What backlog games weighs the heaviest for you?

  • I recently had a discussion about backlogs with a friend of mine. We both have a pretty expansive backlog that we like to complain about, but we came to realize that different kinds of games weighed differently for us. For me, difficult games are the worst to have in my backlog. For my friend, it's games that just require a lot of time being put into them.
    I'd rather have a Witcher 3 in my backlog than, say, Nioh. Reason being I feel better about making constant progress in a long game rather than feeling stuck because I'm not gitting enough gud. When being able to progress in a game is the issue, I keep thinking "I could be beating another game with this time".

    What's your case? Are longer games more daunting, or are difficult game a bigger source of backlog anxiety?

  • Xenogears and Vampire the Masquerade, both are great games, and both are (well at least Xenogears is, not 100% on Masquerade) long games that require a big investment

  • The Witcher 3 is one that is always on my mind, having played and liked the other two and hearing all the praise it is definitively something I want to get to.

    But right now the one that gets me the most is Trails of Cold Steel 2, which I plan to start sometime soon.

  • I still have Bloodborne in my backlog. I've played like 20h of it, put it down and haven't gotten back into it yet. That one just may not be my speed, but I'm always thinking about re starting it.

  • I also have Bloodborne in my backlog. I bought it a couple months ago for like $20 but its still sitting on my shelf shrink wrapped. I want to play it because I enjoyed Lords of the Fallen and I've obviously heard great things about it, but I just haven't been in the mood to play it yet. First was Zelda, then Persona, next will be Yooka-Laylee/Sonic Mania/Trails in the Sky FC. I wonder when I'll be in the mood for the Soulsborne genre.

    I think replaying games is what weighs on me the most. There are a bunch of great games I love and want to replay because its been a while but they keep getting bumped because of new games or games I haven't played before. I want to replay though the Kingdom Hearts games, already picked up 1.5+2.5 , but currently the games I listed earlier are slightly higher on my queue. Doesn't mean I feel good about not playing through Kingdom Hearts again. I also picked up Dark Cloud 2 for that nostalgia trip (which I very well could find isn't a great game anymore) but who knows when I'll finally get around to that.

  • It's all about length really, I can't really think of anything recent where the difficulty is close to an issue or doesn't at least have an easy difficulty setting. FFXIII 3 got me, but it really shouldn't have and it's only length that's again putting me off restarting.

    The likes of Witcher 3, Dragon Age: I, Shadow of Mordor and Infamous: SS are the type of games I keep sighing at when I browse my collection. I'm usually ok with just hitting those main mission markers once I get going, and that's all I want to do anyway, but the shear amount of map traversal that I know these games require, just puts me right off making a start to them.

  • Dont have a back log. If a game comes out and i dont have the time to play it, i usually wont ever play it.

    However i do get a bit of frustration these days on my part when big games come out. I really want to play everything or experience a game all the way through. However, even though i still play games a few hours every other day i cant seem to get most games, or even finish some before getting tired of it. Sadly multiplayer games seem to be becoming the easiest games to play for me since i can jump in play without any hassle. I just avoid back log i guess lol.

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    For me, it is about pacing.
    For instance, Im about 30 or so hours into Trails of Cold Steel, but I can't seem to muster the will to return to it because nothing fucking happens in that game.
    Which sucks because the characters are great and the voice work is some of the best I've seen in a JRPG... but FUCK ME that pace is plodding.

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    I have so many games on Steam I have no desire to play. I just bought em because I'll MAYBE have the desire to play them in the future. Maybe. Also they were like $5.