Mario Kart 9 like a Windows OS

  • This thread is about whatever the next Mario Kart game will be. First off, the titling convention. Will they keep to numbered sequels after losing the numerology of 7 and theming of a figure-8? Will the series skip to 10 like Windows or return to subtitles? I actually wouldn't be surprised to get some Mario titling conventions like 'Mario Kart World.'

    Although it's unlikely and I'm wary of the ever-encroaching open world bubble, I can't help but wonder what Mario Kart's take on Forza Horizon would be. It would be really cool to explore through that Paper / MK world, but things could very well be lost in translation (shortcuts and unique settings like the Electrodrome and Mount Wario seem particularly vulnerable to me).

    It's also of concern what DLC will look like, and whether Mario Kart '9' will return to 8's full-on track remakes for the returning four cups or not. I have the Mario Kart bug right now, so I'd be interested to read anyone's thoughts and hopes, especially for tracks you would want to see return or be created anew.

  • @Haru17 It's one of their best selling franchises, so I honestly don't expect them to radically change the formula anytime soon. They might add new fun gimmicks like the zero gravity stuff, double riders like double dash, etc. but I doubt we'll ever move away from the basic track selection, cups, battle mode formula.

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    Calling it right now.
    Mario Kart 9's big gimmick will be portals. Much like the 8 in MK8 was an infinite loop, the 9 will intersect into itself with a portal.

  • @El-Shmiablo Now you're DRIFTING with portals.

    @Mbun I could see that, and that would be just as exciting to me. I think the zero gravity track designs are more like visual design than gimmicks. The same goes for gliding and underwater driving. And Double Dash was almost like a class-based system. I hope dual item slots return with swapping like on GCN, but I wouldn't mind if coins and jump boosts (not necessarily gliding itself) took a break for a game. It would be nice to see a Mario Kart with less buttons to press and little min/max things to moment to moment for a change.

    I think I just want a different-feeling entry. Rather than 7, 8, 9; something that feels more like Double Dash's class / loadout structure would be nice. Maybe with a greatly different item set. No coins, bananas, or interchangeable kart parts, and only limited place-based random items. Instead the character you choose could dictate the type of items you get and your stats. That's the kind of system I'm thinking of, anyway. I'm sure the next game will look better than plenty of PS4 games if they evolve 8's art style with the newfound power of the Switch.

  • mario kart switch and their will be a gimmick whereyou can switch vechicles on the fly

  • I was at a vintage game store today and saw a copy of Mario Party for N64. I've only played Mario Party 2 & 3, but I was looking at it and thought how cool and original of an idea it was when it first released. Turn the Mario cast into an interactive tabletop game. That same generation they created Super Smash Brothers, another insanely original game with the Nintendo cast.

    If Switch is going to be a renaissance console then I'd like to hope they maybe reconsider Mario Kart 9, Mario Party 13^564, etc, go back to the drawing board and make a killer original game idea like they had with Smash and Mario Party way back when. If they made ONE MORE of those types of games, I think people would be so excited.

    No matter how good the game looks, I'll never care about a new Mario Kart. I haven't since Double Dash. I guess I hope for something new from the Mario variety series.

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    @FF7Cloud Better yet, your vehicle will SWITCH based on the environment you're driving on. Land, air and sea!

    No game has ever done this before. It's brilliant!

  • As much fun as I have playing Mario Kart with friends, what I would kill for in the series is a single player experience beyond just beating cups. Taking notes from Diddy Kong Racing or Crash Team Racing, having a hub world you can explore (not necessarily open world per se), boss battles, and races with special conditions could be a lot of fun. They wouldn't have to do anything especially brilliant story wise (just have Bowser kidnap Peach) but I would become that much more invested in the series if I had an extra motivation to race.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Oh but dude, just 'Bowser kidnaps Peach' takes out the best part about Mario singleplayers — the weirdness! I'd want the Mario Kart singleplayer to be some weird The Crew, 'street racers and the law' story. Something like the Subspace Emissary cutscenes would be perfect. Just look at Mario Strikers:

    alt text

    I'd want that kind of flavor in a Mario Kart campaign, just for racing. It'd be cool if the next game had some sort of Tony Hawk trick and jump system, and that could provide its own sort of narrative (garnering reputation and supporters in the racing space).

