My interpretation of EZA MITB (Money in the Bank)

  • Huber, I Like the Idea of MITB(money in the bank) rules for the Slusser cup, but i re watch the video and it seemed not everyone got the Idea. But if you didn't mean it this way just disreguard this post.

    My interpretation of the EZA MITB Challenge.

    So lets say for arguments sake we start the Challenge next tuesday,. and Huber you have the Cup, So you are not allowed to take part in this part of the challenge.

    1 on a Stream night have the contenders for the Cup play a game that has one winner. EG Gang beast. So play like 3 Rounds of gang beasts. the overall winner of that game gets a briefcase.

    2 The winner of the briefcase can "cash in" that challenge at any strream night for the slusser cup. If the Challenger wins he wins the Slusser cup

    3 (Optional) If that challenger still has the cup by a betting special he takes the place of either Huber or Bosman.