Ben Moore Anime Watch List

  • We have an anime club thread going on that I'm running for the forum users, if you want to watch along we would love to have you on the journey with us! We're using the noodles and broth format where every first Monday of the month is three episodes of noodles and every third Monday is three episodes of broth, I'm the first chef in rotation and after looking over the submissions we have going until the end of the year we have some really great suggestions, especially on the broth. Come join us over at ! The animes listed on the spreadsheet are ones that I would count as recommendations, the ones I put forth for consideration are Another as the noodles and [C] - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (or just C Control) as the broth.

  • I would recommend:

    Macross: Mecha, idols, spaceships, and alien invaders. Old school but amazing!
    Macross: Do You Remember Love > Movie version with gorgeous animation.
    Macross Plus: It's "Top Gun the Anime" and its probably the best of the series. Looks AMAZING.
    Macross Frontier: More modern version of Macross with well done CG battle scenes.
    Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Team > A more grounded Gundam that focuses more on the lives of normal soldiers slogging it out on Earth. Looks beautiful.
    Minami Ke (1st season ideally): Quirky slice-of-life comedy about the lives of three sisters.
    Tekkaman Blade: Alien invaders, blood feuds, lots of fighting and drama.
    Sousei no Aquarion (original): Wierd and crazy mecha anime.
    Eureka 7: Mecha on surfboards flying in the air.
    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun: Great comedy that plays with shoujo tropes.
    Full Metal Panic! (Fumoffu and 2nd Raid are awesome): Fumoffu is a wacky comedy, 2nd Raid is a mecha based action comedy. Both beautifully animated.
    Martian Successor Nadesico: A sci-fi action comedy that pokes fun of the genre's tropes and uses them as integral plot points.

  • The real question is . . .

    Full Metal Alchemist or Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.
    Ben, this is very important.

    Additional must sees are

    Code Geass
    Ergo Proxy
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Zoids (maybe not a must see but damn if both of the series were a huge part of my childhood)
    Digimon Adventure Tri (if you followed the original series, it is a continuation of Tai and the gang)
    D.Gray-man (which is awesome and they just started doing new episodes after 7 years)

    And Sailor Moon Crystal has actually been really enjoyable too

  • Watch FMA till the break point, then start again from Brotherhood for the canon route.

  • Honestly I love both FMA series. The original had a very grounded approach and I loved the heavy scientific themes and concepts. Brotherhood definitely feels like a more cohesive package though and I generally prefer the way characters are handed like Greed and Mustang. I can live with loving both though. Barry the Chopper is very different but equally awesome in both and the same can be said for a lot of aspects between both series.

  • Durarara!! especially if he liked Baccano!
    The Heroic Legend of Arslan for a nice fantasy flavour

  • Excepting what has already been mentioned, my recommendations are:

    Parasyte: the maxim
    Zetsuen no Tempest
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry)
    Kara no kyoukai (The Garden of Sinners)
    Ergo Proxy
    Darker than Black
    Deadman Wonderland
    Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)
    Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends)
    Boku dake ga inai machi (ERASED)

    Ixion Saga DT for the lulz

  • I can post some of my favourites if it helps, I think they are pretty well known ones though, but obviously I think they are really good :)

    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
    Clannad/Clannad After Story
    Angel Beats
    Romeo x Juliet
    Ef ~ A Tale of Memories/Melodies
    Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

  • Blue Gender This is a survival horror mecha series set in a really brutal world, a really unique series that's one of my favourites, try to rope in Huber if you can

    Record of Lodoss War This is basically Dungeons & Dragons the anime, watch it with the TTE cast if ya can, there's a dwarf with an axe for Huber, some wonderful elf and dark elf ladies for Ian etc

    Rune Soldier This is also based on D&D but it's more of a parody. The main character is a mage who is far too manly to use PATHETIC COWARDLY FILTH MAGIC

    Full Metal Panic This is a really great mecha show that mixes nice amounts of comedy with the serious mecha stuff

    Mirai Nikki if you love stuff like Dangan Ronpa definitely watch this, it's another "murder game" type scenario but the characters end up being really charming. You'll never root for an axe murdering stalker so hard!

