Why didn't you finish that game!?

  • WELLL OK, here we go


    See I loved 13 and 13-2, so at the time I was super excited for 13-3. I played the demo and had super fun. However, I got the game a year later. I tried to play the game but other games grabbed my attention. Finally, I told myself that I would focus on this game, BUT, I just found it a little boring. I did not get the story part. Why are there only 13 days left. Why is Snow evil? Why is Hope young again? WHAT IS GOING ON!??!?!!? Then I bailed. And 13-3 kind of ruined the trilogy for me. I know others will say that FF13 was terrible to begin with but I LOVED it.

    Final Fantasy VI

    Well I missed out on the first release but picked it up with Chrono Trigger on the Wii Shop. I did not finish this game because Chrono Trigger was more fun. AND THEN CT had new game plus. AND THEN I picked up CT for the DS. So it's all Chrono Trigger's fault.

    Resident Evil 6

    My brother and I have not resubbed to PS Plus to play online. That is the only reason.

    Red Dead Redemption:

    I played three hours of it and it just did not interest me. I did not play this at launch I downloaded this game for $5 on a Flash Sale LAST YEAR.


    Too Scary!

    Ni No Kuni:

    Seemed to childish and the only part I was interested in was the Ghibli's animations. Childish is the complete wrong word to use but I don't know another word.

    Pokemon White:

    I borrowed the game from my brother and he wanted it back!

    Other then that those are some of the games that I dropped. There was this weird Bartending game my brother recommended but I forgot the name. I dropped it after thirty minutes because it did not feel right.

  • @CGamor7 I stopped playing Talos Principle too after some point, I believe that just after unlocking the clones thing, it just felt like too much work to make the solutions actually work instead of time figuring out the puzzle, i kind of rage quit it, but I enjoyed what I had played, don't plan to ever come back though

    I'm not really great with open world games, dropped Skyrim after building a cool house, the quests were just not interesting me. I also never got into LEGO Marvel, despite loving most other LEGO entries, I kind of blame the open world hub, but maybe it was also too many powers to keep track of. Unlike @SCfrenzy7 though, Red Dead Redemption grabbed me so much I actually got the 100% achievement for it.

    And I'm having a hard time finishing Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Severed, even though I love both, I just hardly choose to turn on the Wii U instead of just opening Steam.

  • Nioh: while its gameplay was good, its level design and structure just didnt jive with me.

    Final Fantasy Type 0: there was a mission about half way through that went long times between saves and i died so i never went back.

    those are 2 recent ones i can remember. im getting better at finishing games now then i was lets say 5 years ago.

  • Banned

    I don't think I've ever finished a single Ass Creed game. There's just so much busy work that I just say fuck it and stop completely.

  • For me, it's MGS V. I'm not sure why because I was enjoying it quite a bit, but I just stopped one day and never came back (about 30 hours in). The same for Dead Space 2. I guess it's just hard to get back into the groove of things when you just stop playing regularly =P

  • Ni No Kuni
    I swear this game is cursed or something as every time I've played it for more then a day or two someone in my family seems to die, kinda makes me afraid for the sequel

    RE7 (For now)
    So far I'm just about at the end, roughly the final stretch if I had to guess. Although RE7 is one of those games I need to be in the right mood to play.

    Similar to RE7, just need to be in the right mood and mindset for Ni-Oh

    Yakuza 0 (English version)
    While I love Yakuza to death, I ended up beating its Japanese version not too long after beating Kiwami (got stuck at a stupidly simple part in 0 due to me barley understanding Kanji)

    Yakuza Ishin
    Think I'm just before the final boss, but I just cant seem to bring myself to finish it

    Yakuza Kenzan
    Same as above

    The XIII Trilogy
    For whatever ever reason with each game of the XIII trilogy i seem to reach the final stretch before just giving up on the game

  • Final Fantasy XV

    I just kind of... stopped one day. Nothing had come out but the thought of starting it up didn't jive with me. The more time I spend away from it, the less motivation I have to finish it. It cast off a lot of things I love about Final Fantasy and drifted into the "me too!" open world market. It bums me out the more I think about it.

    Yakuza 0

    I just legitimately got distracted with other things in life and didn't mean to leave this gem by itself for so long. Returning to it after I finish Persona 5, which should be relatively soon.

