Help me find next multiplayer game (PC)

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    Hello dear Allies,

    So, me and a couple of friends are currently hunting for a new multiplayer game to sink into. We currently have been playing some Age of empires II: HD together but feel like we are done here and want to move onto something new.

    It is really hard to find something we can play together as well as VS mode and have fun in. My friends dont have super high end PCs so its hard to play anything super duper heavy. We want something that is fun, not too long (like we looked at Civ 5, but those games seem to take absolute forever).

    Something we can pick up and spend anything from 1 hour per night to many hours on the weekend with would be awesome. I would like to believe that we are quite general in our taste, but please recommend everything you can come up with!

    It needs to be online, fun and not too hard. We have played some starcraft 2 together before, but after a certain point you just need to dedicate way to much time to win games.

    Im no big fan of MOBA games, so they kinda goes out the window.
    Perhaps some FPS (even though I dont really have a desk, so some games can be hard which require the reflexes).
    Even some dungeon crawling perhaps? are diablo 3 worth it?

    Give me your tips and tricks!

    Love and Respect!

  • @Lotias A few games I personally enjoy on Steam when I do play are Magic Duels (Magic The Gathering card game Steam edition), theHunter (there is also the stand alone Call of the Wild) but it's sort of graphically intense depending on the settings, Neverwinter (MMO) which is also on current gen consoles, Elder Scrolls Online MMO, Hawken (fast paced mech battles), Mechwarrior Online, Fantasy Grounds (D&D pen & paper style game), Card Hunter (D&D style game), Fishing Planet, Snow (Skiing game similar to Steep, can be graphically intense), Winning Putt Golf Online, and the Total War games. You also have the option of XBO games if you all have Windows 10. Gears 4 and Forza Horizon 3 can be good fun with friends.

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    @MistahShowtime Thats some good tips! We have played some Hawken before, will have to see what else they may be interested in!

    Give us some more tips please as well! :)

  • I don't care for MOBA's either but I don't mind heros of the storm. wgat kind of graphics cards are you all using? MMO's aren't really my thing but it seems like something that would do what your looking for. Try some older MMO's. Jump into Everquest 2 or something lol. Ive heard Star Wars galaxies is being kept alive and that it's pretty good.

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    Garry's mod will provide you with hundreds of hours of hilarious fun. Play Prop Hunt mode and try not to laugh your ass off.

  • Might not be what you are looking for, but...

    Do you have controllers? Have you tried Earth Defence Force 4.1? It's a TPS-like game where you fight giant insects, aliens and the sort. Lots of different weapons, vehicles and such. It's pretty easy to get into, and you don't have to play for hours on end if you don't want to. Just play a level or two here and there online with your friends. Five or six different difficulty settings, so you can adjust that to suit your needs. It's mainly co-op though.

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    there are some really good ideas here! have people played Diablo 3? how is that in coop? does it take much of the PC?

    Also read something about some game "magica" or similar, anyone got experience with that?

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    @Lotias Honestly I find Diablo 3 plays better on consoles, but it will still be a lot of fun with pals. Probably my most played game in recent memory.

    Magicka is kind of similar. Its more about the hilarity that ensues when you are trying to use a complex and easily fuckupable magic system under stress. A lot of accidentsl deaths and hilarious situations.
    I would have recommended Marvel Heroes, but the devs gutted the game and any complexity or depth has been stripped out. Might be fun for a playthough, but nothing beyond that.
    Helldivers is similar to Magicka, but with space marines and space bugs.

  • Even though it might take too long like Civ, Heroes III of Might and Magic is a solid choice, and easily obtained via GOG.

    But that's not something you're into now, Diablo 3 is now a great choice, if you're into Hack'n'Slashes at all, but there is also Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition) and it's sequel, which are also great fun both single and multiplayer.