EZA E3 2017 Predictions

  • @Sword-Familiar said in EZA E3 2017 Predictions:

    I love E3 ^^

    Sounds like you don't

  • @ib0show

    If you go in low you have a greater chance of being pleasantly surprised.

    Also, does loving E3 mean you have to anticipate megatons every time?

  • @Sword-Familiar that's true, I didn't expect Sony to make a better E3 show in 2016 then 2015 and they did. I expected PSX to a third party event and it wasn't.

  • @ib0show Sony IS doing great lately. I guess part of me just wonders if they can keep it up.

  • @Sword-Familiar
    I wonder that myself, I mean at some point their momentum will stop, its just a question of when.

    Personally I want MS to have something, anything that makes me go "Alright I need to get a MS console" but year after year it doesn't happen. I mean Rare Replay, Halo collection, KI, and backwards compatibility (For the handful of games I want to replay) Isn't enough to convince me yet.

  • @DMCMaster

    I agree. My post may seem negative, but it is a result of the trends I've seen with these companies year after year. Sony has been doing good lately, but in Microsoft's case, cancelling Scalebound was something of a nail in the coffin for me. It just convinced me that they are now at a point where they don't actually know what they are doing. They should be building bridges, not burning them. The copyright was recently renewed though, or so I hear, so it may not be the last we see of that particular game. Still, I want them to succeed. I want to be convinced and excited about buying a Scorpio, but it just seems like they have such a long way to go.

    Nintendo is another story entirely. It can go either way, but something tells me they are still going to be the same old Nintendo. This is also a case where I really, really ant to be wrong though.

    I guess I'm just a grumpy old gamer. :)

  • Also goes without saying I'd lose my freaking mind if PSO2 finally got a US release

  • My prediction is that nobody will stand on there chairs. Sony will have a bad press conference but only because they won't show many new games but instead focus on fleshing out games we have already hears about. Ubisoft will officially reveal that game teased in watch dogs 2. It will feature a female lead charecter. EA still won't figure out how to do a press conference.

  • @lifetimeofnot Showing the games they have equals bad press conference?

  • @ib0show calling that bad might be a bit harsh, disappointing would be the better word to use. The point of my post was that it won't be "the E3 of dreams"

  • @ib0show It would be disingenuous in that Playstation has built their brand this gen on announcing games way, way early. If they didn't announce any new far-off games and only demoed or trailed the games they've prematurely announced in years past that would be like counting the same thing twice and result in a very forgettable show for them.

    I think that Nintendo might have an in-house Metroid game up their sleeve. Maybe Retro has just graduated from the franchise, or elsewise Nintendo is finally letting their studios make games outside of the Smash Bros. stable of IPs.

  • @Haru17 What games were announced too early this gen. There are only 3 games that haven't released yet from E3 2015 and 1 of them is Sony First Party and they are Dreams, Shenmue 3 and FF VII Remake. Nintendo announced Zelda: Breath of the Wild 4 years before release and Xenoblade almost 3 years. Sony tend to announce games 2 years before release max, third party is a different story.

  • is it weird that i think God of war will have horizon's release slot next year

  • @FF7Cloud GoW games tend to get released in March

  • @ib0show So March 2018 isnt farfectched at all then

  • @ib0show Nintendo has had individual games that were announced too early. Breath of the Wild was announced at E3 2014, making it literally impossible to have been shown off for four years. If you're going to count word of mouth "yes, there will be another Zelda game"s, then God of War has been announced since like PSX 2015, not E3 last year.

    The rest of Nintendo's games last gen were announced earlier in the year for later that same year. A major point of contention with Nintendo was how close the Switch was announced and later detailed to its launch. People have even been wanting Nintendo to announce games for further out, as they've only detailed 2017 titles with the exception of those weird SMT and No More Heroes games. 1, 2, Switch and ARMS are both nearly out within 6 months of us first hearing about them.

    And to answer your question: WiLD, Gran Turismo Sport, RiME, Uncharted 4, Drawn to Death (a game which does not benefit from a long tail), Death Stranding (and probably some less obvious E3 2016 stuff, but we'll see), Until Dawn, The Last Guardian, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Shenmue 3 (literally a Kickstarter).

    A third party only announces something on a platform holder's stage by their leave. Sony gets their lumps just like Nintendo does for TMS #FE, SMT Switch, and No More Heroes 3.

  • @Haru17 Confirming that a new God of war = announcement. There's a neogaf thread that says sony averages on 14 months from announcement to release.
    Edit: they showed off zelda 2013
    Sorry it was 2012

  • @ib0show 2012 was the Wii U "Zelda" tech demo. It featured a realistic art style, lighting system, and spider monster — none of which were ever in Breath of the Wild at any point because it was a completely separate computer program that was decidedly not a game.

    And I would forgive the God of War 'announcement' because it wasn't planned — it slipped some lips. Beyond that, simply saying there's going to be a new Zelda, God of War, or Halo isn't much news to anyone. The Uncharted 4 teaser trailer in 2013 was more than just saying: that's 'announcing.'

  • @ib0show
    Sony Avengers? So were getting a proper Jak/Ratchet/Sly game? or are you talking about Square Enix's Avengers game?

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