Horror Games for Those Afraid of Horror Games

  • I'll say it. I am a scaredy cat. The trees at the opening of "A Nightmare Before Christmas" prevented me from watching the film for nearly 10 years and even after I finally did see it, I still had trouble watching a let's play of the section of Kingdom Hearts that featured that world.

    To put it lightly, horror games are not for me. The closest I've ever gotten is Stretch Panic (which gave me nightmares) and that's not even close to a horror game.

    However I've recently taken interest in Little Nightmares. It's hauntingly beautiful, and the deformed enemies intrigue as much as they frighten. I want to know more about this world and I find myself drawn to it. I don't yet know if I'll be up to the challenge but I really want to try.

    What I want to know is, what games would you reccomend to people who are new to/afraid of horror games?

  • Year Walk is pretty good. It's on phones, so it's not as scary as it could be... but it's still pretty scary with headphones.

  • @michemagius Yume Nikki, because it's not outright horror. It's a bizarre dream journey that lets you freely explore areas that will slowly expose you to horror elements that you can just turn around and nope out of at any point. There will be parts that will probably disturb you, but you can take your time coping with them. Nothing is going to jump out and grab you and give you a game over. Also, it's free.


    It's honestly something I find very soothing due to the music and atmosphere of the locations. I recommend not looking a ton up about it, because it's more fun to explore locations and discover things for yourself.

  • I would recommend SOMA. The traditional horror elements of the game are really poorly done, and so aside from maybe one or two jumpscares you shouldn't find it too difficult to get through. The actual "horror" of the game is much more "philosophical horror," where the game asks big, terrifying questions that some people find unnerving.

    Also, give the old Resident Evil games a try. I never found RE scary myself, and with the older graphics in particular its unlikely you'll have nightmares from cheesy, low poly zombies haha

  • Banned

    Dead Space is one of my favorite games. It is a perfect blend of horror and empowerment. Enemies will spoop you, but then you will blow off their faces with mining equipment.
    Not to mention the game fucking OOZES atmosphere. The sounds, the ambience, the everything is perfect and gives you a constant feeling of dread and loneliness.

    The second game is also amazing. Far more action oriented, but an incredible addition to the series.

    It is a shame they never made a third game. Yep. Real shame.

  • @El-Shmiablo Dude, Dead Space is terrifying. That's something he's gotta work up towards.

  • XV: Chapter 13 Kappa

    Oh wait, that one's just awful no matter who you are.

    But I think The Last of Us is an pretty good, obvious answer. It's action adventure more than it is horror game, but still has some creepy sections to mix up the levels.

  • Maybe consider something like Yomawari: Night Alone or Yume Nikki, they're more interesting than outright scary horror

  • SOMA is probably the best suggestion. One of my favorite games this generation, it poses some great questions throughout, and you're very rarely in situations where you're being chased/attacked, it's more about atmosphere if anything.

    Home by Benjamin Rivers is another one that mostly just relies on atmosphere. Following its recommendation, it's best played with the lights off and headphones on, but you're just exploring the environment and trying to figure out what happened. It has decent replay-ability with a short run time, as different paths and objects you interact with change the story significantly.

    The last suggestion is to Kyle Bosman it - if it truly is too scary but you're interested, either play with a friend beside you or during the day, with something on in the background so you're not sucked in too deeply to the horrors. Creepy tentacle monsters hate podcasts and will refuse to attack you if you're playing one.