Zone - A new Allies-esque show

  • Hello allies, love & respect to all. I'd like to get your thoughts on a little project I finished recently. I've had the idea for this show for long time, but finally had the courage to actually go through with it.

    To clarify, my intention isn't some sort of shameless promotion, but rather to share something I believe this community may enjoy and to gather feedback for the future.

    Partially inspired by GT's Level, Zone highlights and discusses specific sections of memorable games. The first game I chose was the first Dark Souls. I'd love to go on about my insecurities with the audio consistency and overall quality of the vid, but I've rambled far enough. Hope you enjoy, thank you!

    Youtube Video

  • I enjoyed the video and I agree - it really is an area the both cements the core ideas and concepts of Dark Souls while also providing clever insight into the game's workings; an advanced tutorial of sorts after the Undead Asylum. It's a really well designed section for one of the greatest games ever made (IMHO).

    I'd love to watch more :)

  • Easy Ally

    Nice work my dude!

  • @Elyra Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I agree definitely one of my favorite games ever.

  • Nice work! I used to like Level on GT as well

  • @Brad-Ellis @Faaip Thanks guys, really appreciate it! L&R.

  • You should be proud. I've been inspired by GT and EZA shows too. I'd like to start writing and editing videos too. Congrats on going for it.