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    So I was just re-watching the April Q&A, because I was dealing with some stuff while it was live and couldn't fully pay attention, and I had to laugh because Huber literally says not having a studio makes filming Huber Syndrome extremely difficult because it means he can't film weekly and he can't do it the way he wants. It may not be sketch comedy but Huber Syndrome is usually at least somewhat scripted, though I'm sure plenty is just off the cuff Huber too.
    Since there were a few people questioning just how impactful having a studio may or may not be to EZA producing scripted content, I figured I'd share this moment with the group. If I find any other times it is brought up while I'm watching something I'll try to share here as well so we can have a bit of a running tally :)

    I don't see how this is relevant? Do you even know what scripted actually means? Heck you even have evidence of said "scripted" content right there. Heck you didn't even stop to think about why Huber has trouble right now doing scripted stuff. Most likely that is tied to Don's tight schedule (he's the ally with the least amount of "free time" he can spend working on EZA stuff) and Don's schedule most likely wouldn't change if they got a studio, so they would most likely still have to record it in the same manner with a studio unless someone else with more time starts recording and editing his show.

    Also what TokyoSlim claimed was that it was impossible for them to do scripted stuff without a studio. It's not, you even have evidence of it right there as I said. To repeat myself, you could film scripted stuff anywhere, on a couch or out in the streets.
    For scripted stuff 2 things are required, that is writing the actual script and then (usually) rehearsing it a bit. That takes more time and effort than just preparing a few questions and then record a discussion.
    So to be clear, "it's hard" is nothing but an excuse. If they wanted to do more scripted stuff they very well could do it, but they've chosen not to.
    However when almost all of their content either falls into two camps, Let's play streams or Podcasts/Discussions, then I think it's about time you started thinking about diversifying and expanding the kind of content you're offering.
    This isn't the first time people have complained about the lack of (frequent) scripted stuff, you know. Imagine if these people started dropping their support. Imagine if tons of people that could've become supporters never did because the kind of content produced by EZA either was too narrow or too infrequent. Staring yourself blind on the status quo, desperately clinging to what you have, is wrong.

    I am saying that this is something that should be considered, studio or no studio. Constantly making excuses like "it can't be done" when it it is very much possible is to be quite frank, something losers do. Now don't fall back on that silly "well are you saying EZA aren't successful" drivel again, that is entirely beside the point. This push towards improvement is not only intended as a prevention before things go south, but also to help them push towards that studio goal (and even greater heights) more easily.

    My mentality is that you should always strive to be better and never make exucses like "it's too difficult". I know not everyone shares this belief and prefer the easy way out, but that won't stop me from wanting people to improve. Why? Because once upon a time I was that person that always took the easy way out and made those excuses. We can be better. So don't make excuses for why you can't be better, decide if you want to improve or not and disregard the difficulty of the task.

    Turned a bit more into a rant than I wanted it to, but I'm just tired of people constantly making excuses and blinding themselves to the truth. That people view criticism as something negative/unhelpful and praise as something helpful.

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    Also what TokyoSlim claimed was that it was impossible for them to do scripted stuff without a studio

    No i did not. That's a strawman.

  • @suplextrain Dude, calm the fuck down, seriously.

    I know what scripted content is and you instantly going on the attack at me means I am not going to bother reading your giant rant because you OBVIOUSLY didn't read anything else I have posted in this thread so far. Take a step back and have a seat.

  • April Q+A: Go to approximately 1:33:45. The Allies discuss the amount of workload that sort of parallels this topic. It's a great listen. This is sort of related to the subject at hand. I understand that EZA has an obligation to their Patrons, but you have to realize that the Allies may be way too busy and overstressed, or they're unable to do scripted shows because they don't have the time. Only a few members are working there full-time; the reason why people are advocating for the studio goal is because more Allies will be working full-time, so they can focus more of their energies towards EZA. Right now, most of them are part-time at EZA. Ian stated during that Q+A segment that he is doing many other projects and responsibilities, Bosman has his Live with YouTube Gaming thing, I think Huber has another job or something, etc. Another factor that's in play is that the Allies are doing what they want to more often, instead of the GT days where they had to reach certain view counts (which was very stressful to them). Now they're doing stuff that they want to work on, rather than being forced to do something. If they make new content, I just hope that the Allies are enjoying what they're doing. Love & Respect.

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    No i did not. That's a strawman.

