Mario Kart 9 like a Windows OS

  • @Haru17 Bad comparison. You can see the explosive barrel the Bokoblin could choose to toss sitting right there and stay far away from it. If you get a coin from an item block and the person behind you gets a red shell, there's no reaction possible that can save you in that situation. It's luck.

  • @Mbun It's impossible for a double item block to give you two coins — in first place you'll get at most one coin and a shell or banana (or shells or bananas). Not to mention that you should be hitting item boxes along the way so you don't leave yourself unprotected. Second place also has a low chance of receiving red shells, making it practical to drop back and use a shell or some corners and boosts to regain the lead. Mario Kart — at least this one — is much less RNG than exists in people's perception of it.

  • @Haru17 Again you're accounting for a limited situation and your way of cheesing around the game's formula. There's not simply one person behind you, and every single person behind you can have two items. Even if you could defend against two of them, there's a ton more you'll stand no chance against. You also shouldn't need to sandbag your place to win a race. I'll admit the game isn't as bad as the Wii one was, but they have the appearance rate of red shells, a homing item, rather high considering all the extra items people are getting from double blocks now.

  • @Mbun I don't know what a 'limited situation' means, and cheesing is just a negative view of strategy. Even if you get a red shell and are coming up on 1st just before the finish line, you have to work for it. You need to be in second place explicitly, you need to assure there is a clear path and that the red shell will not hit any dropped items, and you can't be tied in a dead heat with your opponent and hit him anyway — the shell just sails on ahead of both of you in that case.

    That's also why your suggestion of everyone behind you having two items they can hit you with is fallacious, because red shells only ever target one place in front of you, or someone amidst a pack of racers. The other two items that can hit first place with a homing effect are blue shells and lightning, both of which are exceedingly rare. The only item I think could be interpreted as cheese is getting two sets of triple mushrooms on the last lap and rocketing out of the 3rd-8th pack to cross the finish line in first place, which I've done like twice because the dual item boxes are balanced so you rarely get two of the same thing in triplicate.

    And again, you don't have to sandbag to win a race. That's something borne out of your preconceptions of the game rather than its literal, on-the-page mechanics. You can just race into first place and maintain a lead if you hit all the item boxes, coins, drifts, boosts, and short cuts; as well as correctly executing the items you are given to counter errant red shells and other obstacles.

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    Mario Kart takes skill.

    You have to get in second place and get directly behind the person in first and ride their ass the whole lap. That way you build up speed from their air current and blow past them at the last second before crossing the finish line like a fuckin a-hole.

    10/10 gameplay

  • @Haru17 Second place fires red shells at first. Third place passes second and fires red shells at first. How is that so hard to understand? I explained in two sentences something you've tried to discredit in three paragraphs.

  • @Art It has to be at the very last second, if not, you are not doing it right.

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    ITT grown ass men debate whether a game for children is based on skill or not.

  • I'd love to see a Diddy Kong racing - esque hub world. The opportunity for some MMO-lite shared spaces, different vehicle types competing in the same race... THAT is the kind of Gamecube style, out of left field twist (see Double Dash) that would be all kinds of magical on Switch.

  • Is there a PC version of Mario Kart?