EZA Community Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament

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    Everyone is free to join the torunament. I was thinking it can take place tomorrow April 29th. If not enough people respond then we can push it back.

  • why is this in general and how many people make up a tournament. Also it's the 29th already :P

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    If you want to setup a tournament you'll probably need to give it more time so people can find out about it and make time. Maybe next weekend and just post about it a bit more and link it in chat. If I've got access to the game at the time I'll play. Maybe give some info on how everything will work, time frames and stuff, and what kind of tournament it's gonna be.

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    Yup might need to wait until I get some responses. Can't expect everyone to have bought the game on release.

  • I am in for a Mario Kart tournament.
    I have also posted a link to this thread in the FB group. Some guys already have created EZA tournaments.

  • Here is the current tournament room

    • "EZA GP150 no teams02" (code: 3567-9313-0539) (hosted by Timeerased)
      open from 6PM to 2AM (CEST)
      Mode: GP150
      No Team
      Items: Standard
      COM: On (normal)
      All vehicles
      Driving assistant authorized
      12 races (and then it starts over)
      No group shuffeling

    Please let me know if the rule sets are ok. Feel free to create additional tournaments and post your code here.

    EDIT1: new 150cc room
    EDIT2: additional 150cc room
    EDIT3: after learning a lot and making mistakes with the tournament setups we will stick with "EZA GP150 no teams02" for now

  • I am totally down to participate in an EZA tourney. I'll keep an eye on the thread to see where this all goes.

  • @ofLoxley Good matches earlier! I'm sorry for that last red shell — the RNG on that one was brutal.

    But the 200 cc speed sure is exhilarating. I think it might be nice to have a 150 'default' tournament always going, but we should take care not to splinter the already specific audience any further.

    As long as we're doing 200, remember the drift brake thing mentioned in the tips menu. If you hold it down for too long you will lose your drift and boost, but it's absolutely essential for staying on some corners. Mushrooms and boosts are pretty clutch in this mode in general, letting you spring and hop over entire topiaries at times.

  • @Haru17 Thanks for the tipps! You may have seen that I have added a tournament for 150cc

  • Tonight we played GP150cc for like 2 hours. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for joining everybody!
    Based on the experiences I will modify the settings.

  • My Mario Kart is not coming until may 1st. I have a question when I add these codes into online will I be able to easily join them in the future, had Mario Kart 8 on the wiiU but did not participate in tournaments at all.

  • There is a favorites section for tournaments within MK8.

  • It's-a-me Timeerased ! Champion of the 150cc tournament last night :p Great session, though loxley forgot to put it private so we didn't know who was from the forum or not ah ah.

    I'll be playing again tonight (still in 150cc, I'm terrible at 200cc), hope the allies come ! Maybe we should get a discord channel sometime for text/voice chat

  • @Timeerased next time I will pick you like a ripe fruit ;-) It was a lot of fun.
    Concerning the configuration: I'm going through a learning curve here. I've learned that you can only change the settings when the tournament is currently not active. So setting the active time from 0.30 until 0.00 turns out not to be a smart idea. At least when it comes to configuration :-)
    The discord channel is a great idea. I will look into it.

  • We made a #mariokart8 channel in Discord. Would love to see the community grow and flourish there

    If you haven't joined the EZA Discord you can click here to take part

  • @Sparks Thanks for your help!

  • @ofLoxley 6PM to 2AM isn't great for our US friends. That finishes at 10PM pacific.

  • @Timeerased Do you mind bumping up the end time of "EZA GP150 no teams02" by a couple of hours?

  • @ofLoxley You're in my random match right now. Weird!

    Edit: Err, you were.

  • @Haru17 I joined you via the friends list. But then my connection broke down... ordering a Switch LAN adapter now. The first one I had died after one hour of operation.