Controversial opinion on EZA

  • @SabotageTheTruth So was First Fifteen, whereas The Final Bosman was probably more than 40 or so — your point?

  • @SabotageTheTruth when I have the time to enjoy some good gaming content I don't care to watch them do table top or play fiasco. That's just me though. Easy update is always hit or miss for me. I personally don't care for Ian's work most the time. I also don't like watching ppl play video games.

    Though the trial of Bosman was great, betting specials will never be the same... the other crew members have their strengths but none of them carry the charisma and personality that Huber and Bosman have. But I still get enjoyment out of them :)

    They do make a lot of content but Its mostly focused on panels and twitch. i would like to see them do more of the creative content stuff like retrospective and game slueth or other similar types of ideas. It would mean them spending less time with their discussion shows or tabletop. But they obviously don't need to listen to me lol.

    The one show that brought me to GT was The Final Bosman and it's whacky insightful humour. Plus the bonus bits and lore lol. I would throw money at Bosman if it would get him doing that again.

  • @Haru17 Just seemed a little out of place when listed side by side with some of the shows that were updated weekly. Although my eyes didn't catch Bosman at Home, which has even less. That Black and Decker sponsorship really needs to pull through.

  • @Haru17 The Final Bosman was over 135 episodes

  • @CGamor7 Well you're in luck fella! That Dark Souls retrospective is coming real soon.

    It sounds as though you miss more of the 'produced' content. Again, a studio would alleviate some of these problems.

  • @Brannox yeah I'm a $5 patreon. Was $10, probably soon to be $0 unfortunately. but I'll always have my @Brannox lists! Lol

    @SabotageTheTruth yeah that's exactly what I miss lol.

  • @CGamor7 Game Sleuth/Retros aren't something that can be produced weekly

  • @ib0show I figured it could be a ton more. Not numbered, so I had no real sense.

    @SabotageTheTruth I don't see how there being few episodes of a three-minute joke show makes it unattainable in some way. Kyle is still funny. Ben too. They could make some of their old content if they tried.

  • @ib0show That sort of work load would require some sort of... suicide squad.

  • @ib0show I know, I mentioned that it's completely understandable they don't. But I speak to what @SabotageTheTruth saud about produced content in general.

  • @SabotageTheTruth or less them talking and streaming lol 😂 But that's what they like to do so that's ok.

  • @CGamor7 Also I would love it if they could do more creative fun content that's that's scripted but they need more money to do those. Would love it if Blood can do Backtrack but that opens up more problems, would love a Final Bosman Esque Show or Moon Wars to come back but they lack the funds. We can only hope they grow.
    Edit: Also less streams doesn't equal more content

  • @ib0show Ugh, Backtrack was so good too. Okay, I may have skipped a few things when I said there wasn't that much to miss.

  • @CGamor7 Hahahahahaha! Thanks.

  • Well I've never liked streams (in general) that much and considering a good chunk of the EZA content is streamed (or similar) it's pretty easy to see what my stance on this is.
    That said I understand the difference in time and effort (not to mention logistically) makes proper scripted shows harder to do compared to the more loose and streamed structure. But I still prefer proper "shows".

    For example I really loved the 1UP and Co-Op shows.

    Youtube Video

    In the future when they eventually get a studio I hope they tone down the streams and focus more on shows.

  • @CGamor7 said in Controversial opinion on EZA:

    yeah I'm a $5 patreon. Was $10, probably soon to be $0 unfortunately.

    I understand your position, about not wanting to pay for what you're getting right now if it's not exactly what you want. It makes sense for you in the short term, but the price for what you're asking for has been pretty clearly defined as a studio space. I'm not trying to guilt anyone, but if what you want is more pre-produced content shows, you should be INCREASING your donation to help them sooner hit their studio goal, if enough people decrease their patronage for similar reasons, we get further away from the kind of content they used to be able to produce at GT. Which is what you ultimately want long term.

    I mean, overall - the Patreon is still doing well. So obviously it's not all resting on your shoulders or wallet - but as with any crowdfunded thing, every bit helps!

  • This is a good thread, got me thinking about stuff. I'd also really, really love to see more produced and scripted shows, but it's studio we're missing, like stated above.

    I think the Allies are streaming a lot, which is both good and bad in a way. Hard to pinpoint. I really like the more surprising themes and games, like Kyle's Dumb Game Monday and stuff like that, Huber trying some horror games, and then again I'm not interested at all in something like Xenoblade which seems to be what Ben plays all the time. Same goes for Damiani's super long Final Fantasy runs etc.

  • @TokyoSlim said in Controversial opinion on EZA:

    you should be INCREASING your donation to help them sooner hit their studio goal, if enough people decrease their patronage for similar reasons, we get further away from the kind of content they used to be able to produce at GT. Which is what you ultimately want long term.

