Switch Left Joycon Repair

  • It's been a couple weeks since I had my Switch connected to the TV, but I was promptly reminded how my left Joycon is one of those finicky ones that lose connection for a second or two if not positioned just so. It's something that is annoying in some games and downright troubling for precision platforming or multiplayer. If I recall correctly, Nintendo is offering to fix those controllers gratis if you mail them in.

    Has anyone done this yet or know someone who has? Do you know if there is a significant improvement that makes it worth sending to them?

  • @Billy From what I hear the answer is yes

  • Yes, just contact Nintendo and send it in. You should get it back pretty fast. Apparently they just stick conductive foam inside, but they fix it for free, and this usually fixes the issue.

  • can always also just buy a second pair both for while you wait for your current joy con to be fixed and for multiplayer.

  • @Yoshi or a pro controller, I suppose. More than likely, I'll just play PS4/3DS while I wait. Thanks for the replies, everyone! It'll be nice to stop wandering off cliffs unwittingly.

  • @Billy From what I've heard from people who have sent their own joycons in, Nintendo gets them back to you quite fast, so yeah I don't think you'll need to go out and buy controllers in the meantime unless you're really in the middle of something right now you can't wait to continue. Pro Controller is just a good idea all around though.

    Personally I'm waiting on extra joycons until they release some better colors. Hopeing for some sick Splatoon 2 ones.