A Year of Love and Respect

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have an idea for sending some love and respect to the allies that I hope everyone will want to become a part of.

    I was thinking that, starting in July, we could select one month for each of the allies. Since there are 9 allies, the final month would be March 2018 (The two year anniversary). When it is an ally's month, we would send them extra love and respect (letters, fan art, creative gifts) over the course of the entire month. I think this would be a good way to show every ally how much they mean to the community as individuals. I'm not very good at making art, so I'm hoping all of you will want to join me in this celebration of the allies.

    I've never done a community project before, so I'm not sure how to go about coordinating people. If someone who has experience working with the community wants to help me plan, that would be great! Feel free to PM me if your interested.

    Love and Respect!
    Michael (michael_berube on twitch)