New Game Plus

  • I've been playing through new game plus in Persona 5, so this topic has been on my mind. To date, I've only delved into new game plus for 3 games - Bloodborne, Transistor, and Persona 5. With the two former games, I played for about 30 minutes then decided to move onto other games. With Persona, although not much has changed at all, I'm still loving it and continuing to play because of how much I admire the world and the vibe - despite currently being at 122 hours. That platinum will be mine!

    So what about you all? What games did you try new game plus with? What games really put a new spin on the way you play?

    Also, someone better mention Chrono Trigger, otherwise this won't be a legitimate discussion.

  • Elder Scrolls games have low-key new game plus, in that they never play credits or kick you to the title screen. Also they give the player some new armor or ability. It fits, since those games are about inhabiting a world. Players don't 'beat' open world games anyway, they tire of them. Credits are almost entirely irrelevant to that unless you save the main quest for last (and even then there's DLC).

    I've played Okami and the two Tales of Symphonia in new game plus, but those were all kind of grindy and they wanted you to beat the whole game as many times as Nier to unlock all of the skins and new abilities. Not into it. Two playthroughs should be the most you ever ask of someone, especially if you're a traditional length JRPG.

  • I wanted to play Persona 5 again through New Game+, but after over 100 hours, and not much incentive I thought against it.

  • @Haru17 As much as I love the Elder Scrolls series, I've never finished the main quest in them, so I honestly didn't know if there was even a perk to doing so.

  • @SabotageTheTruth It's not major at all. Respectively the light or heavy imperial dragon armor and Call of Valor shout in Oblivion and Skyrim. They're more comparable to the rewards you get at the end of each of the faction quest lines than a true new game plus cheat / bonus. I think the assumption is that the player still has other unique items and spells to find out in the world.

    At least in Skyrim, finishing the main quest itself is an experience. Actually, come to think of it, there actually is a unique item which you gain access to through second unique item through found in the final main quest dungeon — I just don't usually think of it that way, and forget.

  • I wish every game had New Game Plus as a feature. Pokemon badly needs it. Sticking all your Pokemon in the bank and resetting your game isn't the same thing.

  • @Mbun I guess with Pokemon some could argue that all the things you can do after credits counts as new game plus... although I wouldn't personally back that argument.

  • Well there are games that end at the credits, games with new game plus modes, and games that let you continue playing in the game world.

    I don't think new game plus, start the game over from the very beginning is always better. Games like Elder Scrolls and Monster Hunter are so long that replaying the whole thing would be way too much of an ask, so they give players tools to switch playstyles within one save file. I prefer that to games that have a 'new game plus' where little carries over or changes, as those games change dialogue to reflect the player character's actions or unlock special end game quests. Monster Hunter saves some of the most incredible boss fights for the end of each game online mode. Gogmazios is basically the Deathwing fight that World of Warcraft never had. (Sorry for low quality. 3DS capture is hard so this is all I could find.)

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  • Persona 3, 4 and 5 are my first obvious answers having played the NG+ of 3 and 4 multiple times, and I'm currently at the very end of the second playthough of 5, and really disappointed in not getting the platinum because I lost a request which I didn't think I could lose, I guess I'll just get it some time later probably this year.

    Suikoden V I also replayed immediately after beating the first time, I just had to get all 108 Stars

    I don't remember if Odin Sphere had a new game plus, but I do think I played it from the beggining after I beat it for the first time, same applies for Dragon Age Origins.

    I was also interested for a brief moment in doing so for Trails of Cold Steel, but I didn't even get to the first field trip and I doubt I'll ever get back to it

    For the most part I don't like to replay games, and after I finish the story I tend to be done with them, so it makes sense that these being some of my favorite games have been the only ones I've actually played through multiple times.

  • @bard91 Doesn't the game hold 50 previous texts for Persona 5? Either way, I'm checking the phone constantly now in it so I don't miss any requests. Learning from your mistakes. :D

  • @SabotageTheTruth it does however the quest comes sometime in July-August and I didn't notice until december so it was too late to do anything (believe me I tried), I actually noticed because I was unable to complete the book trophy, and as it turns out that particular request has a book for a reward, so I ended up losing two trophies at the end, I guess that's one of the consequences of not using a guide.

  • The only game I've gone NG+ with is Okami and I love it. You get all the weapons and upgrades you collected from the start, plus the ability to change Ammy's form. I'm still trying to earn the photorealistic model from the prototype.

  • The Last of Us, for sure. It's even needed for the platinum, which I've got both on PS3 and PS4. I've finished the game eight times, four of those were New Game Plus playthroughs.

    Resident Evil 4 was also really nice to play on NG+ as it becomes a completely different experience with all the weapons etc.

  • There are several games that I've gone back and replayed multiple times, but I think I've only done NG+ with Bloodborne for the platinum. I can't think of any major ways it changed for me, other than just my being better at the game or having all the weapons/items.. the chalice dungeons were no fun in NG+ though.

    I have an unfinished Dark Souls NG+ run also that I'll get back to eventually and I'd like to start up a Witcher 3 NG+ someday when there isn't so much to play.

  • @SabotageTheTruth you asked for this:
    Well Obviously Chrono Trigger made New Game plus popular, not entirely sure if it was first to do it though. But Chrono Trigger made it almost right. It made sense storywise, you kept your character levels and nearly all equipment & items (The Story related stuff you still obtain at same points), but what I did hope was that it would've upped the difficulty, at least a little.

    Many games after Chrono Trigger added New Game plus as a afterthought, and it didn't feel right, but now it seems that many games have learned from these past mistakes after many years, and now we're getting some interesting things done with NG+.

  • @jipostus I'm not a fan of Chrono Trigger honestly, but there are a lot of things I respect about the game, one of them being the implementation of new game plus. The fact that it gives you so many opportunities to defeat Lavos at different points of the story to witness different endings is pretty brilliant, especially when dealing with a game based around time travel. Try as I might, I really can't find a better example of new game plus than one of the first ones to try it.

  • Dark souls 2 did it the best i think new enemies and items in ng+

  • I can't think of the last time I played a new game plus.

    I did like the old Ratchet and Clanks for how they handled it, with new upgrades and more bolts and stuff. Seemed pretty balanced.

  • I think the most classic example of it being done well is the Souls series because the enemies become more difficult and you can get duplicates of one-time items, make different decisions, and play early game while having your established build.

    I've also recently done it in The Evil Within and its extremely fun being able to have an RPG in scenes where you should not have an RPG. They did it right in TEW because it is just for fun and allows you to screw around and not take it so seriously. Whereas, The Last of Us has a relatively useless NG+ where only your stats carry over and you still have to find the weapons as you progress throughout which means no using your arsenal at the beginning of the game.

  • @GoTaco I was really stoked to play The Evil Within when it came out, I had one session with it, and stopped for whatever reason. I plan on revisiting it this October to set the mood, plus now I've got a rocket launcher to look forward to.