  • Mario Kart: because fuck actual skill & balance

  • Mario Kart is balanced. Its semi-random item selection is a part of that. You can't just decide that any randomness whatsoever makes a game unskillful. Under that line of thinking, you would first have to condemn all RPGs with semi-random loot and damage systems.

  • You can't deny that it's a mix of skill and luck.

  • @Mbun All randomness has elements of luck. However, more often than not in 8, I feel like I lose a race by not hitting the shortcut, missing the item box, or missing that green shell toss right before the finish line. Sometimes I have the wrong stats to turn onto the shortcut without falling off, am playing a light or medium character when I get bumped out of the way of the item box, or didn't lead my shell shot properly.

    I play a lot of Hearthstone — a decently skillful game with the decks I play — and Mario Kart feels much more skillful than it. It's not so much random losses and blue shells that totally disrupt the race as it is emergent like every other game coming out this gen. You don't complain about RNG when a Bokoblin in Zelda decides to throw an explosive barrel instead of swinging its club: you react.

  • @Haru17 Bad comparison. You can see the explosive barrel the Bokoblin could choose to toss sitting right there and stay far away from it. If you get a coin from an item block and the person behind you gets a red shell, there's no reaction possible that can save you in that situation. It's luck.

  • @Mbun It's impossible for a double item block to give you two coins — in first place you'll get at most one coin and a shell or banana (or shells or bananas). Not to mention that you should be hitting item boxes along the way so you don't leave yourself unprotected. Second place also has a low chance of receiving red shells, making it practical to drop back and use a shell or some corners and boosts to regain the lead. Mario Kart — at least this one — is much less RNG than exists in people's perception of it.

  • @Haru17 Again you're accounting for a limited situation and your way of cheesing around the game's formula. There's not simply one person behind you, and every single person behind you can have two items. Even if you could defend against two of them, there's a ton more you'll stand no chance against. You also shouldn't need to sandbag your place to win a race. I'll admit the game isn't as bad as the Wii one was, but they have the appearance rate of red shells, a homing item, rather high considering all the extra items people are getting from double blocks now.

  • @Mbun I don't know what a 'limited situation' means, and cheesing is just a negative view of strategy. Even if you get a red shell and are coming up on 1st just before the finish line, you have to work for it. You need to be in second place explicitly, you need to assure there is a clear path and that the red shell will not hit any dropped items, and you can't be tied in a dead heat with your opponent and hit him anyway — the shell just sails on ahead of both of you in that case.

    That's also why your suggestion of everyone behind you having two items they can hit you with is fallacious, because red shells only ever target one place in front of you, or someone amidst a pack of racers. The other two items that can hit first place with a homing effect are blue shells and lightning, both of which are exceedingly rare. The only item I think could be interpreted as cheese is getting two sets of triple mushrooms on the last lap and rocketing out of the 3rd-8th pack to cross the finish line in first place, which I've done like twice because the dual item boxes are balanced so you rarely get two of the same thing in triplicate.

    And again, you don't have to sandbag to win a race. That's something borne out of your preconceptions of the game rather than its literal, on-the-page mechanics. You can just race into first place and maintain a lead if you hit all the item boxes, coins, drifts, boosts, and short cuts; as well as correctly executing the items you are given to counter errant red shells and other obstacles.

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    Mario Kart takes skill.

    You have to get in second place and get directly behind the person in first and ride their ass the whole lap. That way you build up speed from their air current and blow past them at the last second before crossing the finish line like a fuckin a-hole.

    10/10 gameplay

  • @Haru17 Second place fires red shells at first. Third place passes second and fires red shells at first. How is that so hard to understand? I explained in two sentences something you've tried to discredit in three paragraphs.

  • @Art It has to be at the very last second, if not, you are not doing it right.