stacked Sony is)
    Detroit: Become Human (I can see this game getting a focus on the twitch stream during E3)
    Dreams ( I also see this game getting a focust on the twitch stream during E3)
    Knack 2 (I also see this game getting a focust on the twitch stream during E3 out this year)
    GT Sport (I also see this game getting a focust on the twitch stream during E3 out this year)

    Everything else montage plus E3 PS Twitch

    I hope studios come forward saying if they will be at E3 or not.

  • Fromsoft's next project to be revealed (most likely armored core reboot,may be a TGS announcement though)

    Shenmue/Dreamcraft collection.

    Final Fantasy 7 Demo will be shown included with first run of zodiac age.

    Spyro HD collection.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay with march 2018 release date. (switch reveal?)

    Virtual Console will launch directly after show will have 6 games available (Mother 3 and Radiant Path/Dawn will be among them maybe Melee)

    Retro's new project is a open world f-zero similar to old need for speeds

    Mario Odyssey gets a October release date

    Xenoblade gets a DEC/Jan world wide date.

  • @ib0show calling it now, you crushed it.

  • @naltmank Every year I think I make good predictions but I usually get only half at best correct

  • Shawn Layden will be even somber-er than his last few shows despite the fact that — god willing — 50 people didn't die in a club less than a day before this one.

    Sony at large will transition from a pit orchestra to a three hour-long silent black and white film (also with a pit orchestra) about Crash and Kratos' loveless marriage.

  • @ib0show said in EZA E3 2017 Predictions:

    Assassin's Creed Egypt surprises everyone

    ...by mostly being set in outer space! Secret Stargate game confirmed!

  • @Haru17
    God last year sucked. Still remember heading home the night of and wondering what the hell happened, also how news helicopters were over the building for like a month.

  • @DMCMaster You live in the area!? Man, that must have been rough. The worst thing is how, without missing a beat, certain candidates politicized and ignored facts to craft it into an IRL attack ad. Zero respect for the people involved. Granted, I'm making jokes at Shawn Layden out of it, but I do genuinely wish the survivors the best.

  • @Haru17
    Hell you should have seen all the news crews literally roaming up and down the street to get people's opinions on it, or going into the parking lots of other business, or steaking out the old folks home that opened its spare rooms for the the family members of the victims (and fuck the CNN corespondent that started that, I mean seriously these people just got the worst Fucking news of their life and your trying to ask their opinion about the killer and other bullshit that was completely irrelevant to them, just fuck off dude) I could go on for a bit about the media circus, but I won't. Other then saying I'm glad the time MSNBC (I think it was them, they had a blinding light in my face) caught me outside the Wendy's across the street never made it to air.

  • Well guess I killed the thread, guess ill try to bring it back.
    Bioware Edmonton (Studio behind ME1-3) Reveals new project, its basically Mass Effect, mixed with Portal, the original Prey, and Lord of the Rings
    New Batman game announced staring Damien Wayne, basically its a Batman Beyond game
    Bayonetta 1 and Vanquish stealth dropped on PS4, X1 version 2 weeks later

  • Bethesda Games Showcase

    • Dishonored II story DLC
    • Doom VR release
    • The Elder Scrolls Legends expansion
    • The Elder Scrolls Online Complete Edition
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch
    • The Evil Within II unveiled
    • Fallout 4 VR release date
    • Quake Champions release date
    • Wolfenstein: The New Colossus unveiled

    EA Play

    • Battlefield 2017 unveiled (probably not Bad Company 3, but I desperately want that)
    • BioWare Edmonton's new IP
    • EA Sports UFC 3 trailer
    • EA Original title #2 unveiled
    • Fe trailer
    • FIFA 18 trailer
    • Madden NFL 18 trailer
    • The future of Mass Effect clarified (no DLC, just an update)
    • NBA Live 18 trailer
    • Need for Speed 2017 demo
    • NHL 18 trailer
    • Star Wars Battlefront II demo
    • Amy Henning's Star Wars game unveiled
    • Titanfall 2 DLC

    Nintendo Direct

    • Bunches of Nindies
    • Pokemon Stars for Nintendo Switch trailer
    • Splatoon 2 trailer
    • Super Mario Odyssey demo
    • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch trailer

    Side note: Hard to predict, because Nintendo gotta Nintendo

    PlayStation E3 Experience

    • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy trailer
    • Days Gone release date
    • Death Stranding update
    • Destiny 2 trailer
    • Dreams release date
    • Final Fantasy VII remake update
    • God of War release date trailer
    • Bunches of PS VR stuff
    • Resident Evil VII: Biohazard "Not A Hero" release date
    • Spider-Man release date
    • Star Wars Battlefront II demo

    Ubisoft Press Briefing

    • Assassin's Creed Origins unveil
    • The Crew 2 trailer
    • Far Cry 5 unveil
    • Prince of Persia unveil
    • Rayman unveil
    • South Park: The Fractured But Whole release date
    • Splinter Cell unveil
    • Trials unveil
    • UbiArt game trailer

    Xbox Media Briefing

    All showcased games running natively on Project Scorpio

    • Assassin's Creed demo
    • Crackdown release date
    • Forza Motorsport 7 demo
    • Halo 6 unveil
    • ID @ Xbox sizzle
    • Killer Instinct: Season Four trailer
    • Phantom Dust trailers
    • ReCore: Definitive Edition trailer
    • Scorpio unveil
    • Sea of Thieves release date
    • Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer
    • State of Decay 2
    • Xbox OS Fall Update Preview

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  • @BladedTech said in EZA E3 2017 Predictions:
    Scratch this one off my E3 2017 prediction post. G.O.A.T. Edition announced this morning, up for pre-order and it's out this August.

    EA Play

    • Madden NFL 18 trailer

  • From the big 3 here are my Huber "Got to believe" picks that have no hint of showing themselves at the moment.

    Sony - AAA First party crossover game. With Ratchet, Jac, Sly and many other popular characters on the back burner a cross over is a great way to get tons of interest and bring something new.

    Microsoft -
    Old Rare property comes back. Battletoads is my first pick but Jet Force Gemini could be a winner as it could be a technical powerhouse to show of the Scorpio.

    Nintendo -
    StarTropics revival. Heard it as a crazy prediction at the Switch presentation and have been sold on the idea to this day.

  • I'd love to see a platformer crossover between Sony's big 3.
    Calling it now next Death Stranding trailer reveals not only Stefanie Joosten, but Ron Pearlman