Kill Your Babies!: The Series Edition!

  • Apparently one shouldn't go to sleep when a KYB thread is active. What makes this hard to follow is that that's all the time, lol. What I'm trying to say is you chose... poorly. I would've gone with Civ vs Tekken as well like Mr Slim.

  • And we have our final two series! Over the course of their lifetime, which has put out a higher level of quality on a more consistent basis?

    Street Fighter
    Tomb Raider

    Click the link to cast your vote and by 10:30 a.m. EST, the vote will be over!

  • You should all know better by now. Don't sleep and don't tell everyone what you're rooting for. Your baby is sure to die.

  • "Street Fighter, Return of the Street Fighter, and Sister Street Fighter!"

    "You want to take me to a kung fu movie? "

    "Three... uh... Three kung fu movies. "

  • By a score of 9-3, the best overall series is...

    Tomb Raider!

    Thank you everyone for voting, posting, and killing!