Streams feedback: More streams with 2-3 allies

  • Seeing Huber or Ben lonely in one little window is just far too sad. Also, when there is just one person streaming they tend to have a hard time talking to chat. Remember the legendary FF7 streams? Or Dragon Quest? We need more of those!

  • @cottontunacan I know it makes things harder for the allies, but I definitely agree.

    Even if they just skype together that'd be something.

  • Gotta hit that 50k goal then.

  • admin

    It's one reason I prefer to go to Brandon's when I do my streams, but yeah that's just the way things are going to be as people live pretty far apart and stream from home. Some of us are going to Huber's tomorrow though for his streams.

  • @Bloodworth Glad to hear! I think those of us in smaller any other city don't realize just how far apart different areas of LA can be. Not in miles, in drive time.

  • Well, tomorrow (Thursday, May 7) is the perfect day for you, cottontunacan. Huber and Bloodworth will be playing Dragon Quest together at 5 pm PST (8 EST), and Huber and Ben will be playing Street Fighter V afterwards. I hope that helps answer your suggestion, haha.

  • I definitely prefer at least two people in the streams. When it's a single person it really has to be a game I love to get through it. There's not enough conversation and back and forth to keep my interest for the most part. But I understand the logistical issues with doing it until you guys get a studio.

    That said, just voice chat with others can make it better. Like in some of the Overwatch streams.

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    I believe that group streams always are a tiny bit funnier to watch as there are more interactivity with and so on! more jolly in a way! So lets bump them up to 50k!

    HOWEVER, I do enjoy the lonewolf stream as well, even though it might not be as lively it still feels like we get a more personal relation to that Ally! like you can ask that person more direct questions without feeling bad for "leaving the others out". So even if I agree with group streams I believe that there should also be personal ones!