Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (NS)


    More evidence pointing to the existence of this glorious monstrosity. 2-player co-op and 8 playable characters... Just beautiful.

  • Not entirely sure why... but I am super excited for this.
    I see it either being amazing, or terrible AND amazing.

  • Very happy to hear about local co-op! Probably won't be revolutionary but it should be good, goofy fun!

  • I despise the rabbids, I hate everything about them.

  • This could be interesting to say the least, if it's good maybe we'll see more the Sega and Koei Tecmo getting to take a stab at some of Nintendo's IP's.

  • I'm interested to see where this leads... If successful, it might lead to other devs getting to make crossovers with Nintendo IP's... Kingdom Hearts with Nintendo World(s), anyone? (Okay this is very unlikely to happen, but one can dream, can he...)

  • Not what I had in mind when Nintendo said they were licensing out their IPs.

  • Both Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and Child of light had some of the most creative turn-based systems. Hopefully some of that spark returns, along with the enemy variety (more Mario that Rayman, please).

    Also, if this game is close to either of their asthetics it'll be pretty good.

  • Mario RPG = sounds good.

    Rabbids Game that's also made by Ubisoft = sounds really shit. fuck Ubisoft.

    Youtube Video

    There have been two different gameplay demonstrations of the game during the Treehouse streams, and this game keeps looking better and better! The graphics are sleek and gorgeous, and the UI is clean and enticing.

    In the second video, they spend time showing the menus, how many weapons there are and how they differ, looks like the strategy will run deep.

    And that Rabbid DK is already giving me hope for a sequel with more team members to choose from!

  • This is a project that has gone from being a weird game that I'd probably pass on to something I am really looking forward to playing. This is because despite the weirdness of the cross over and the implications of that, the team working on the game is proud of the work they are doing and it really shows.

    Seeing Davide Soliani being given recognition in the press conference and then fighting back the tears because he is proud of his work speaks volumes.
    alt text

    I'd also recommend reading this piece from GamesIndustry about how the game was greenlit for those wanting a bit more background.

  • Oh man I remember that vividly, I got choked up at that moment. Its one thing to think of game devs to be all on one big gang, chin wagging at each and every major conference that takes place throughout the year. But this shows that these are developers that are having the honor of working along side the developers of the games they played at a younger age, that gave them the inspiration to choose that life path, and become a video games creator.

  • my main concern with this is how in depth and tactical it will really end up being, so just for that I'm not completely in, but based on what they showed I'm more than happy to give it a fair chance.

  • Calling it now... Mario will get in a mech and fire missiles.

  • Now I understand why they let Mario wield an arm canon while people were hangry for Metroid: They were going to announce two new games the day after it was announced, lol.

  • @thenerdtheword Reading that article made me really happy. I think most people just saw this as a cheap cash grab, when actually it's a labour of love and respect. Love seeing Grant Kirkhope doing music as well,and being excited enough to call multiple times in the middle of the night.

  • I am SO up for this game!

    Mario/Rabbids XCOM set in the Mushroom Kingdom?! OH HELL YEAH.

  • I don't like Rabbids but this game looks pretty great.

  • preorder the collectors edition

  • Banned

    I wonder if this Ubi conference was so awesome and emotional because they know that, this time next year, they'll be a subsidiary of Vivendi.

    Either way, I'm actually kinda looking forwarx to Babby's First X-Com.