New Twitch emotes.

  • It's been a while since we got some new Twitch emotes so I was wondering if we have open slots or if we're still a ways away from new ones.

    As for suggestions for what new ones to get I'm hoping for some that have more everyday use. For example we don't have a "Hi" emote which is pretty standard in many channels. An ezaIanHi would be perfect.

  • I would like it if the emotes just said ezaHi instead of ezaIanHi. It's not like we have multiple of the same emotes.

  • @ib0show
    Sure, was just thinking that Ian's Hi is the most iconic. Also EdgeHinck is very difficult to find a use for other than when Ian himself comes on screen. I bet it's one of the least used ones.

  • @Olf_Himself as long as the new emotes don't have names to make them longer I'm happy ezaMustBeNice

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