    Space Dandy He's a dandy space

  • Yo, watch gundam thunderbolt! its real short but real good!

  • My favorite anime is Ergo Proxy, it's one I never see people talk about or suggest. Not sure if it's underrated or people just don't like it, but I adore it. I suppose it could come off as pretentious with it's heavy overhanded themes, but I found a lot to digest in it.

  • @TheChrisGriffin said in Ben Moore Anime Watch List:

    My favorite anime is Ergo Proxy, it's one I never see people talk about or suggest. Not sure if it's underrated or people just don't like it, but I adore it. I suppose it could come off as pretentious with it's heavy overhanded themes, but I found a lot to digest in it.

    It is a weird anime but the art style is gorgeous and just love the themes it puts out there

  • if you ever wanted to just make anime your life just watch

    Fist of the North Star.
    Harlock Franchise

  • I'm going to throw in Lupin III. It was my favorite when I lived in Japan and I'm getting a slight Lupin vibe from Persona 5. Worth checking out a couple of the movies, like Castle of Cogliostro or Secret of Mammo. Lupin III anime is everywhere

  • This list is looking alot like my plan to watch on MAL >.>

    • Monster

    I'll add to the list nothing else like it, I really didn't expect what was going to happen in that series so good :)

    I actually think Brandon Jones might like that anime, Ben try to convince him to see it lol

    Everything else I wanted to list like Hunter x Hunter has been already mentioned.

  • @BenMoore @Ruaidhri18
    Ok, here are my recommendations with a bit more detail.


    • Serial Experiments Lain: There is one word to describe this anime, and coincidentally it is the title of the first episode -- WEIRD. This short 13 episode anime is a trove of mind-numbing psychological craziness that will leave you hopelessly confused until the last episode...and maybe even beyond. An older show directed by the legendary late Ryutaro Nakamura, who was known as a horror director. He brings a unique take to the anime industry through this one-of-a-kind anime experience. "PRESENT DAY, PRESENT TIME", this show sheds unique and accurate light on the world of technology and "hacking".
    • Kino No Tabi: While this show is similarly directed by Ryutaro Nakamura, it is quite different from Lain. It is a slower-paced, episodic anime that delves deep into the quandaries of life, existence, and reality. The quote that opens the show represents it the best -- "The world is not beautiful, therefore it is [beautiful]."
    • Kaiba: Visionary Masaaki Yuasa brings his weirdness to a 12 episode series. A dystopian world where the rich can extend their lifespans by supplanting their memories into artificial bodies but the poor must suffer, Kaiba follows a young man with a hole in his chest as he tries to reclaim his forgotten memories. This show is quite the trip -- fantastically animated with a strange Yuasa tinge.
    • Haibane Renmei: The Haibane are a group that wake up with no memories in a strange town with huge walls. They grow wings and have halos that float above their heads. They must learn to grow and live together with the human townsfolk as they try to learn the meaning of their existence. Existentialism at its finest. A bit slower, with a "slice of life" tone towards the beginning, this show brings some curious questions about the lives we live in general.
    • Akagi: Protagonist Akagi is the very definition of a badass. Starting his journey as a 13 year old who wanders into a Yakuza Mahjong parlor, he ends up playing Mahjong with increasing stakes and increasing badassery. His life is always on the line; will he continue unflinching, or will he dip too deep into danger and lose it all? This show has some interesting character designs.
    • Kaiji: By the same group as Akagi, Kaiji is somehow a much different show. Still about the underground Yakuza gambling world, the show follows young Kaiji who is a hopeless and pathetic loser in life. He is addicted to gambling and lives in constant fear. How will he survive when he gets unwittingly flung into the underground? This is a bit of a longer show -- two seasons that are around 20 episodes each.
    • Texhnolyze: Another Yoshitoshi ABe show? Yes. Because ABe is a genius. It's hard to describe the futuristic dystopian world of Texhnolyze, where people can have their limbs replaced by machines and the underground city is ruled by gangs. Watch the world descend even further into death and darkness as it spirals out of control. Slow to start, but definitely worth it for a brilliant ending.
    • Inferno Cop: Inferno Cop is a cop who has come back from Hell for revenge! About 12 episodes of 5 minute-long fun. Ridiculous Trigger humor that rarely misses delivers at its finest. Animated even worse than South Park, this show holds no punches when it comes to making fun of everything around it. Reads a little bit like Kung Fury.
    • Space Patrol Luluco: WARNING -- watch Inferno Cop First! Trigger delivers again with 12 episodes of 5 minute-long fun. Join Luluco as she gets forced into joining the Space Patrol, a group that believes that JUSTICE NEVER DIES! Watch them take on wacky and crazy supervillains that have abducted the entire city of Ogikubo.