    My actual list would be miles long I'm guessing. Much like Ian, once I feel I've seen all a game has to offer, I end up dropping it, sometimes without being fully aware I'm distancing myself from it. Trying to get better about it but we'll see.

  • Everything I left this gen was just because they were boring enough and a new game drew my attention away (many following the same backlog cycle). Some of theses are also PS3 digital titles. I play almost every game meaning to 100% it in the in-game sense, not the arbitrary achievements sense. I think the only games I have 100% completed this gen are Breath of the Wild, Gravity Rush Remastered, Monster Hunter 4 and Cross (not 100% but like 300 hours worth in each), and Dragon Age: Inquisition (although I still have parts of the Emerald Graves and the whole Trespasser DLC to go).

    Games I still mean to finish;

    • Persona 5 (playing now)
    • Gravity Rush 2 (got interrupted by Zelda)
    • Mr. Shifty (quite fun, but takes a lot of energy to play)
    • Rise of the Tomb Raider
    • Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir (But seriously this game doesn't need the run time of Persona 5 with as many reused environments as it has.)
    • Fallout 4: Nuka-World
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition: Tresspasser
    • Mass Effect 2 (and 3 after it)
    • Dishonored 2
    • Final Fantasy XV (saved in front of the final boss)
    • Crypt of the Necrodancer
    • Teslagrad
    • Infamous 2 (saved at the final boss since 2014)
    • Infamous: Second Son
    • Gone Home
    • Heavy Rain
    • Transistor
    • The Last Guardian
    • The Legend of Korra (this TV tie-in game is incredibly hard for no reason)
    • The Last Story (surprise Wii game)
    • Endless Ocean 2
    • Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
    • Metal Gear Solid 5 (I guess, wan't really taken with open world stealth feeling so impossible and all)
    • The Unfinished Swan
    • Flower
    • Trine 2

    Games I have finished but do not think are worth 100%ing;

    • The Witcher 3 (I slogged through to the Lich King and I never want to put this garby disc in again.)
    • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (I rushed to the bad ending, but I just watched the good ending on YouTube. Really disappointing with how quality the rest of the game was, especially with how uneventful the DLC was and how the sequel tease basically got canceled. Maybe Square Enix will finish one of their AAA games some day.)

    Games I quit;

    • The Witness (I can swap between Zelda and the Puyo Puyo Tetris demo any time I want on Switch now.)
    • No Man's Sky (cumulatively the worst $100 I have spent this gen)
    • Far Cry 4
    • Dragon Age: Origins
    • Grow Home
    • Rogue Legacy
    • Paper Mario: Sticker Star
    • Fire Emblem: Awakening
    • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    Best intentions, huh?

  • Banned

    Just Cause 3 - Completely unplayable on consoles. May try it again when I get a Pro, but I can't deal with the sub 15 framerate whenever there is any kind of action on screen.

    Resident Evil 6 - An unholy abomination and the culmination of everything that went wrong with the series. I hear people say it is good if you dont think of it as an RE and think of it only as an action game, but the game design is too sloppy and mechanics too broken for me to see it.

  • Resident Evil Remake - I thought I would give it a shot because of Huber but I just couldn't get into it. I do not like the fixed camera in that game and just didn't have any fun wandering around the mansion.
    Sonic Lost World - I thought this game felt horrible. I played a handful of worlds and then stopped.
    Command & Conquer + Red Alert - I tried to give these older games a shot but I just don't think they aged will. I'll stick with the later ones.

    There are also a ton of PS+ games that I try out but in the end decide they aren't for me or got my fill. I usually just use those as a palette cleanser or time killer between big releases. I generally only get games I know I will enjoy and see games through to the end.

  • All games - I am weak and easily distracted

  • Final Fantasy V
    I get really frustrated thinking about this one. I was in the last Dungeon of the game when I opened a treasure chest and an encounter with a dragon started. One AoE attack from him wiped my whole party. The important part about this is that before that I've trained several hours to max my jobs. It's just a typical mean FF thing to happen. =/

    Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl
    Just got really tired of the dungeon crawling and map drawing. Not my cup of tea.

