Bosman at Home - Official Discussion Thread

  • @Mango I guess what I mean by "individualism is a lie" isn't a denial of its effects, but rather an extreme form of democracy. I wouldn't place much weight in a great inventor or what have you, because they simply found that invention first — before anyone else. Gandhi and Hitler weren't necessarily singular, as their respective societies were embroiled in certain social strife that made them susceptible to radical change.

    This is not to argue, I just find it more useful to temper the new's focus on individuals or "human interest" with my own individual — if you will — focus on society at large.

  • It's pretty easy to forget about Final Bosman, two person couch streams, and all of the other things that have been lost since GT got free market capitalism'd. Shifting baselines and whatnot.

    Here's hoping Kyle's post Bos v Woz stream is brilliant madness, whether or not he defeats Tetsuna. I would rather listen to him explain the weird and intricate ways in which he likes Skyward Sword than not, and I heartily revile that game myself! And of course something on his YouTube like Bosman at Home or Final Bosman coming back would be ideal.

    Even just something like a Pokepark 2: Wonders Beyond (wow, that's really the subtitle...) or Majora's Mask blind full playthrough would be incredible. FPT streams like Tail of the Sun are some of the most fun and watchable content GT/EZA makes.

  • Is the show dead?

  • @Snowcone_Guy It's not completely dead, but it's on a long hiatus. There may be more episodes coming some day, but Kyle is now focusing on EZA.

  • Definitely wouldn't mind if he brought this exact format to EZA. Kyle monologues are great.

  • @WarpDogsVG His work was almost entirely the only reason why i liked GameTrailers. On top of that, I preferred watching Bosman at Home over any other EZA stuff. Wasted potential in my opinion.