Jamicov Writes About Games and Stuff - Feedback Appreciated!

  • Hey Allies!

    So I may have mentioned a while ago that I'm studying Media Writing and Production in college at the moment. It's kind of a broad way to say writing stuff and video stuff, but more specifically, I have a begin interest in trying to get into the games media realm. The past few months, I've started to writing more editorial-style blog posts, along with a couple multimedia projects along the way. I was hoping I could some feedback from you fine folks on what I've done so far.

    Here's the link to the blog, and here's a link to my first video editorial, which is what I especially want to do more of the the coming months.

    Right now, it's very Nintendo-focused, considering the past few months have been an interesting look at the Switch launch, but I'm going to be spreading my focus to the industry as a whole, and possibly even some film stuff, since I have a lot to talk about in those respects. (With that comes a name change, so I'll happily take any suggestions, since that's not exactly my strong suit!)

    So, any feedback or questions would be greatly appreciated! I hope you all check it out/enjoy!

    (Also, I hope this is the right place for this kind of thing, correct me if I'm wrong!)

  • Hey, seems the blog is gone, but I took a look at your videos and I really like the Kingdom Hearts 3 one.

    I feel you could benefit a lot from a more improved camera and background, though. Your editing is good and understated (which is great in the age of in-your-face nonsense) but when you cut to yourself it's really grainy and hard to look at

  • Oops, I changed the blog address and never updated that link, I'll do that now. I'm at gamesbound.wordpress.com nowadays!

    And thanks for the feedback! I get what you mean about the camera stuff, at the college I'm attending I'll have access to better equipment, but right now I'm pretty much stuck at a crappy old camcorder. I'll definitely try and move around and see if I can't find a space that lends itself better to the camera than that pale blue wall.