Why didn't you finish that game!?

  • The Witness - I've finished hundreds of puzzles but I ended up playing other games. I've yet to complete the game but I kinda lost interest overtime.

    HiTMAN - I love playing this game but in my opinion playing the same level over and over again started to feel repetitive to me despite having many different ways to beat the levels.
    I will definitely get back to this, I just needed a bit of a break. Great game, mind you.

    I gave that game two chances but ultimatelly I didn't like the tropical tech aesthetics and the design was just bad. If the game is added to BC, I will watch the Leona Lewis trailer and give it a last chance.

    Persona 3
    I reached the part before the big plot twist of the game (which I realised much later)b ut at the time I thought I had played enough and didn't feel like continue (I think it was because of the repetitive dungeon design). Then I got more interested in next gen. I played the game in 2008.

    Persona 4
    It was one of the reasons why I bought a Vita. I had good memories of P3 and the feedback of P4 was excelent so it was on my to do list. I think I got until the tough guy main quest. Then I lost interest in playing it. Probably because by the time I had more interesting games to play on 360/PS3, then came next gen. Curently I gave my vita to my cousin so, there is basically no chance to go back to that game.

    The Taken King came out and I realised that I need to pay $40 a year to play the game. TTK made previous versions unejoyable. I remember I liked to play with my friend heroic instances and do dailies. When TTK came it level up the requirements for those playlists, so I couldn't play unless I got the expansion and level up. I will play Destiny again but when the Complete Edition is $20. The same I will do with Destiny 2.

  • Fire Emblem Fates Revelations and Birthright
    Ok I was close to finishing both of these but I think it was during my finals of my first week of college so I had to stop playing both paths (I did finish Conquest though). After I was done finals I just let it sit and later on I started to build a hate for Fates simply because I spent so much money on it (buying all the dlc and stuff) on a game that I was disappointed in plot and character wise. Now that Echoes is out and I LOVE Echoes, I don't think I'll be returning to Fates since I'm attached to Echoes characters and enjoy the story alot more.

    Tales of the Abyss
    Another game I was super close to finishing. I think I was on the last 3-4 bosses before the end game but as a kid I think I was intimidated when someone told me the hardest boss is up next and it stressed me out. I saved in map mode and then stopped playing for years. Now I have no idea where I have to go next so it's kinda just sitting on my desk until I either restart my game or remember which location the next part takes place.

    Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
    I went through hell to get this game. We went to two different stores at first to buy the game but couldn't find it till a week later. Once we finally got the game, I got a few hours in when my brother accidentally saved over my file and I had to start again. After that happened, our car was broken into and they stole one of the bags that the game was in (only the game though, I had my 3ds with me). Eventually I just got fed up, bought the game used as a present for my brothers birthday and just never played it again.

  • Bioshock Infinite: It just wasn't fun. The game became far too much of a chore to play for me to care about that story.

    Ni No Kuni: Everything about this game is fantastic except for the battle system. It's needlessly obtuse. Also it has AI controlled party members. That just destroys my enjoyment of a game instantly. It feels like I'm playing a 3rd of the game and letting the game play the rest for me. If I am to have a party in an RPG it has to be turn based so that I can control them all. This is also why Dragon Quest and Pokemon are two of the only RPG franchises I've stuck to.

    Shadow of the Colosus: It's interesting enough, but a game has to feel good to play for me to stick to it. I respect this game, but I'd never enjoy experiencing it for myself.