Ben Moore Anime Watch List

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    Making a MyAnimeList to keep track of this. You're all amazing.

  • @BenMoore Kabuto is, in my opinion, the best Kamen Rider, even if the ending was a bit rushed due to outside influences. Kamen Rider OOO or W are very easy to get into as well.

    @DeweyDTruman I haven't watched Amazons yet but I've seen a few clips and, while it looks super cool, I do not think it's representative of what Kamen Rider is. It's like cool fan service for Rider fans but if you watch that and then go to a regular, especially Heisei era, show then you'll be disappointed.

  • I'll add...

    • Knights of Sidonia
    • Psycho Pass
    • Welcome to the NHK
    • Sword Art Online
    • No Game, No Life
    • Deadman Wonderland

    Not sure if Deadman Wonderland will ever get another season but it's still really awesome regardless. I'm guessing Sword Art Online has already been recommended to you a thousand times if you haven't already seen it but I really enjoyed it despite the constant "overrated" shouting you'll hear about it. Especially the last arc of the second series. If you enjoyed Death Note I think you'll enjoy No Game, No Life and Welcome to the NHK!

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    I have to leave, but I've started with the list. Hopefully I can finish it up tonight. Very excited.

  • I'm adding Seven Deadly Sins to the list because damn is it enjoyable!

  • Another show I forgot to mention is Osomatsu-san. Wonderful comedy.

    @Olf_Himself You're not wrong, it's pretty different from a standard Kamen Rider show, but I think that's a blessing in a way.

    The main reasons I recommend Amazons are that it's much shorter (13 episodes compared to the usual series' 40ish) and it's aimed at adults rather than children, which lets it tell a more mature story (but not in like a childish mature way, if that makes any sense) without those moments a normal series can have where everything screeches to a halt because they have to advertise the latest toy.

    For a more traditional Kamen Rider show some good recommendations are definitely W and OOO, though I also think Kuuga (my personal favorite) could be one as well depending on what you want out of Kamen Rider as a series. The great thing about Kamen Rider is that there's so many different series with different styles and stories.

  • Also adding Dimension W

  • @BenMoore said in Ben Moore Anime Watch List:

    @PlayerPi Good point! I've seen:

    • Trigun
    • Attack on Titan
    • Rurouni Kenshin
    • Outlaw Star
    • Big O
    • Black Lagoon
    • Death Note
    • Fullmetal Alchemist
    • Samurai Champloo
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Ninja Scroll
    • Outlaw Star
    • Golden Boy
    • Baccano!

    I've seen a lot of other anime as well. Just marking the ones people have mentioned. Keep 'em coming!

    Outlaw Star, so nice it's listed twice.

    Gotta recommend:

    • Gunbuster
    • Towards the Terra (2007)

  • GINTAMA!!!!

  • Soul Eater, Bungou Stray Dogs, Sakamoto Desu-Ga, Durarara, Assassination Classroom, and Hamatora.

    (Espectially AssClass, Soul Eater, and BSD, those shows are actual gold.)

    Edit: I'm adding Naruto/Naruto Shippuden. I know some folks are gonna roll their eyes but it really is one of my favorite anime series. The supporting cast is memorable, like it or not Naruto actually is a compelling character, and while the plot is drawn out (fillers galore) it has a lot of genuinely moving moments.

  • Adding some more

    • Summer Wars - The animation is on point and is a great OVA if you need something short and awsome
    • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Another great OVA with a really interesting story about time-travel
    • Lupin the Third - Anime about the greatest thief ever
    • Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust - Vampires? Vampire Hunters? Beyond godlike animation? Nuff said.
    • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - The story, the characters, the animation, the music! It has it ALL!
    • Ouran High School Host Club - Hilarious comedy that makes fun of shoujo anime as a shoujo anime.
    • FLCL - No words can describe how awesome this anime is
    • Yu Yu Hakusho - One of the few animes I love both the Sub and Dub! Awesome 90's anime characters and interesting story.

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  • Here are only a few of titles I've seen that you might like (minus any titles that might be too lewd), just keep in mind they're not all great depending on your tastes:

