New Game Plus

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    The first few levels left a bad taste in my mouth, especially the forced stealth at around level three, but it turns itself around within that very level and the rest of the game has maybe only one bad level. I have to say, it is one of my favourite games on PS4. It really makes me wish The Last of Us had more of an exciting survival element like TEW has, and I wish TEW had the polish of TLOU. I bring them both up because I've always felt like TEW is like the poor man's TLOU (despite the fact that I love the game).

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    First thing that came to mind are Ghost Recon: Future soldier to PS3. I played through that campaign like 6 or 7 times. I could unlock better weapons and camos etc. This made the missions a bit more fun to try with better and stronger weapons and try to play 100% stealth or just spray and pray.

    Other than that I dont really tend to play much new game+ I think.

  • I think the only games I bother with new game plus are the Souls games. Oh, and FFX-2. I'll usually always move onto the next game once I hit credits, too much to play. By the time I want to replay a game, i'll always prefer starting from scratch.

  • I also usually don't NG+ games because after investing all of that time into said game I am usually ready for a change of pace. Then if I end up replaying it down the road it feels weird to start with the NG+ and I would rather just start totally fresh.
    I definitely won't be immediately replaying Persona 5 once I'm done, not because I'm getting tired of it or expect to by the time I'm done but because I don't won't to end up burning myself out which might in turn sour my experience with the game. Also there are so many games that I want to check out. I think P5 will be a game that when I do decide to go back to it I won't mind firing up that NG+ file though.

    A few games I have gone onto NG+ for that I can think of are Ratchet & Clank games and Transistor. In R&C, letting you keep all of your weapons so you can continue leveling them up is nice. For both of those games they generally aren't long enough for me to be ready to move on so I'm happy to play through again.

  • I Started a NG+ in Witcher 3 trying to get my preferred ending before Blood and Wine came out, but other games came out and I still haven't played Blood and Wine. :(

  • I think Diablo III isn't exactly a NG+ but games that are in this vein, Grim Dawn, Borderlands, I usually play NG+, more than once sometimes. In these games you get more skill points and I love mixing some weird powers, also loot.

    I also played multiple "Tales of" in NG+, I like being overpowered and get some other extras I didn't bother in the first go, they sometimes offer opportunities to get other small bits of story, Xillia being the main one with two protagonists.