    I like how the only thing you reply to are the things you can be snappy about.
    Ok let me correct myself since you got upset over semantics. You never flat out stated it, but you always told me the opposite. You always contested my claim that it wasn't impossible. Since you basically never elaborated or answered my questions then all I can do is to judge what you present to me.
    Don't like it? Then maybe elaborate next time. Directly challenge the things people say. Or don't. Either way I didn't feel that the discussion I had with you was worthwhile, so I won't be eager to discuss something with you again.

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    Dude, calm the fuck down, seriously.

    In what way am I not calm? Do you seriously think I'm emotionally upset or something? Riled up? It's so very tiresome when people always jump the gun and tell people to "calm down", always assuming people are upset for not sprinkling in emotes or whatever.

    you instantly going on the attack at me

    ... what? In what way did I attack you? Maybe you're the one that needs to calm down if you think that I just "attacked" you. The fact that you claim that I attacked you when you didn't even read my post, is downright baffling. You just handwaved away someone's post as an attack without reading it. Should you really be on a forum trying to discuss stuff with other people?
    Well whatever.

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    but you have to realize that the Allies may be way too busy and overstressed

    Precisely my point. I think they think they need to put more time into EZA to satisfy their fans, when all they need to do is to be smarter about it. The problem isn't the amount of time they invest (which is actually quite considerable).
    I mean they pump out more shows like EZAnime, Friend Code, etc. but it's basically just more of the same. Discussions/Podcasts. It's the same deal with more streams.

    IF they produce something like more streams then it should be more along the lines of what Kyle does with his Dumb Game Monday and Bosman v. Wozniak. He makes them more unique and more like actual shows. It makes them far more special than some random stream from another ally.
    Does this take more time and effort to prepare than just streaming a game? Sure, but that's hardly a problem. If they toned down the quantity and upped the quality they would only benefit. It would set the content apart and make it more worthwhile. It would no doubt also please current and future supporters as well.

    Do you see what I've been trying to get across for a good chunk of this thread?

  • @suplextrain If you don't see how aggressive you're being with this then there is no point in engaging with you. I made a post that was not directed at you at all. I've got no interest in your attempts at provocation or engaging in an argument so I am not going to respond to you any further.

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    I made a post that was not directed at you at all.

    That somehow means that I or anyone else can't reply to said post?

    f you don't see how aggressive you're being with this then there is no point in engaging with you.

    Well if you view me as aggressive and want to disregard people's posts then by all means. Your mind is obviously set. Just take a step back and look at yourself sometime and see how disrespectful you're being. You're no saint.

    To be quite honest, it almost seems as if some of you look for reasons to be upset and to look for excuses not to challenge your ideas. Like "this person challenge my ideas but I'll just call him aggressive, tell him to calm down, etc. over responding to the points made". Might not be true, but that's how it comes off when some of you always resort to logical fallacies.
    But hey if you don't want to talk, then fine by me.

    I am interested in making EZA grow, improve and solve the problems that are present. If you ever want to discuss that then I'll be here.

  • @suplextrain okay, seriously that's enough. I understood your irrability at @TokyoSlim many posts ago. You guys got stuck in some weird word struggle, and yes that can be frustrating. But now your attacking @logic__error for what? Being helpful? Linking a video to something that the allies said about producing content? That's awesome she did that. That's exactly the stuff I would like to see.

    Your claiming your not mad but the aggressive nature of your posts that just happen to be a wall of text says otherwise. And to be clear I'm not involved with that conversation your having with them and I can clearly see the aggressive tone.

    Look I agree with what your saying about content (you have some great points) and that it's not impossible for them if they really really wanted to. But it seems clear that it is at the very least difficult. But st this point as much as I agree with some if your points you need to take a break from this thread. I have nothing against you, because we've all been worked up over something, but I don't like seeing these kind of posts flood the thread and you've lost all ability at being constructive in this discussion. You might say the feel same way for @TokyoSlim but he at least tried to stop the conversation posts ago. Please do the same.

  • @jifw52 cool thanks, I hope that if they hit the studio goal that they do makes some creative content that's not duscssions. I worry that they prefer what they're doing now and don't end up making that kind of stuff. i guess we will see.

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    But now your attacking

    In what dimension am I attacking him? If some of you interpret my tone as aggressive or hostile then so be it, tone is difficult to convey across text. I am a blunt person and I don't like to sugercoat my words, sprinkle in emotes or whatever to "lighten the tone" in text, but that doesn't mean that I'm aggressive, upset or attacking someone. I'm actually extremely kind and civil IRL.

