What Remains of Edith Finch (PC/PS4)

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    So I sat down about three hours ago to play one of my most anticipated games of the year and maybe not the best way to put it but I had a great time with it.

    This game is so imaginative in the way it portrays events and the way you interact with these stories. Some definitely hit harder than others but I think a lot of that can be down to your own experiences.

    I think the Lewis story is a standout one that I really hits home by the end scene. The whole sequence constantly expanding was crazy to me.

    I was going to name a few sequences in that spoiler but then I realised I actually liked a lot for different reasons and I'd just keep rambling.

    The soundtrack as a whole is really good too. It will change a decent bit depending on the story but the main theme alone is both soothing and melancholic.

    The one thing I'd a slight issue with was the brightness. I did find some areas to be a bit overly dark but maybe that was just an issue with the room I was in.

    If you dig the likes of Firewatch, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture & Giant Sparrows previous game, The Unfinished Swan, this is well worth playing.

    Edit: Also, the credits feel really impactful too. One of the few times I just sat and watched it all.

  • Shame to see no replies here.

    I too was highly anticipating this title. I think it first caught my eye a few years back, as it reminded me of Ethan Carter.

    The game is admittedly rather short, but much like Gone Home, I feel it was well worth the asking price.

    There's a lot of creativity in this game and although I personally dislike the term "walking simulator" this is definitely one of the better examples of experimanting with the way in which interactivity and narrative can be blended together.

  • I really want to play this, so I may try it soon, that said I don't want to see anything about it before actaully playing it, since the little I seen seems really original and I want to see it in game.

  • @bard91 Ya I'd definitely tell everyone to go in as blind as possible really.

    The cool thing too is I think you can play individual stories after. It's a game I'm very tempted to go back and check out again.

  • How does this game compare to other short, interactive narrative games? I have nothing against this type of game, but I hated Gone Home, which most people hold up as the pinnacle of the genre, and so have stayed away.

  • @Galaxy40k Well it's still extremely narrative however I would say there is just a lot more interactivity to the game. Some of that is just walking around but others feel really fresh and unique I'd say. I don't really want to mention specifics as I feel that would take away from them.

  • @tokeeffe9 I want to thank you for making a post to discuss this game. I loved almost every minute of it. Having played through it a couple of times (mostly because I was wanting to take certain "pathways" early) I was wondering if we should start a discussion with spoilers. I think tip toeing around a game like this makes it quite hard to discuss all that it offers.

  • @tokeeffe9 I probably should have specified my issues with Gone Home, that's my bad. To me, my problem with Gone Home wasn't the usual "it has no gameplay" or "its too short, not worth $20" complaints, but rather I thought the entire story was overly pretentious with no real substance:

    wow, an extremely predictable gay teenager in a house of very religious parents narrative, what a truly revolutionary and thought-provoking story - and benefited nothing from the "interactive" part of the interactive story (if the game was a book of just the journal entries of the girl I thought it would have the same effect).

    I know not everybody will agree, but those were my issues. I'm wondering if Edith is getting a lot of attention because its a genuinely interesting story, or because its just the type of thing that you don't see in video games that often and so "wows" people despite its triteness. And similarly, is it getting a lot of attention because it is a good narrative, or because it is a good interactive narrative?

  • @Ross Go for it, just use the spoiler tags. (Start a new paragraph with '>!' and it'll spoiler that paragraph)

  • @Galaxy40k Firstly, I just put spoilers on a part of your post. The story of Gone Home is as you mentioned a huge part of that game and I think knowing as little as possible actually adds a lot to it.

    On Edith Finch, It's honestly a tough one to say. I found the stories in the game to vary. They were all interesting and left some interpretation up to the player along with all being powerful but I imagine someone could say the exact same thing about Gone Home.

    Personally I really liked this game and feel like it tells enough different stories that you will find some satisfaction out of it while Gone Home is very much a focused story.

  • @Galaxy40k If that was your complaint with Gone Home, I think you might want to give Edith Finch a try. It more heavily benefits from the interactive nature of the medium, presenting each person's narrative in a different and interesting way. One of them does feel like you could have just read a journal for the same effect, but in all the other vignettes the relationship between form and content is really compelling. It also shies away from tropes more heavily (unless you count a family curse as a trope, but then again that's the entire backdrop of the game) and tells some great, unique-feeling stories. It's much more similar to The Vanishing of Ethan Carter than it is to Gone Home in terms of gameplay, dream/memory/story sequences, and exploration.

  • @tokeeffe9 sorry about the spoilers, I wasn't thinking. Thanks for tagging them.

    Also, thanks for the descriptions. I may give it a go later this week then. Thanks!