Ben Moore Anime Watch List

  • some of my personal favs. Im sure most know the first two since they were on toonami. But my third I almost never hear people mention.

    • Outlaw star: A lot like cowboy bebop but more light hearted and adventurous.

    • Big O: Pretty much japanese batman the animated series. Hell part of the animation was done by the same studio I have heard.

    • Saber Marionette J: My first anime. Robot girls on a planet of only men. six nations of clones of the six men who crashed on the planet. shonen romcom with scifi and action. 2.5 seasons.

  • Throwing in my 2 cents that I feel are missing

    • Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! aka Kono Suba - Hilarious Stuck in an MMO anime
    • GTO(I know Ben has it on his list, just in case others didn't know) - Onizuka nuff said
    • Golden Boy - 5 Episodes of the greatest character alive
    • Law of Ueki - Old school shounen, shortish
    • Haikyuu - Volleyball anime, amazing
    • Kuroko no Baske - Basketball anime, godlike
    • Suzumiya no Haruhi - you'll find out quick, start on episode 2

  • Hajime no Ippo.
    It makes me sick that anything else is suggested. ezaBackSeatBosman

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    @Ruaidhri18 Oh my god. That is a long list. I need to tell Brandon I'm taking time off for anime. Thanks for putting this together, Ruaidhri!

  • @BenMoore No problem! Now get to work! :D

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    @Olf_Himself It looks great!

  • Black Lagoon

  • Mai Hime

  • Should correct the list of any you have seen Ben.

  • Dangit. Now I want to watch Unlimited Blade Works again. I just marathoned it for my second time last month : S.

  • Black Heaven is a really cool show I liked back in the day (haven't seen it in a long time but I assume it holds up)

    Baccano! is just the best thing ever. It also has probably the best dub ever too, I'd honestly say it's on par with Cowboy Bebop.

    Not an anime, but if Ben (or anybody else reading this) can appreciate tokusatsu then they owe it to themselves to watch Kamen Rider Amazons.

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    @PlayerPi Good point! I've seen:

    • Trigun
    • Attack on Titan
    • Rurouni Kenshin
    • Outlaw Star
    • Big O
    • Black Lagoon
    • Death Note
    • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Samurai Champloo
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Ninja Scroll
    • Outlaw Star
    • Golden Boy
    • Baccano!

    I've seen a lot of other anime as well. Just marking the ones people have mentioned. Keep 'em coming!

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    @DeweyDTruman Always wanted to watch Kamen Rider.

  • @BenMoore Okay I will bold the ones you have seen!

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    Making a MyAnimeList to keep track of this. You're all amazing.

  • @BenMoore Kabuto is, in my opinion, the best Kamen Rider, even if the ending was a bit rushed due to outside influences. Kamen Rider OOO or W are very easy to get into as well.

    @DeweyDTruman I haven't watched Amazons yet but I've seen a few clips and, while it looks super cool, I do not think it's representative of what Kamen Rider is. It's like cool fan service for Rider fans but if you watch that and then go to a regular, especially Heisei era, show then you'll be disappointed.

  • I'll add...

    • Knights of Sidonia
    • Psycho Pass
    • Welcome to the NHK
    • Sword Art Online
    • No Game, No Life
    • Deadman Wonderland

    Not sure if Deadman Wonderland will ever get another season but it's still really awesome regardless. I'm guessing Sword Art Online has already been recommended to you a thousand times if you haven't already seen it but I really enjoyed it despite the constant "overrated" shouting you'll hear about it. Especially the last arc of the second series. If you enjoyed Death Note I think you'll enjoy No Game, No Life and Welcome to the NHK!

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    I have to leave, but I've started with the list. Hopefully I can finish it up tonight. Very excited.

  • I'm adding Seven Deadly Sins to the list because damn is it enjoyable!

  • Another show I forgot to mention is Osomatsu-san. Wonderful comedy.

    @Olf_Himself You're not wrong, it's pretty different from a standard Kamen Rider show, but I think that's a blessing in a way.

    The main reasons I recommend Amazons are that it's much shorter (13 episodes compared to the usual series' 40ish) and it's aimed at adults rather than children, which lets it tell a more mature story (but not in like a childish mature way, if that makes any sense) without those moments a normal series can have where everything screeches to a halt because they have to advertise the latest toy.

    For a more traditional Kamen Rider show some good recommendations are definitely W and OOO, though I also think Kuuga (my personal favorite) could be one as well depending on what you want out of Kamen Rider as a series. The great thing about Kamen Rider is that there's so many different series with different styles and stories.