    • Jin-Roh: Political Military Thriller. Who is the mysterious Wold Brigade? What is their role in the development of Post-War Japan? A calmer, more psychological military piece that ponders morality.
    • Patema Inverted: Half of humanity has had their gravity reversed. Patema, being one of the inverted, accidentally wanders to the surface and risks falling into the sky. She meets a young boy who's gravity is regular. Together they must escape as they are hunted by their dystopian government.
    • Cencoroll: An easy 30 minute movie about a boy and his mysterious partner that can transform. His young classmate accidentally finds out about his secret and gets abducted by a villain with a partner of his own. Watch this brilliantly animated short action movie!
    • Sword of the Stranger: Classic Samurai movie with well--paced story and beautiful action sequences. BONES truly delivers in this classic movie about a samurai who calls himself Nanashi and the boy and his dog that run into him.

    I may try to find some more recommendations later.

  • Code Geass - so many various characters I cared during watching

  • @TheChrisGriffin said in Ben Moore Anime Watch List:

    My favorite anime is Ergo Proxy, it's one I never see people talk about or suggest. Not sure if it's underrated or people just don't like it, but I adore it. I suppose it could come off as pretentious with it's heavy overhanded themes, but I found a lot to digest in it.

    alt textI

    I love this design

  • @Lexad YES! I love the design of all the characters in the show. I'm glad to see there's a few others who enjoyed it as well.

  • From Ben's already watched list, I can see he has already tasted some of the greatest Animes, this world has received.

    So these are some anime series/films which have themes in common with these.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion: Mechs action, mature, psychological thriller, big character build ups and progressions, a near flawless mix between science and religious mysticism. One of the very greatest series ever to bestowed upon the anime world, the rebuilds are in general shit though, not on their own, but when compared to the original series.

    Claymore: Mature, demons, knights, very gory slasher, high battle action, super natural powers, deep character progression, anti heroes, similar to Berserk in the sense of long two handers, anti heroes theme, and lots of gory battles/blood baths. Series moves in grey zones a lot. Get ready to see limbs fly.
    alt text

    Darker Than Black: Mysterious, mature, anti heroes theme, thriller, HUGE character progressions, supernatural powers, a pinch of detective stuff involved. The world is past a giant disaster, contractors are human beings who lose their sense of emotions, and gain super natural powers, used by agencies around the world of underground syndicates. The world is dark, and full of terrors. Main lead is searching for his sister, while being the perfect liar and killer, although he hasn't really lost all human emotions, but not everything is as it seems. There are humans who are dolls, who aren't really there any more, in their bodies, they can wander of in electrical currents or through water in a sense of spirit form, very docile, emotionless, and most humans see dolls as tools, rather than other humans. DON'T WATCH SEASON 2!!! real end was with season 1!!!

    House of 5 leaves: mature, samurai, ronin, action, plot, deep character progression, psychological, anti heroes. A pretty underrated series, with a different art style, which is quite unique in it's own way. The story is simple, we have a swordsman who needs work, and when desperate, willing to work for the strangest things.
    alt text

    Movies - Mini series to consider:

    Sword of the Stranger: One of the best sword combat/fight animations ever! Mature, action, sublime combat fights, dark, gory, age of ronin. If you liked Samurai Champloo, ninja scroll, ninja gaiden, samurai stuff, you have to watch this right away!
    alt text

    Afro Samurai: The guy behind this, is also part of making the new game Furi , so you gotta watch this before playing the game! Same as Sword of a Stranger, simply gorgeous battles and dark progressions, gory as fark.
    alt text