Rock-like Game Soundtracks?

  • Hey Allies!

    So I'm in a bit of a unique situation. I'm in a student group at my university that works basically like a rock cover band, where people switch on and off of instruments and vocals. We have two main and two smaller shows each year, and each show has a theme that's decided by a vote. A year and a half ago, we did a movies/Oscars-themed show, and ever since, I've been thinking about putting together a show proposal based on music from games. I'd love some help in putting that list together!

    Some stipulations/further details:

    • It can be original or licensed music.
    • Our instrumentation is generally drum kit, one or two keys/synth players (generally one), bass, one or two guitars (generally one), and one to three vocalists. We can add on extra percussion, and we can also get other instruments to hop on board (things like trumpet and violin). However, we generally try to have no more than three to five instrument players beyond the core rock instrumentation on any one song.
    • To make as dynamic a show as possible, we need a range of intensity levels and styles. It doesn't have to be purely rock, it can be music with other influences (like funk, R&B, hip-hop, etc.) so long as we can accomplish it with that core instrument group. If you've got an oddball pick, don't be afraid to throw it out there!
    • We have an almost perfectly split group in terms of masculine and feminine voice types for our vocalists, so we need a good split between those categories in the song selection so everyone can hop in on stuff. If you know what I'm talking about-- we mostly have tenors and altos, with a couple of sopranos and baritones.
    • We want to avoid having people just sitting around doing nothing for songs, so at a minimum each song should probably have a vocalist, drums, a guitar, and a bass.
    • Music used in trailers is generally discouraged, but excusable.
    • Your recommendation can be a single song or the entire soundtrack, just let me know so it's easier for me to find! Or better yet, link to an example/the song in your comment.

    I'll keep a running list of suggestions here, starting with some that I've thought of as being potentially good picks.
    Life is Strange
    Persona 5
    Death Stranding
    literally every Metal Gear Solid

    Thanks for helping out!

  • The World Ends With You has some J-Rock in it's mostly J-pop soundtrack. But the entire Soundtrack is phenomenal. Also, Pursuit ~ Cornered theme from Ace Attorney series is just perfect for Rock instruments. This is what just came to mind on the moments notice, I'm certain to know plenty more, but those I can name all day, everyday.

  • Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, look up "Guilty Gear XX in L.A Vocal Edition" and "Guilty Gear XX in N.Y Vocal Edition" in particular for vocal versions

  • I believe the Castlevania series has a lot of stellar tracks that could fit the motif, and naturally, I gotta mention DOOM. Everyone seems to stick to the heavy metal vibes of DOOM but I guarantee there could be some interesting stuff done with synths for it.

  • @SabotageTheTruth DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM (2016) has kickass soundtracks. DOOM III was merely OK.

  • Thanks for everything so far! Just remember that we also need to have vocals (we actually have a ton of vocalists, so we need pretty much every song to have singing) that are hopefully in English. Keep 'em coming!

  • Finale: Yakuza 0 - Pledge Of Demon and have all your vocalists fight each other with iron pipes.

    Youtube Video

  • The first song that comes to mind is "The Battle for Everyone's Souls" from Persona 3. Heck I'd recommend all the music from all the Persona games since like 90% has English vocals, but generally only the battle music is rock. I'm especially fond of Persona Q's battle theme (P3 side), but you can listen to all the themes in this video.
    Youtube Video

  • Falcom's got some of the best music in the biz look anything up from the Trails series to Y's

    and Uematsue is always a good choice

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    I hiiiiiiiiìiighly recommend the episode intro music from Tales from the Borderlands soundtrack. It is amazing.
    The only song you probably couldn't use is episode 5 as that is more R&B.

  • @El-Shmiablo Your post inspired me, so I listened to the soundtrack (the main six songs) while cooking just now. These were literally perfect for the game, which I love so very much. The opening song for the fourth episode is propably the most emotional, though they all have their merits. So many good memories, so very well done game. :')

    Youtube Video

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    @Sentinel-Beach Ep. 5 was by far my favorite.
    R.I.P. Loaderbot ;_;7

  • Oh oh oh! NIGHT IN THE WOODS!

    I was trying to think of stuff with Lyrics and the rhythm game songs have lyrics, though the characters don't sing them in the game. Lots of people have done vocal covers though so you would have something to go off of. The nice thing is that the vocalist could be anyone. Sharing my favorite of the vocal covers but there are others out there.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Sonic Adventure's soundtrack seems like quite a good fit, especially the main song, which has vocals. A lot of the soundtrack has a standard band set-up with the odd instrument here and there.

    Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart

    Also, You're Not Here from Silent Hill 3 has a rock band set-up and some good female vocals. As do quite a few themes in the Silent Hill soundtracks.

    Silent Hill 3 - You're Not Here