European/Australian Atlus Fans rejoice, long term partnership with Deep Silver announced!

  • Finally, Sega and Atlus are now in partnership with Deep Silver to bring Atlus games to PAL regions, something that was always a gamble in the past with either huge delays, digital only or no release at all.
    But Deep Silver seeks to change that and brings everything Atlus to the PAL regions, digital AND retail, starting with SMT IV: Apocalypse, 7th Dragon III Code: VFD and of course Persona 5.

    I think this is great news that we now have an official Atlus publisher in europe, insted of having to hope some other publisher picks it up, which sometimes just didn't happen. I personally also love their dedication to the retail market.
    Now so far that doesn't mean we will get everything the same day as the US, but delays should be much shorter and with a prestige object like Persona 5 they might even manage a simultanious release.

    I will definitely get all 3 games, are you europeans and australians happy about this as well?

  • That is absolutely fantastic news, especially, as you say, their dedication to the retail market. I'll be importing 7th Dragon III Code: VFD though, I went to the trouble of getting a NA 3DS, so I may as well use it, I don't want to wait for that one. Great news for the future though.

    So long, NIS America.

  • I'm not gonna wait for p5 to be released in the EU after America will already have it for months. I'll still buy the EU-release as well, but just to back the persona-sales.

    I still want a physical release for the original SMT IV. Still really salty the EU didn't get that, since practically every other SMT game got a physical release here.

  • @Sheria Fair enough, I sadly don't have the means to play 3DS imports (thanks Nintendo) so I'm definitely getting the PAL release.

    @Michster Understandable but P5 is still far away, a simultanious release is not impossible. But yeah I'd love a SMT IV retail release.

  • I live in Japan these days and just play Atlus' games in The Superior Nihongo TM, but as a Brit this makes me very happy.
    I still remember the marathon wait for P4 Mayonaka Arena like it was yesterday...

  • @Carpainter Ah yeah, one of the very few region locked PS3 games.

  • I'm still keeping my pre-order on Amazon US. They gave no mention of timeframes so I'm a bit skeptical in regards to the European release date.
    I feel like if they would have planned for a simultaneous release, they'd have mentioned it along with this news, but they kept it vague so I still have my doubts.