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  • Great! Thanks for confirming I'm not insane for thinking I heard that!!

  • @Sentinel-Beach Agreed! The first step into something new can always be the most difficult, so having Jones as a reassurance to try meditation made that hurdle a lot smaller.

  • Hello! I know you have to pledge a dollar to submit to Cup of Jones, but can just anybody watch it, or is it patreon viewing only?

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    @parasitepaladin it's exclusive to patrons

  • @Bloodworth Thank you, Blood! I assume that means the audio version as well? I brought this up while I was looking for the Cup of Jones spreadsheet, I can across some random podcasts sites, both of which have Cup of Jones available for anybody to listen to. I assume this is also the case for any similar site that collects podcasts which I can only assume there are a lot of them.

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    Thanks for letting me know. I've had Podbean remove the feed in the past, so it's disappointing to see it back. I've reached out to them to remove it again, and I've asked Damiani to look into the other service while I'm out of town.

  • You are welcome! Ah a repeat offender. I wish you two luck!

  • If you missed it today, consider watching this week's Cup of Jones. There's a super special guest in the editorial after the questions. :)

    Norbert the Cat, Brandon and Amanda's cat :)

  • Today's editorial was the single most important one in EZA's history to date. I really hope it won't be forgotten.

  • @Brannox Too many people don't understand boundaries when it comes to streamers. It's too bad that only Patrons can see this particular CoJ but hopefully a lot of people will take the time to watch this weeks editorial.

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    I almost feel like todays editorial should go up on its own video. It had some important things in it.

  • That post sounded disturbing as hell. Like honestly, why would you paint such a picture? Jesus. Brandon was way too understanding, he literally had to explain boundaries like to a child etc. You could clearly see this affected him deeply, there were strong words presented in a very clear manner. Next time would be the last time.

  • @logic__error It's frightening that a startling amount of people can't separate the difference from being a fan knowing what is appropriate and CLEARLY crossing into absolutely incorrigible territory. I echo @Lotias here. It's not like there hasn't been breakouts before, but I'm curious if EZA will be willing to clip it out, post a very brief warning at the start stating the editorial has a comment unsuitable and unacceptable, and put it on the main channel and social media feeds.

    I could see a multitude of ways how they'll use this. As it's own video, kept behind Patreon, or nothing at all. Regardless, Mr. Jones demonstrated so much patience, it is, quite frankly, awe-inspiring. Granted, he's had a little time to read that comment so he may or may not have been a little less leveled out when he read it initially. But I cannot commend him enough for the poise. I would not be able to contain myself.

  • Is it OK to put a target on his back if it's released as an editorial piece open for the world. Patrons now have a target on his back

  • Echoing what everyone else has said: Jones handled this immaculately. The only thing I'll add is that I hope everyone else treats the issue much the same way.

    Perhaps this is being too forgiving, but I have to give that user the benefit of the doubt, and assume that maybe they really didn't know better, and thought it was fine to push the envelope. Obviously they pushed it way too far, which is why we're talking about it now. I get why people are calling for the ban-hammer, and that this person shouldn't be in the community, but I think that would be doing everyone - especially Jones - a disservice. Jones chose to give this person a second chance, and explain why what they did was hurtful. We should allow them to digest that information and try to learn from their mistakes. If they continue to act inappropriately, that's another story, but I don't think we should immediately call that person out now and tell them to get lost, or that they're not welcome here. Maybe they won't change, but if we forever shun them, then I think it's much less likely that they'll actually change their point of view, or their mindset. We have to allow them to respond, and at least make an effort. As someone who's been on both sides of a similar issue (although one with much less viscerally disturbing imagery), I just want to say that people can change if you give them a chance.

  • @iboshow I don't really see how it's painting a target on their back. Jones explained himself extremely well and never actually said anything along the lines of getting the community to hound this person.

  • @tokeeffe9 I agree but some people are now going to think of this guy differently etc. The guy had 10 replies on patreon alone. Does Jones really have to tell people to attack the guy for it to be a target, people will do it no matter what.

  • @iboshow But people should think of this person differently. It's up to them to realise what they were doing was inappropriate and make amends.

  • Basically, @naltmank summed up my thoughts pretty perfectly. Apologies I'm a little late to this entire discussion, I've been behind on my EZA log lately.

    I think the best approach to this entire situation is "forgive but don't forget." Should I ever see this person in the forum or see them submit more art for one of Kyle's streams, there's absolutely no way I can forget the comment they supplied to Jones. There should always be some form of consequence for your actions, even if that consequence is just having a bit of a reputation. Now, would I take it to the next level and purposely be rude or bring up this particular incident? Not at all. Jones handled this matter in such a beautiful way that I would never want to go against his apparent wishes. With Jones' heartfelt response, I truly hope he receives an apology from the person in question and everyone can move forward.

    I've got to say though, I truly admire how Jones embodied the mantra of "love and respect" in his response, despite how hard and potentially painful that must have been. It's nice to get a fresh reminder of what it truly means, even if the circumstances leading up to it aren't the greatest.

  • Just checked the schedule. New Cup of Jones on Thursday this week? Wouldn't have remembered that, was it announced at some point? I mean I was ready to settle in in an hour.