    But him personally upping or even keeping his donation won't result in giving him what he wants. I mean he coudl give them 100$/month and it still wouldn't result in what he wants. So it makes no sense for him to up his donation.

    The studio goal requires more supporters that donate, more sponsors and/or someone to provide the EZA crew with that space. To get more of that kind of support I actually think EZA needs certain shows to hook people.
    I'm also talking more regular stuff. I mean Game Sleuth is fun and all but how often do we see episodes for that? You would need weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly shows, not shows with months apart for each episode. You want to get people to regularly visit EZA's site/channel, not have people think "Oh so those whatever-they're-called-guys uploaded another Game Sleuth or Retrospective? Ok, I'll watch it and then forget about them for a couple of months again". More regular visitors would not only help with sponsorships, but it would also result in more people that donate.

    For this to be possible though EZA need to cut and rework some of their current content so they can free up more time and resources for said shows.
    In addition these shows should also try and be a little different from their current ones. Right now they're almost exclusively discussions/podcasts.
    Heck they don't even need to make full-blown scripted shows, but throw in some skits in the show(s) in-between the discussions. They have also shown that they're capable of doing something like this, so it's not like it's beyond their talents.
    Even if allies like say Kyle felt that it was stressful to come up with a new Final Bosman episode every week I think he would be fine if it was limited to a bi-weekly/monthly show or just a short skit during one of their podcasts/shows.

    You can't succeed if you're afraid of failiure. Try something out and if it doesn't work out then learn from it and change it.

  • @suplextrain that looks like a cool video series.

    @TokyoSlim I get where your coming from, but I have to agree with @suplextrain Its up to EZA to create content to hook people. I know that $5 a month isnt much, its half what i pay for netlifx and spotify, but I am unfortunately not watching EZA content except for the weekly Bosman podcast. To be honest the only thing that really keeps me attached to EZA these days is you guys. The community. I love going to the forums because its a place where i can hear other peoples opinions and discuss games in a enviroment that is small enough where your voice doesnt get lost in the masses such as other forums or twitch.

    Do you think having a studio will change anything? Im guilty of not listening to cup of jones anymore, maybe i should so i can get an idea of whats happening. Id be curios to know the technical skill set of most the allies, but thats none of my business lol. I know Ian and Don are very technically inclined, and most the other allies can edit. But in terms of creation of visual assets and such i remember Damiani saying they had to contract that out, which can get costly and another reason produced scripted content cant be made often. If feel like they could utilize those technical skills more, but if they don't have them, then it makes sense most the stuff they do is discussion based. Then if true it makes you wonder if they can grow if they aren't pursuing a wider talent pool to create content. But again, maybe that is something they dont wish to do.

    As for Bosman, that guy is sitting on gold. He has a substantial amount of followers on youtube and twitter just him alone. I believe he even mentioned after the live with youtube gaming thing he did that he realized that it was substantial and he wanted to do something more with his channel. Bosman at home was fun but in a tweet i made to him asking him about the status of that, he said he had fallen of the horse hard and would eventually get back on. To me thats fine, he responded and his answer is completely understandable. He probably really busy, and as for how he feels, he has to be in the space to want to create for it to be good. But just so its out there, i would throw money at his content. If he chooses not to pursue creating anything anymore, I would be sad, but it would be completely respectable.

    @suplextrain said in Controversial opinion on EZA:

    You can't succeed if you're afraid of failiure. Try something out and if it doesn't work out then learn from it and change it.

    I can see this.

  • I'm not going to go over every post here so I'll just post my opinion which may echo what some have said before.

    Yes I would love EZA to make more reviews, more shows, more content, top tens, more retrospectives, but I'm well aware they are not in the best position for doing all of this things right now.

    I honestly don't care much for streams except for the ones covering events, and a few odd ones here and there, so I don't even consume what they are doing the most at the moment.

    But I remember when I heard that GT was closed, I was seriously sad when that happened, as I had only recently rediscovered the new and improved GT and I was consuming their content like crazy, when EZA was announced I knew that if they retained what made them special before I would stick with them no matter what, and so far that has definitively been the case.

    I'm not interested in everything they put out, but Tabletop Escapades, the podcast and frame trap are staples of every week, and I always end up watching Fiasconauts at some point, aside from that we have brilliant things like the betting specials, that is something I would have never asked of anyone and now it is something that I wouldn't be able to do without. Add to that other nonsense like the Dinorama extravaganza and the Hall of Fame voting process and there's so much good stuff that EZA is providing me that I just wouldn't be able to complain in a real way.

    So depending on what people are looking for I do believe there could be a case for not getting what they would like from the group, but for myself and many others what they are providing us is much more than what I could have expected.