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    Hey, everyone! Ian here to offer my thoughts on all this. First of all, I want to thank everyone for the constructive criticism, we really do depend on it and we want to make great stuff that works for many different people. It is interesting, and I suppose a good sign, that oftentimes many fears/criticisms from you all are things that we've been thinking ourselves too.

    We've been talking about a need for shorter content, more digestible content, and Don't Skip is partly a response to that. It's true that Easy Allies content is more discussion based and freeform than a lot of our stuff at GT, a lot of that does, as many have surmised, have to do with the logistics of all of us living apart and time and space etc. It also does reflect a shift in the way we wanted to talk about things.

    All of this aside, and please don't take anything I say in this post as a formal announcement or anything like that, this is just me talking to you here person to people, but there is a desire to make shorter form stuff, scripted stuff, sketch stuff, fun stuff, narrative stuff. Many of us love making scripted, funny, narrative content. Thoughtful scripted editorial content. I love it. And I do hope to provide that. It isn't feasible to do it at the same pace and frequency as before at this time, whether or not we curtailed our current output. But know that the desire is there, and we hope to provide (if only here at there at first) this kind of content.

    Speaking just for myself, I have loads of ideas and plans for Easy Update, lots of fun narrative episodes and crazy ideas. I've even hinted at some of them in various episodes in the past. They take time though, more time than I sometimes have, more time than any of us have currently with E3 looming its glorious head 30 days away. I guess what I'm saying is, thank you for these thoughts, many of them are very similar to thoughts we've been having for a while.

    We hear you, we love you, we appreciate you, and I know that me saying "we wanna" is very different from me saying "it's going to happen in this way, on these dates, without losing anything, and it'll blow your mind" I hope you don't lose faith in us. But yes, we want the same things, we'd love to do everything we do now plus some great, solid, shorter, scripted content. And doing what we like is the bread and butter of Easy Allies, so hey, it'll likely happen in some way, some day.

    We've also been thinking about how to grow without alienating anyone, and it's a tricky thing. We do mostly look to Patreon over our YouTube numbers but growing our YouTube is also important to us, and we do see that content like this could be a great way to do that. Easy Allies is a passion for all of us, it is our lives even if we don't have a studio, and can't always do 40 consecutive hours a week. But pretty much we're all working Easy Allies always, it's always in our minds, and most of us are working at it every day. So it's a funny sort of thing, where it's not as "job-like" as GT was, but it is more of an all-encompassing "LIFE THING." And balancing that with actually having time for that thing called life is something all of us are constantly finding ways to do.

    We want Easy Allies to succeed, we feel it already has been an amazing success and we want to hang on to that and grow that while remaining true to ourselves and true to all of you! It's a process, one that all of you are part of, and we're all learning and growing together. Year Two of Easy Allies is going to bring lots of exciting changes, some of which we're already planning, and some that we probably haven't thought of yet. We hope that you like them and stick with us for this and all the years to come!

    Thanks for reading this, I know it's long and perhaps a bit meandering, and don't read into anything in here as having secret meanings or anything like that, haha, but I just thought you all deserved a response, and to know that we hear you, and share many of your thoughts already.

    Love and Respect,

    You certainly didn't need to explain yourself, I definitely respect it though.

    I actually like the longer content you guys put out, gives me something to stick on the TV to listen to as I'm working, or playing a game I don't need to listen to, But I'm fully aware of how much of a strain that can be when faced with the possibility of doing that every week or even every other week, so once a month for something like fiasconauts is perfectly fine, same with Gundam streams.

    Things are gonna be hectic soon with E3, so I'm totally understanding of that as well. It'll all work out eventually, that's the glory of content like this is it's always evolving and feedback can be constructive right on the spot unlike regular TV that takes months if not years to catch onto viewer trends.

    Y'all got this.

  • @IanHinck thanks for the (Easy) Update, hah, it's great to see that you talk about this internally. And the fact that you also want to focus on the YT growth is warming my EZA heart, because you should not exclusively think of Patreon, the best exposure is through YT, and people (like myself) have been trained to see short videos daily for years now. Now I can rest knowing that it will get there in some way down the line. Just to be clear, I don't think you should stop with the long content, alot of patrons seem to like it, I'm just hoping for more short stuff to digest, not everybody have a job where they can see videos on the job or listen to podcasts, for me all that happens in my sparetime. L&R

  • If you guys haven't seen yet, Kyle just posted an extremely relevant video. Basically a limited run web series if the community hits the $44k goal for one month.
    Check out the details below vvvv

    Box Peek Show - Patreon Goal

    If you just want to check out the video explanation quick...

    Youtube Video

  • @logic__error And... that boosted Patreon to $44,000 in less than a day. That means trailers are just around the corner too!

  • @SabotageTheTruth Well, that really large pledge might just be a one time thing. Hopefully people will still feel encouraged to keep upping their pledges! Fingers crossed for Trailer Jones!

  • I'm concerned about what this will do to the Patreon in the long run. By not making this video public on the EZA YouTube, this isn't very effective at convincing more people to donate to Patreon. I understand that the Patreon post about Box Peek is public, but I feel that it is more efficient if more non-Patrons are aware about this. The money increase is mostly from current Patrons (including myself) increasing their pledges. There are many, many subscribers on YT who aren't Patrons; I doubt that they're checking the Patreon page every day (why do that when you can just check the YouTube channel?), so there are many fans who are unaware of this new tier (yes, I know that this was mentioned on Friday's streams, but that also gets a limited amount of people watching). I want EZA to have improved success, and the way to do this is by getting more people to donate Patreon, instead of enticing current Patrons to increase their pledges. Unless my perspective is completely weird. Oh well. Love & Respect

  • @jifw52 A lot of people brought it up and I agree, the private video only works to exclude potential patrons. I understand where Kyle is coming from though not wanting to expose the video to all of youtube and having to deal with potential negative/hateful comments. I think he also mentioned Jones liking these things to be "Patreon First" situations, so maybe they do have plans to make the video public in a few days. Guess we'll see!

  • Just from watching the video it does feel a bit more like a patreon first.

    I think if you were announcing it to everyone, it'd probably be edited and trimmed down a bit more while this felt like a conversation.

  • here is my 2 cents on this. I look at all the streaming content as free bees. all the stuff is something to keep people occupied while we wait for the regular shows to be produced. I think people might be thinking that they focus more on streaming because they do it show much but I do think that they devote 100% of there time to the content they promised via the stretch goals and the spare time they have left is used for streaming because they love the community.

    There is a split community there with twitch and the patroens and there is also the subscription but I still think like youtube clicks what keeps the wheels rolling is patreon and that is what bradon has told us in "cup of jones"

    This is also one of the reasons why I personally don't support them on twitch if I want to give them money I want it to mean more and see it go to more content hence patreon.

    they are working there butts off to get shows out and its 9 people just to remind everyone and only a few are full time. doing shows like everyone want to with that staff is not possible and yes it will be easier to corodinate in a studio at the 45K goals buts lets be real for a sec. The production time will go down but 9 people still is still 9 people even in a studio. We are not going to suddenly get 10 shows because a studio. lead times might do down an quality in the production will go up but its still going be the same amount of shows. But lets wait and see and lets hit that 45K mark.

  • Isn't it also true that with a studio comes more Allies working Full time?

    I feel like right there is the key to how important the Studio goal is to the scripted content.