If you had a platform to stream as well as an audience...

  • IDK, lately the last few times I've streamed anything its been me an my brother playing coop in RE6. Other then that I stream whatever comes to mind, Witcher, Yakuza, DOAX3, Overwatch.
    I will say I do enjoy streaming stuff with my brother. Mostly because we just have random ass conversations that people seem to enjoy hearing.

    Also made a thread a few weeks back that was basically a "Promote your YouTube/Twitch" type thing. Figure we help promote each other, offer some constructive criticism, make game/ content suggestions ect.

  • To kick things off I might play through all the Mario Karts, because racing games are the only genre I'm truly good at. After That I'd want to go through all the Persona and main series SMT games. After that I'd probably run through the Paper Mario Games (up to Super Paper Mario), Ni No Kuni, The Super Mario Galaxy Games, Twilight Princess, and audience suggestions.

  • I'd enjoy streaming a game I know I might be able to 100% fairly easily. Spyro original Trilogy comes to mind..
    That or just games that I could see myself play and enjoy, no matter how much time has passed.

  • There might be some entertainment value in watching me play tetris. I suck so much at tetris 99% of the time and get 4 lines before crashing and burning badly, but when I'm on oh man I'm on. I play alongside the Bos v Woz videos sometimes and I've overtaken Bos once off an extremely good almost nothing but tets run, but I didn't even get close to 100 lines - again, I'm really really bad at it.

    If I was to seriously play a game for a stream it'd probably be Rocket League since when I'm in form I'm usually close to the level of the top top guys and I can usually stumble my way through a rough patch i funny enough ways to make it seem intentional that I happened to drop out of the sky and score a rebounding pinch shot across the map :p then again, nothing but rocket league would be boring I'd imagine.

    Oh snap I actually have an ideea for a stream/edit snapshot combo that would work well. Patent pending though ;)

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    How fun would it be if we as a community started to do a stream for EZA? like just for fun? having them watching us play as a fun thing? maybe could be a patreon level? make it a streamception!

  • Thanks Blood

  • Any singleplayer game I play on Steam. (not multiplayer as my upload speed is kinda bad so I'd likely get too much lag) Via Steam Streaming of course.

    Only problem is getting an audience.

  • Kingdom Hearts easily.

    How I would make it unique would be to go into the history of the Disney world, both in story, and the development history. How the movie is now represented in the parks, etc.

    I am a huge Disney nut, like Brandon.

  • Rayman and only Rayman, daily, 365 days/year.

    Preferably only Rayman 2, but we like to mix it up.

  • @Hoken maybe the PS2 version one day, the dreamcast the next, the GBA version, and so on.

  • Hmm let's see I've been streaming for a while now, usually I prefer playing older games as I have little interest in most games coming out today. So I'll play Dreamcast games like Illbleed/ Blue Stinger, or some PS1 games like Megaman Legends/ Parasite Eve.

    I've also done some game specific months were all I do is play through the whole Franchise, done that with Metal Gear, Silent Hill and most recently with Resident Evil though playing 21 games in a month was super taxing.

    While most people get known for playing League or such I'd prefer for people to come hang out to play hidden gems like OverBlood, Jurassic Park Trespasser, Illbleed and many more,