Bosman at Home - Official Discussion Thread

  • Bosman is going to be a Late Night Show host. People saw his stand-up comedy and podcast and said "this guy has magic."

  • If his new gig involves him sitting at a desk and pontificating on video games, I'll be happy.

  • It's going to be work for this years Keighleys, isn't it? Emm, I mean Kyle is going to build a giant castle of Bud Light, Doritos or other not Gaming related sponsor for Geoff. I'm still terribly excited!

  • Good thing he didn't do what everyone wanted where his show was part of patreon.

    It's almost as if he was telling the truth the whole time about if he got a full time thing he wouldn't be able to continue TFB/BAH... (obvious sarcasm)

  • What if... Just what if IGN, who currently owns, hired Bosman to do several The Final Bosman episodes... :o

  • It's Schluffe.

    Vengeance is full time.

  • Willing to bet he's starting work on the Pokemon retro, with first part releasing before Sun/Moon.

  • @MiserablePerson Whut? Why would he start a full-time job for that?
    @jipostus See, that I can buy. My guss too, would be that he might be starting for one of the bigger gaming outlets, but who knows. The guess about him working with Keighly isn't bad either.

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    I knew it was bound to happen. I look forward to seeing a e-mail notification of a new episode when it comes out.

  • @babpel91 its entirely possible I missed the point of the video, I was half asleep when i rushed through it. Whatever it is, looking forward to the future.

  • @MiserablePerson Me too. He didn't outright say so, but I'm pretty sure it's a non-EZA thing.

  • So... the radio silence continues?

  • @Sentinel-Beach What radio silence? He posted a video about a week ago saying it was on hiatus.

  • @tokeeffe9 Ah, sorry. I meant regarding that new job he mentioned. That he would tell about it this week.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Is anybody doing EZA full time?

  • @benoit489 Brandon said in the newest Cup of Jones, I think, that he, Ben and Damiani are full time. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Ha, I knew it?

    also after watching the 6 months’ anniversary stream, I thought that this would be the reason Kyle doesn’t do the betting special to this year game awards.

  • Update from Kyle:

    Youtube Video

  • Show 'em who's Bos.

    Youtube Video

  • Hey Kyle and gang, this last episode "hollow victories" left me thinking and I feel I need to discuss it a bit.

    I'll start with the question that it made me feel which is "is there hope?"

    I'm struck by how similar Kyle's criticism of the CEO's comments are to my criticisms of our politicians (I live in Canada, but I think this applies in general to any democratic country). Specifically I'm referring to the understanding that the CEO is talking to investors which is interesting to me because in my mind its the people buying the games that should be talked to, not the investors that don't necessarily care about the quality of the game or are passionate about the content. I should mention I get why they are talking to the investors, I understand the components of the system that led to this being the case, but it makes it feel that this system is designed or being molded for investors and not the players/consumers.

    I feel this is similar to politicians in that they speak to corporations or corporate interests, and not the people. Somehow we as the players/people hold the power (money to buy a game or a vote to elect a politician) but we are left out of the equation and conversation. We get pandered to in similar ways, we get hyped on certain things, we get our roads and our education and our "insert political issue here" talked about but at the end of the day we are left feeling that we aren't that important.

    Its interesting to me because I think you can be a successful CEO/politician but not necessarily at the same time be good for the players/people. There's nothing that says you have to be benevolent, you just have to succeed. And we measure that with money, which if our goal is to have a great games and a great society, I'm not sure is the right metric. And interestingly enough you could also have the opposite, someone who is e benevolent, they do want to do right by the players/people, but who ultimately are not successful as CEOs/politicians for whatever reason (there are obviously going to be many) and are also (and this is the interesting part to me) viewed by the players/people as not successful, even though they were doing things in their interest as opposed to the investors/corporations.

    I think these things and I agree with Kyle's final point that in the end, if you make a game that's necessary, a passion project, something worthwhile it will make more money in the end. If you're good to your voter base, do whats right for people, you'll be rewarded in the end

    but then I'm reminded of titanfall 2 and also just the whole world in general and realize that people are buying COD year after year, and people are voting for these politicians. And we can talk about how there's no good choice one way or another or about how complicated the whole picture is till we are blue in the face but at the base level, what is true.... is that despite the fact that when we engage in these conversations we are complicated with multifaceted thoughts, when it matters most, when we go to buy a game with our money or cast a vote, we are rather quite simple in the end... and marketing works! (see success of No Man's Sky)

    So, is there hope? I don't mean is there "hope for the world", or, "is there hope for other people to agree with me" or "is there hope that the CEO/politicians will change"... But is there hope for ME? Can I actually put into practice what I believe? Is that enough to make a difference? if I answered yes to that last question then do I actually believe that or is that something I like to say to make myself feel better?

    I'm not sure there are answers to these questions as I suspect these are the same issues (more or less) we as a species have been struggling with since we developed the ability to struggle with our own thoughts.

    This episode got me thinking though and for that I'm grateful.

    What do you guys think?