Advice for the horror game genre

  • My favorite genre when I was younger was horror. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, etc. P.T. was one of the most fun I've ever had and I played all my horror games alone in the dark. Recently, and I mean just this year recent, I've noticed that I now find it too intense as I get older. I struggled to finish RE7 and now having a hard time wanting to play Outlast 2. I'm not sure if its fear I'm feeling or just find games too intense now which is strange since I once craved it more than any other genre. I played a lot of RE7 in VR so I'm wondering if this had an effect on me that I didn't anticipate.

    Has anyone else had this effect with horror games? Have they gotten easier to play as you've gotten older? harder? I'm trying to understand why I'm feeling this way with one of my favorite genres.

  • Well we change as we get older, and so do the games.
    Maybe it's a dislike of newer games, that maybe are more violent or gore filled then you're used to.
    My BF used to love games like RE and Silent Hill but he refuses to play a lot of the newer games. His reasons are hatred of feeling helpless, since games like Outlast or Amnesia, or Alien Isolation mostly rely upon running and hiding. He's less scared when he knows he can shoot most everything ☺

  • @Inustar Thanks for the advice. I've played and beaten Outlast 1 and loved it though! Maybe this is just some strange "scared" phase I'm going through.

  • @Texmin could also just be fatigue with a genre too. You might go back and play Outlast 2 in the future. I know I constantly get hit with mood changes toward games. I could love RPGs but suddenly be bored with them, only to get super obsessed with them a year later.

  • Having just finished RE 7, I can say that it was also hard for me because it was sometimes seriously terrifying (can't even imagine how it must be in VR).

    And that's of course part of the fun, but it feels like those games almost became too good, too realistic, too effective! The first-person perspective plays a huge role in that too.

    If it becomes too much for you, don't hesitate to turn the lights back on, nobody will judge you ;)

  • Maybe your imagination has just gotten more active recently or you're under stress from something? Just remind yourself that it's just a game that can't hurt you, and otherwise try to stay out of your head. Huber would probably berate me for that advice as it's not letting yourself get scared by horror games, but maybe try going through an entire game with that mindset and you'll be able to handle the next letting yourself get scared but still knowing "hey, I've done this before, it's fine" or such. If that's still too tough, try playing one with the lights on as someone in the topic said or with someone else in the room with you. Just find a comfortable level now and slowly work yourself back to where you were before.

    Also, it's not bad to be scared of some things sometimes, it's a built-in instinctual survival response, just shouldn't let it escalate to Kyle's level of fear as that's the point when it becomes difficult to rationally recover from.

    Oh, and maybe watching someone else's comically heightened levels of fear will help you realize how trivial your own are? Ben plays Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

  • Weird suggestion, but have you tried playing with friends? I went through a similar thing with horror movies about two years back; all the sudden, I couldn't watch them anymore. I started watching them with some friends (and a fair bit of booze) and it got better. Granted, I probably didn't appreciate those movies as much as I should have, but now I'm back to where I used to be in the genre.

  • My favourite remedy before playing a horror games is to eat some cement and sand then have a glass of water :P