    • Accel World - from the same person who made SAO I think.
    • Angel Beats - a comedy-drama with supernatural added to it, from Key if you're familiar with that name.
    • Another - horror/mystery (?) where kids die to supernatural forces.
    • Baka to Test to Shokanjuu - school comedy with a hierarchy based on your test results.
    • Btooom! - anime about a top player who gets taken to an island and must survive by killing enough people for a chance to get out.
    • D.Gray-man - old but it's about exorcists fighting against someone turning people into weapons called akuma.
    • Durarara!! - about a boy who seeks for more than an ordinary life in the city, but the anime focuses on many characters and can be hectic at times when events occur simultaneously and are interconnected.
    • Elfen Lied - one of my favorite, dark anime that uses themes such as nature vs nurture among others, it's about a girl with a mutation that gives her telekinetic powers. Her mutation scares people and she is captured for laboratory purposes.
    • Gintama - my overall favorite, this anime is primarily comedy but it does/did just about everything, possibly the equivalent to simpsons/family guy of american cartoons .
    • Ixion Saga DT - comedy about a gamer who is suddenly transported to an alternate world.
    • Jormungand - anime about a arms dealer and her crew, with a child soldier as her newest recruit.
    • Log Horizon - like SAO but focused on exploration/adventuring and living in the world rather than just plain survival. In fact, I like this better.
    • Magi - nice story that focuses on adventure and the political struggle between countries and those who want misguide people into ruin. There are tower-like structures called dungeons; those who conquer a dungeon will have their weapon imbued with power by a Djinn and will have a "right" to be a king/ruler.
    • Paranoia Agent - about a mysterious assailant wearing roller skates and wielding a bent, metal bat who's been attacking people recently.
    • S-CRY-ED - old but still one of my favorites. After a strange incident, land was broken off from Japan known as the Lost Ground. Some people born here have the ability to convert mass to their own will known as Alters.
    • Shinryaku! Ika Musume - comedy about a squid girl with the intention of invading humanity and conquering humans due to pollution in the sea, though she's not very good at it.
    • Steins;Gate - a very nice thriller, a group of friends made an invention that can send messages into the past, I don't want to say anymore in case of spoilers.
    • Tiger & Bunny - a "what if" take on superheroes being more commercialized, such as having sponsor logos on their costumes and their heroics being broadcasted in a television program.
    • To Aru Kagaku No Railgun - This explores the science side of Index. I think I like this better than Index but you should at least start with the first season of Index first for context and world building.
    • To Aru Majutsu No Index - set in Academy City that's filled with people with special abilities called espers and behind the scenes, people from religious sects that can use magic.
    • Watamote - comedy about a socially awkward girl who wishes she was popular but ends up doing something totally wrong or creates a misunderstanding.

  • @BenMoore said in Ben Moore Anime Watch List:

    Making a MyAnimeList to keep track of this. You're all amazing.

    Don't forget to add My Hero Academia. It just finished the first season and is all on Hulu. I thought I had started to lose interest in anime but this one really brought me back in with hype to find other shows.

  • Gintama
    Natsume's Book of Friends
    Kimagure Orange Road

  • We have an anime club thread going on that I'm running for the forum users, if you want to watch along we would love to have you on the journey with us! We're using the noodles and broth format where every first Monday of the month is three episodes of noodles and every third Monday is three episodes of broth, I'm the first chef in rotation and after looking over the submissions we have going until the end of the year we have some really great suggestions, especially on the broth. Come join us over at ! The animes listed on the spreadsheet are ones that I would count as recommendations, the ones I put forth for consideration are Another as the noodles and [C] - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (or just C Control) as the broth.

  • I would recommend:

    Macross: Mecha, idols, spaceships, and alien invaders. Old school but amazing!
    Macross: Do You Remember Love > Movie version with gorgeous animation.
    Macross Plus: It's "Top Gun the Anime" and its probably the best of the series. Looks AMAZING.
    Macross Frontier: More modern version of Macross with well done CG battle scenes.
    Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Team > A more grounded Gundam that focuses more on the lives of normal soldiers slogging it out on Earth. Looks beautiful.
    Minami Ke (1st season ideally): Quirky slice-of-life comedy about the lives of three sisters.
    Tekkaman Blade: Alien invaders, blood feuds, lots of fighting and drama.
    Sousei no Aquarion (original): Wierd and crazy mecha anime.
    Eureka 7: Mecha on surfboards flying in the air.
    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun: Great comedy that plays with shoujo tropes.
    Full Metal Panic! (Fumoffu and 2nd Raid are awesome): Fumoffu is a wacky comedy, 2nd Raid is a mecha based action comedy. Both beautifully animated.
    Martian Successor Nadesico: A sci-fi action comedy that pokes fun of the genre's tropes and uses them as integral plot points.

  • The real question is . . .

    Full Metal Alchemist or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.
    Ben, this is very important.

    Additional must sees are

    Code Geass
    Ergo Proxy
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Zoids (maybe not a must see but damn if both of the series were a huge part of my childhood)
    Digimon Adventure Tri (if you followed the original series, it is a continuation of Tai and the gang)
    D.Gray-man (which is awesome and they just started doing new episodes after 7 years)

    And Sailor Moon Crystal has actually been really enjoyable too

  • Watch FMA till the break point, then start again from Brotherhood for the canon route.

  • Honestly I love both FMA series. The original had a very grounded approach and I loved the heavy scientific themes and concepts. Brotherhood definitely feels like a more cohesive package though and I generally prefer the way characters are handed like Greed and Mustang. I can live with loving both though. Barry the Chopper is very different but equally awesome in both and the same can be said for a lot of aspects between both series.