Your Name - Anime Movie

  • @Lotias
    Hopefully thru a legal and licenseed distributer, as this movie is completely worth your time and money

  • Looks like my theater is running both the sub/dub of this all of next week. I saw it on a lot of "best of" lists last year, so hopefully I'll find some spare time to catch a showing.

  • I can confirm it's great, I'm not even into anime so much and I loved it. Touching, intriguing, funny, sad, it can do it all!

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    @DMCMaster yeah! Im hoping it will show up on amazon video, Sky go or other UK service I use!

  • @Lotias
    Might be a bit before that happens, although im hopping Funimation gets a home release out quickly, unlike Shin Godzilla

  • Just saw it for my third and final time (not going to endure another 45 minute drive out to a seriously horrible theater)

  • I saw the dubbed version of this at a small theater in my city a few weeks ago. I thought it was pretty good! The dubbing was done well.

  • Hello, I have heard about this but not seen yet.

  • I saw this last weekend with a few friends and overall I enjoyed it but I'm surprised at how much people seem to like it. I'll preface this by saying I don't really watch anime so I'm not sure if I'm going in with too high expectations.

    I'll start with the good, the animation is beautiful and the soundtrack is great. The characters and there development is really well done and the movie for sure has a lot of really touching and funny moments.

    All the issues come around the actual plot and how much nonsense it is though. Everything just happens for no real reason.

    So I'm totally fine with the premise. Everything doesn't need to be explained but once you start adding other things that really make no sense at all, it's a bit frustrating. Things like entries suddenly deleting, changed timelines, hiding information from the viewer, forgetting memories but not really... it was just a bit much.

    So enjoyable movie that you probably shouldn't think into too much.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'm with you, man. Some beautiful animation and great music, but the story, while cute, has a bunch of holes and just generally buckles from time to time. I mentioned this somewhere else, but

    How did they never see the year every time they looked at their phones to give each other notes?

    Still liked it well enough, though.

  • As a heads up the Blu-ray is up for pre order on Amazon Japan, and it includes English subtitles.