    Starcraft 2
    I'm not even through WoL. The story didn't grab me like the one of its predecessor.
    Also I think I'm kind of "over" the rts genre. Warcraft III TfT, Starcraft Brood War and years of mobas drained my passion for the genre, I guess.

  • Final Fantasy VI, VIII, & XIII

    RARELY do I ever NOT finish a game, even if I'm having a terrible time. I may dislike Ico and Shadow of the Colosuss with a passion, but at least I got through them. But these three? Nope.

    VI - This was primarily due to disinterest. By the time I reached the World of Ruin, I was just not having fun. I don't why the game started to wear on it. And CHRIST did I want to like this game.

    VIII - I actually got to the final fight, but with the MASSIVE balancing issues this game has, I just said to hell with it and watched the ending on YouTube. I really don't like this game.

    XIII - When you can't finish a game because you can't pass a REGULAR fight (NOT a Boss) and there's no way for you to grind to get better... Besides I'm happy I didn't finish because from what I've heard, the trilogy is kind of unnecessary, but I can't speak completely bad of it, due to me not playing it, and never will play it.

  • Banned

    I never finished Dragon Quest Builders. I got to a part in the second or third world where I couldn't figure out how to progress the story any further. Looked over the whole map, but nothing. So I just said fuck it.

    Maybe I'll go on Youtube and figure it out one day, but not today.

  • Banned

    @Brannox I'm just going to say it.
    At no point in XIII should you have to grind. Proper paradigm shifting will get you through anything.

    Tldr gitgud

  • MGSV

    This game was a real struggle for me, and so many things just really got on my wick. I'll start by saying that the base aspect of it was of zero interest to me, and the fact that recruitment is such a large part of the game just made attempts to ignore that aspect of it almost impossible. Long helicopter rides, repetitive and dull mission objectives, and a story that is delivered in such a half assed way just made me want to stop altogether. It also had the general issues that come with most open world games, only here they just seemed greatly amplified. All my attempts to just critical path the game were met with roadblocks such as being forced through just about every enemy camp between myself and the mission marker due to the terrain denying any kind of direct path, or stupid mission tasks where I suddenly felt completely unequipped for the task at hand without going back and possibly grinding some more crap.


    I actually really like this game and I was enjoying it a lot. I haven't beaten it though because I honestly could not beat Caius. Now, when I go back to try again, i'm naturally even worse as i've kind of forgotten how to play. This just wont ever get beaten unless I start the whole thing again.

    Sly Cooper 4

    I was about 3/4 of the way through and somehow saved over my save with a new game. I just can't be bothered doing it all again.

    Mortal Kombat Mythologies.

    This game is beyond terrible. The controls are awful, the difficulty is way off and the very idea for the game itself wasn't even good to begin with. Shame on whoever came up with this spinoff. I literally hide and use this game to prop up another game in my display case.

  • I am pretty much the same as @thenerdtheword
    It's easier for me to list the games I have finished, I just get distracted easily.
    But certain games do stick in my mind

    1. Witcher 3. I loved the game and played it a ton, but got distracted by something and by the time I came back, I didn't remember anything anymore. I will always say that I intend to replay it though, hopefully I do someday.
    2. No Man's Sky. It was fun for a hot minute but super boring after.
    3. Uncharted 3. I finished all the other games in the series but this one.... Well I just couldn't get past the boat part. I gave myself some time to clear my head.... and just never went back.
    4. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. I sold my Wii U.
    5. ME Andromeda. It disappointed me.... and then Persona 5 came out. Hopefully when I do go back to this, they'll have fixed a lot.
    6. Xenogears. My biggest gaming regret. I got to the last boss and was severely under leveled. Tried to grind but ended up getting bored and moved on. Tried to replay it years later, but just haven't had the time to dedicate to it.

  • @Inustar It doesn't help that the 2nd disc of Xenogears was extremely rushed and cut out important stuff, like a map. I would love to see this game reimagined (with a proper budget) because the story and combat are still among the best in the genre, nearly 20 years later.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I still adore the game even if I never technically finished it.
    But yeah, it's probably number one on my wishlist for game remakes.

  • Okami - The game didn't just end, it kept going and I got tired of it. Also the time trial races, one was way too hard and it was the final nail