Controversial opinion on EZA

  • I have a bit of a controversial opinion here and I'm actually wanting to get others people's thoughts on this and how they feel about EZA content.

    I am personally finding EZA content to all fall into two categories. Discussions and twitch streaming. That's it. I like listening to their opinions and I understand most people probably REALLY like to listen to these guys talk about all sorts of things but does anyone else miss other types of content? Some of my favourite shows on the site are Game Slueth, Dons Discount Gaming, retrospectives, and the allies podcast. Most of those shows we barely get, which is completely understandable since they are busy and production times are longer. i can only imagine with all the new discsuion based stuff that these waits times won't be any shorter. However, with some of their shows being goals earlier on the patreon, shouldn't they focus more on these things?

    I think part of the problem for me is that what got my into Gametrailers is no longer entirely here. I have no hard feelings and maybe they are just going into a different direction then what I want overall but it kind of sucks that I spend more time interacting with the community (which is great by the way) in the forums then I do watching EZA content. I personally would like to see more creative and fun content being created.

    What about you community? Do you prefer the discussions and live twitch streams? What else would you like to see?

  • @CGamor7 Disagree.

    Fiasconauts is great improv that sometimes has guests. Tabletop Escapades is a wonderful D&D show. Easy Update is always doing something different, plus weekly music videos. Betting specials still exist and now involve the entire crew. Yes, they stream a lot but besides the normal full playthroughs and one-offs showcasing games, we have tournaments to watch and Gundam streams. The monthly community comments video are great ways to hear from other voices in the community. Let's not forget the Trial of Kyle Bosman.

    In the end, I feel like not only are they producing more content here than they were at GT, but a lot of it is more varied and fun. What exactly were you missing from those days? The only thing I can see that is missing is the weekly top 10, which it seems like none of them truly enjoyed making.

    Also, things are going to get insane once they reach that studio goal. Can't wait.

  • Yeah, it's kind of silly that Easy Update is titled as if it's the successor to Mandatory Update. It's a let's play and a song more often than not, none of which is anything like a comedic news show. I wish something like The Final Bosman, Bosman at Home, Not Funny GT, or Mandatory Update would get made, but the Allies seem unwilling to pre-write any of their shows anymore.

  • May I ask: Are you a Patron? If not, then I guess you wouldn't know that Mr. Jones answered some of these concerns in his Q&A Cup of Jones. I'm not entirely sure how you could get access to it without paying $1 for a month. I have many of the same concerns, but not from content type, but rather from sheer content size. In that episode's comment section, I addressed their ENTIRE content output, which is:

    EZA Podcast
    Huber Syndrome
    Easy Update
    Tabletop Escapades
    Community Comments
    Reaction Shots
    Game Sleuth
    Spoiler Mode
    Don't Skip
    Friend Code
    Zelda Talk
    Monthly Patreon Q&A
    The promise of $45K, another Trailer show (I would LOVE it, but that's counter to the point I'm making)
    Cup of Jones
    (I'm not counting Don's Discount Gaming, as Mr. Casanova does those when he pleases, so I don't think of those as promised or regular, despite their wonderful quality)

    I love how there is something for any kind of gamer, but it's A LOT. Also, on the Q&A that went public today, the next Game Sleuth has the VO RECORDED!!! So it's in the throws of Post-production.

    I can't watch streams except on demand for those I want to, and I prefer some of the other content. I expressed concern they maybe doing too much, but if they can handle it, more power to them.

  • @Haru17 Not Funny, GT was about 8 episodes, no? Although that reminds me of Opinion Yell, which I'd also love more of.

    @Brannox now there.. is an opinion I can get behind. I try my hardest to watch as much as I can but there is just too much to choose from, which is honestly a weird complaint to type out. Sometimes less is more, as they say. But if I had to honestly rate my satisfaction level with The Nine, it's a perfect ten outta ten so far.

  • @SabotageTheTruth So was First Fifteen, whereas The Final Bosman was probably more than 40 or so — your point?

  • @SabotageTheTruth when I have the time to enjoy some good gaming content I don't care to watch them do table top or play fiasco. That's just me though. Easy update is always hit or miss for me. I personally don't care for Ian's work most the time. I also don't like watching ppl play video games.

    Though the trial of Bosman was great, betting specials will never be the same... the other crew members have their strengths but none of them carry the charisma and personality that Huber and Bosman have. But I still get enjoyment out of them :)

    They do make a lot of content but Its mostly focused on panels and twitch. i would like to see them do more of the creative content stuff like retrospective and game slueth or other similar types of ideas. It would mean them spending less time with their discussion shows or tabletop. But they obviously don't need to listen to me lol.

    The one show that brought me to GT was The Final Bosman and it's whacky insightful humour. Plus the bonus bits and lore lol. I would throw money at Bosman if it would get him doing that again.

  • @Haru17 Just seemed a little out of place when listed side by side with some of the shows that were updated weekly. Although my eyes didn't catch Bosman at Home, which has even less. That Black and Decker sponsorship really needs to pull through.

  • @Haru17 The Final Bosman was over 135 episodes

  • @CGamor7 Well you're in luck fella! That Dark Souls retrospective is coming real soon.

    It sounds as though you miss more of the 'produced' content. Again, a studio would alleviate some of these problems.

  • @Brannox yeah I'm a $5 patreon. Was $10, probably soon to be $0 unfortunately. but I'll always have my @Brannox lists! Lol

    @SabotageTheTruth yeah that's exactly what I miss lol.

  • @CGamor7 Game Sleuth/Retros aren't something that can be produced weekly

  • @ib0show I figured it could be a ton more. Not numbered, so I had no real sense.

    @SabotageTheTruth I don't see how there being few episodes of a three-minute joke show makes it unattainable in some way. Kyle is still funny. Ben too. They could make some of their old content if they tried.

  • @ib0show That sort of work load would require some sort of... suicide squad.

  • @ib0show I know, I mentioned that it's completely understandable they don't. But I speak to what @SabotageTheTruth saud about produced content in general.

  • @SabotageTheTruth or less them talking and streaming lol 😂 But that's what they like to do so that's ok.

  • @CGamor7 Also I would love it if they could do more creative fun content that's that's scripted but they need more money to do those. Would love it if Blood can do Backtrack but that opens up more problems, would love a Final Bosman Esque Show or Moon Wars to come back but they lack the funds. We can only hope they grow.
    Edit: Also less streams doesn't equal more content

  • @ib0show Ugh, Backtrack was so good too. Okay, I may have skipped a few things when I said there wasn't that much to miss.

  • @CGamor7 Hahahahahaha! Thanks.

  • Well I've never liked streams (in general) that much and considering a good chunk of the EZA content is streamed (or similar) it's pretty easy to see what my stance on this is.
    That said I understand the difference in time and effort (not to mention logistically) makes proper scripted shows harder to do compared to the more loose and streamed structure. But I still prefer proper "shows".

    For example I really loved the 1UP and Co-Op shows.

    Youtube Video

    In the future when they eventually get a studio I hope they tone down the streams and focus more on shows.