Augment Your Reality

  • With the release of Pokemon Go, we're reminded what a great idea augmented reality is in concept, yet execution still remains lackluster. Nintendo released AR cards that had characters "come to life" on your table, but even that lost its charm quickly. What sort of augmented reality would you want to see implemented, or do you have ideas that would fix the current technology?

    Personally, I think Pokemon Go got so much excitement because it is a great idea, but putting a Pokemon skin on Ingress just isn't enough. Make your home a Pokecenter. Going out into the world puts you at risk of getting into trainer battles. Link the application to your GPS, letting you know how many trainers you might encounter; maybe it could suggest an alternate route for less trainers, like it does when there's severe traffic in certain areas. Once you get to a point where you can stop and pull out your phone, you will battle the trainers one by one, potentially with small time between to use healing items. The most important thing is simple - keep the combat system from Pokemon. Without that, you don't really have much of a game - the main complaint lobbied against Pokemon Go currently.

  • I think my favorite fantasy for augmented reality is a Microsoft Hololens Tabletop experience.

    It would let you play a D&D style game, but you could have animated models/figures you could buy from a store, people could create landscapes to sell/etc.

    Gameplay wise you can play with people near you, or anywhere online.

    It really sounds like a lot of fun. :)

    edit: the real potential here is that with a keyboard/gamepad, you could simply move the levels and adjust things. It combines the best of video games with the best of tabletop. Feasibly you could integrate a facecam for people not in the room.

  • Secondary idea to the tabletop experience, is integrating a non-augmented reality version of the game. Include a full Virtual Reality Vive/Oculus experience, as well as a normal gaming version. That way your friends have no excuse not to play with you!

  • @Stormcrownn As a D&D player, that sort of stuff would really add a whole other level of immersion to the game, I kinda need it now.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I spend hours at night fantasizing about it. Thanks for the Augmented Reality topic! I'm psyched to see what else people think of!

    It's realistic because its super modular. You can have the core package with stock characters/rules, and then have the "DLC" items sold in a separate store. This gives the whole idea financial viability in the long-term. It replicates the revenue-process of current table top games, while skipping the entire manufacturing steps.

    In my eyes the core value of this would be the animations of walking/attacking/special moves/etc.

    This doesn't even get into the fact that you could have entire science fiction expansions, or World War 2 replications, all using a core turn-based system.

    The main challenges being how demanding is the graphical system? What limitations would you have? Could you use an art-style similar to Overwatch so it can be gritty/dark but not be hyper-realistic.

    If its the Hololens, then consoles have to be kept in mind...