    Also focusing on this over the discussion is not only going off topic, but is just an evil circle since the discussion will focus on that instead and only bloat the (non-existant) issue.

    Seriously, if no one wants to actually discuss this anymore then it is a dead thread. There is absolutely zero point to harp on the illusion that I'm some "big meanie" or whatever unless you want to further derail the thread.
    I'm sorry for actually coming with controversial ideas and challenging people's ideas. Unless someone directly replies to me with on-topic discussion then I won't bother to post anymore in this thread.

  • people who say that they're blunt and don't sugar coat things is usually their shield to hide behind when their tone is defensive and aggressive

    like dude we don't care if you criticize but like chill and be nicer about it

  • @CGamor7 The only thing I wanted to point out is I'm a "she" but that happens to me a lot online, haha :)

    Thanks for trying to reign things in there. I'll definitely keep sharing if I see the allies talking about the potential for scripted shows or what they think a studio would help bring to the table. I'm know it's been addressed before and I'm sure they'll be asked again in the future.

    Since it's something I mentioned earlier I think the March Q&A is where Kyle was asked specifically about a Final Bosman successor/continuation and if/when I can find the time stamp I'll make a note of it here too!

  • @suplextrain your controversial ideas are welcome it's the attitude that you put into your writing is what is putting ppl off.

    When you start your posts like this,

    "I don't see how this is relevant? Do you even know what scripted actually means?"

    Especially to someone who was just trying to add info to the conversation. You conversation just seemed to be a continuation of what you didn't get a chance to finish with @TokyoSlim

    It sets the reader up to perceive the rest of what your saying in a negative way.

    You know what, I can see your point, I went back and read all your posts to look at tone and I can see where your writing if set up a bit better would come across differently. So I'm sorry for missing that.

    However, Bluntness is usually perceived as an aggressive tone. Which you have plenty of in your writing. As much as you want ppl to be mindful of what they're perceiving you should also be mindful of how you write. I don't know you, and we aren't talking in real life. If that were true I might appreciate your bluntness.

    if someone like @TokyoSlim isnt engaging the way you want him to then there's no point in continuing that discussion. I and others are wanting to have a conversation, but When it comes across the way it does it's hard. You can sit there and see it as my problem all you want, or you can meet me half way and be more conscious of how your setting up your communication.

    You can be blunt, but when we deal with ppl we always have to understand we communicate different from eachother. It's the key to effective communication.

  • @logic__error I'm sorry. Bad assumption habits. I usually catch that and question myself and try to remain neutral cause you never know.

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    Since it's something I mentioned earlier I think the March Q&A is where Kyle was asked specifically about a Final Bosman successor/continuation and if/when I can find the time stamp I'll make a note of it here too!

    I don't know how it relates to EZA but in one of his last videos on his YouTube channel he mentioned wanting to do a lot of different things on his own channel. I'd throw money at that! Lol

  • Guys, stop @ ing me back in here. As a closed minded, passive aggressive, weak-minded idiot with a loser mentality who can't read and isn't intelligent enough to grasp simple logic - I have nothing left to contribute to this thread. Maybe someday when I grow more as a person.


  • Locking this topic since it's going no where. I think people have made their point. EDIT: Topic is back open

  • If anyone wants to continue the conversation please do so. However if it starts to go south as it did before I'm sure the mods will lock it and let it faid into background.

    If ppl want to link to videos that EZA discussed studio goals or having more scripted content that would be great!

    Or if you want to just say the types of things you would like to see more of, or if you want to talk about how happy u are with the content that's also welcome.

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    When you're on the EZA forums on a more sensitive topic it's understandable that things could get heated.

    Stick to discussing the post and not the poster please. L&R

  • All I want is shorter videos in general, A long podcast is great and suits the format, but hours upon hours of discussions in every new show is just not for me, so I find myself watching less and less EZA. I jump with joy when a video under 60 minutes is uploaded. a few examples, The movie discussion seems unorganized and random, and i have other outlets for that (better and more pro, sorry folks), so I was bored after 15 minutes, and Frame Trap is just too many hours. I don't have a craving for hours of filler, id rather want less than 1 hours content a week, if it makes it all more focused. A show like Zelda talk I don't care about at all, but its there for the people that really like Zelda talking, so fine by me. I think i'm trying to say that EZA shouldn't make the content longer just to make us feel like we get the moneys worth. L&R