I need help remembering a very random video mentioned in a livestream

  • This is barely EZA related, but I've exhausted my google skills and I've become too invested to let it go now...

    Months ago in a livestream someone in chat recommended Kyle watched a comedy channel on youtube. I checked it out then, and thought they were pretty funny, but then forgot about them and now I can't find them at all.

    The only thing I remember was the video I saw, where 2 guys (maybe brothers) with cowboy hats in front of a ranch, talked really fast arguing with 2 bro stereotypes (one of them being the new bf of one of the main guys ex gf I think?)

    I don't know if the fast-talking cowboys thing is the theme for all their videos, but I think there were more...

    Again sorry to bother with such a random question, but if someone knows maybe what I'm talking about and can point me to their youtube channel (perhaps the person that recommended it originally), they''d have my eternal gratitude and I'd have peace of mind x)

  • I have no idea unfortunately but if you're desperate enough you could always start scrolling through your Youtube History. It's definitely not an elegant solution though.

  • @Tragosaurus Sadly, even if I could scroll that far, I'd be dead by the time I found it x) I might overuse youtube...

  • This video sounds like what you were describing.
    Was it Letterkenny that you were looking for?

  • @Brandon_Reister OH MY GOD YOU FOUND IT!!!

    I owe you my life, my brain can finally rest in peace. I don't know how good their stuff will be, but for now I am happy.

    Seriously, thank you!