EZA E3 2017 Predictions

  • Well guess I killed the thread, guess ill try to bring it back.
    Bioware Edmonton (Studio behind ME1-3) Reveals new project, its basically Mass Effect, mixed with Portal, the original Prey, and Lord of the Rings
    New Batman game announced staring Damien Wayne, basically its a Batman Beyond game
    Bayonetta 1 and Vanquish stealth dropped on PS4, X1 version 2 weeks later

  • Bethesda Games Showcase

    • Dishonored II story DLC
    • Doom VR release
    • The Elder Scrolls Legends expansion
    • The Elder Scrolls Online Complete Edition
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch
    • The Evil Within II unveiled
    • Fallout 4 VR release date
    • Quake Champions release date
    • Wolfenstein: The New Colossus unveiled

    EA Play

    • Battlefield 2017 unveiled (probably not Bad Company 3, but I desperately want that)
    • BioWare Edmonton's new IP
    • EA Sports UFC 3 trailer
    • EA Original title #2 unveiled
    • Fe trailer
    • FIFA 18 trailer
    • Madden NFL 18 trailer
    • The future of Mass Effect clarified (no DLC, just an update)
    • NBA Live 18 trailer
    • Need for Speed 2017 demo
    • NHL 18 trailer
    • Star Wars Battlefront II demo
    • Amy Henning's Star Wars game unveiled
    • Titanfall 2 DLC

    Nintendo Direct

    • Bunches of Nindies
    • Pokemon Stars for Nintendo Switch trailer
    • Splatoon 2 trailer
    • Super Mario Odyssey demo
    • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch trailer

    Side note: Hard to predict, because Nintendo gotta Nintendo

    PlayStation E3 Experience

    • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy trailer
    • Days Gone release date
    • Death Stranding update
    • Destiny 2 trailer
    • Dreams release date
    • Final Fantasy VII remake update
    • God of War release date trailer
    • Bunches of PS VR stuff
    • Resident Evil VII: Biohazard "Not A Hero" release date
    • Spider-Man release date
    • Star Wars Battlefront II demo

    Ubisoft Press Briefing

    • Assassin's Creed Origins unveil
    • The Crew 2 trailer
    • Far Cry 5 unveil
    • Prince of Persia unveil
    • Rayman unveil
    • South Park: The Fractured But Whole release date
    • Splinter Cell unveil
    • Trials unveil
    • UbiArt game trailer

    Xbox Media Briefing

    All showcased games running natively on Project Scorpio

    • Assassin's Creed demo
    • Crackdown release date
    • Forza Motorsport 7 demo
    • Halo 6 unveil
    • ID @ Xbox sizzle
    • Killer Instinct: Season Four trailer
    • Phantom Dust trailers
    • ReCore: Definitive Edition trailer
    • Scorpio unveil
    • Sea of Thieves release date
    • Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer
    • State of Decay 2
    • Xbox OS Fall Update Preview

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  • @BladedTech said in EZA E3 2017 Predictions:
    Scratch this one off my E3 2017 prediction post. G.O.A.T. Edition announced this morning, up for pre-order and it's out this August.

    EA Play

    • Madden NFL 18 trailer

  • From the big 3 here are my Huber "Got to believe" picks that have no hint of showing themselves at the moment.

    Sony - AAA First party crossover game. With Ratchet, Jac, Sly and many other popular characters on the back burner a cross over is a great way to get tons of interest and bring something new.

    Microsoft -
    Old Rare property comes back. Battletoads is my first pick but Jet Force Gemini could be a winner as it could be a technical powerhouse to show of the Scorpio.

    Nintendo -
    StarTropics revival. Heard it as a crazy prediction at the Switch presentation and have been sold on the idea to this day.

  • I'd love to see a platformer crossover between Sony's big 3.
    Calling it now next Death Stranding trailer reveals not only Stefanie Joosten, but Ron Pearlman

  • @DMCMaster has emma stone been confirmed yet.

  • @DMCMaster bummer ive been hearing rumors about her forever

  • @BladedTech said in EZA E3 2017 Predictions:

    Xbox Media Briefing

    All showcased games running natively on Project Scorpio

    Cut this to. Probably a spinoff game or the TV show.

    • Halo 6 unveil

  • It seems MS will have mixed reality stuff on the xbox conference. Hopefully they keep that for the PC conference.
    I suppose at this point Fallout 4 VR is a must.

  • @dramaticslowmo I was disappointed because I thought I predicted Halo 6 but I didn't. I guess I thought it was a certain that I didn't bother to predict it. :P

  • Microsoft

    • New IP
    • Scorpio priced at 400$ to compete with PS4 Pro


    • PS1 and PS2 games backward compatibility added. All your game discs will work.
    • Bloodborne 2 announced, coming out march 2018
    • God of War dated Q1 2018
    • Last of Us 2 dated for fall 2018
    • Ni No Kuni 2 dated for spring 2018
    • Trailer for Horizon's DLC
    • No PSVR games announced


    • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer, dated for spring 2018
    • Mario Odyssey gameplay trailer, delayed Q1 2018

  • EA

    • Long sports segment which will bore everyone.

    • No new Dragon Age.

    • New Mass Effect Andromeda DLC


    • Scorpio revealed. Boasting galore "strongest system on the planet etc."

    • Lacking in the software department, but will show the usual suspects. Also showing off the supreme power of the Scorpio.

    • Nothing unexpected.


    • 'Lotta remasters and a new mobile game.

    PC Gaming

    • Will be embarrasingly bad, but feature some amount of interesting content.


    • Assassin's Creed Empire shown:
      The main character will climb the Sphinx and the nose will fall off.

    • No news on BG&E2.

    • Rabbids, Rabbids everywhere!


    • From Software will show their new Souls IP. It will not be Bloodborne 2.

    • GoW, Days Gone and The Last of Us 2 gameplay.

    • Another game everyone wants a sequel for turns out to be a remaster.

    • Final Fantasy XVI absent, but FFVII-R might make an appearance.

    • A few surprises.

    • Vita will get another shoutout to spread salt in those wounds.


    • Mario Odyssey will be the Star of the show.
    • A few new games in the pipeline, but no Metroid, F-Zero etc..
    • No new Kirby game for the Switch.
    • Will screw it up somehow.

    I love E3 ^^

  • @Sword-Familiar said in EZA E3 2017 Predictions:

    I love E3 ^^

    Sounds like you don't

  • @ib0show

    If you go in low you have a greater chance of being pleasantly surprised.

    Also, does loving E3 mean you have to anticipate megatons every time?

  • @Sword-Familiar that's true, I didn't expect Sony to make a better E3 show in 2016 then 2015 and they did. I expected PSX to a third party event and it wasn't.

  • @ib0show Sony IS doing great lately. I guess part of me just wonders if they can keep it up.

  • @Sword-Familiar
    I wonder that myself, I mean at some point their momentum will stop, its just a question of when.

    Personally I want MS to have something, anything that makes me go "Alright I need to get a MS console" but year after year it doesn't happen. I mean Rare Replay, Halo collection, KI, and backwards compatibility (For the handful of games I want to replay) Isn't enough to convince me yet.