Ally-Game-Dev needs your input - RTS survey

  • Hi allies! Besides being an ally from day one, I'm also creative director at German game developer KING Art Games. We're working on a real-time strategy game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One called Iron Harvest.

    We just launched a survey to learn more about people's thoughts about RTS games. If you're somewhat familiar with RTS games it would be great to get your opinion!

    It would also be really appreciated if you guys could share the link. The more feedback we get, the better.

    L&R Jan

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    I answered the survey! I also moved the thread to "blogs" as this is more towards "self promotion" in a way! :)

    Good luck with the game!

  • Thanks, Lotias!

  • Answered your survey. I also wish you the best of luck. Making a strategy game that's both PC AND Console is a bold undertaking, and I hope everything turns out well. It's not that it can't be done, it's just that it's difficult to have controls feel natural for the controller, yet not sacrificing the capabilities of Mouse and Keyboard for the PC version.

  • Some points:

    • I think Singleplayer is important for RTS. It makes you care and connect more with the factions for MP and helps more casual players get into the game easier (not a casual friendly genre). Most of the well-known RTS games in history all had solid singleplayer.
    • Length of missions depends entirely on how your game plays, but I think around 30m to 1h is the sweet spot. Too long and you get bored/tired of it and too short and it doesn't really feel meaningful. A few shorter ones can be fine though, especially if you design them more as sidequests.
    • Length of the campaign also depends. You want sufficient enough time to be given to each faction to make you care. You should think more about how little you need to add over padding it up to reach some 20h or whatever quota.
    • For MP length I think around 20-30min is the sweet spot. You don't want to approach MOBA playtime numbers that can stretch up to 1 hour or more. You want people with jobs to feel like they can get in 2-3 matches at least after work and it only taking about 1h.
    • MP maps. Focus on making at least 1-3 really solid ones that can serve as standard competitive maps. Then expand this with some more fun maps for the less serious players. They is to always have clear focus and add just enough to mak sure your goals are met. I'm not talking bare-bones here, but you boiling it down to the most important things for your vision and then realizing that vision.
    • Co-op can be fine. Just make sure you put thought into it. Don't add co-op just to to tick some checkbox, only add if you think it adds to the experience and fits in. Always ask yourself "Why?" and make sure you have an answer you can give with confidence. If you don't have a good reason to have something in your game and it doesn't fit, it needs to go.
    • Base building is entirely dependant on the game you're making. There are a lot of pros for base building, but you can make good RTS games without it. Make sure you understand what having base building or not actually affects how an RTS plays.
    • In terms of the pacing of the game I think leaning it more towards the faster side is more beneficial. You want the game to have a good flow.
    • For micro I don't think you should go overboard. Make it rewarding to micro, but don't give each unit like 2 abilities each that you need to manage. Depending on how you design the game you can make branching upgrades that favour the micro player and those that don't (but make it so that the micro option has a slight edge).