Weird Gaming Habits?

  • Hey folks! I was thinking about some of my gaming habits, and realized that some may think that they're a little strange. I wanted to know if you guys had any habits that you think might be out of the ordinary.

    Here are some of my habits:

    1. If you love a game, never finish it. Make it all the way to the final section and walk away. That way there's always something you have yet to see.
    2. Make a new recipe for every game you play.

  • I've definitely done the never finishing a game thing: To my memory it started with Ocarina of Time. This was helped by the fact that I played up to Ganon's Castle over a long period of time — involving many copied GCN save files from a friend, times I was stuck on a puzzle, and breaks from playing the game. Months later and a couple years after I had first began the game at 8, I played up until the final boss with a friend watching. However, because I missed a phone call my mother took my Gamecube away for more than a month, interrupting the Ganon fight. I finished it sometime later, and much less memorably.

    My current stalling includes the very final boss fight of Infamous 2, the same of Final Fantasy XV, and October in Persona 5 (because even though that isn't the end of the game, I've played that game for so long that it counts).

    I also find my childhood OCD surging when I play Persona 5. I don't use 'OCD' as a buzzword, but rather as it's the best was I know to describe my non-diagnosed tendencies. Specifically I would tap even and symmetrical patterns of left-right-right-left, that in reverse, and that encapsulated in larger chains of repetition. However a couple weeks ago I found myself doing this on my PS4 controller, which was humorously not the wisest choice as I found myself skipping dialogue and needing to look back.

  • Ever since Skate came out in 2007, I screw around "flipping tricks" with the thumb sticks every loading screen. Habit has died down the last few years tho.

    Also, speaking of Skate... R.I.P. to Big Black :(

  • I have a few:

    • Whenever I turn on the GameCube I always point my finger at the screen in time with the last "bump" sound.
    • In platform games whenever a character has a pose or says something, I usually do it in unison (e.g. making the peace sign at the screen when getting stars in Super Mario 64).
    • With my dreamcast, the top of the control stick broke off and it left a small nub. I find it very strange to play with anything else now!

  • I used to be a little OCD in terms of doing things symetrically IRL, for example when I played football, I would touch one side of post of the goal while being a goalkeeper and I would go touch the other just because, it has died down a lot after my teens but I still see it from time to time in games, were I make similar things just because.

    As for leaving the games unfinished I only have one example, but it is an extreme one, as I literally spent years (at least 3) in the final dungeon of Digital Devil Saga.

  • Jumping in boss doors.
    alt text

  • Also I would jump off of tall structures in World of Warcraft and try to hit water, often splatting and making the corpse run back to my body and broken armor. When the game added parachute cape enchantments I used those too, also sometimes splatting because they lasted a paltry 5 seconds.

    I wanted to do that a lot in Breath of the Wild since it rezed the Deku Leaf (an item I also used to mess around with a lot), but the unpredictable list of the falling trajectories combined with the sheer empty, copy-paste rocky mountainside / the same exact tower nature of that world made it unenjoyable.

  • An old one that applied ONLY to Kirby games: If I have less than full health, then after beating a level I'll do whatever it took to get back to full health. Even if that meant killing myself. (in-game of course) Don't have that problem anymore though, thank goodness. Wasted who knows how many extra lives.

  • If there's a toilet to flush, I'll flush it. If there's a faucet to turn on, I'll do it. One day, a game will reward me for this.

    • Every open world game the instant I'm allowed to do something unscripted I immediately go do everything but the main story until I can't anymore.

    • Just about every game with a manual save system I save twice each time I save.

    • Whenever I lean out of cover aiming a gun in the game, I lean IRL too.

    • I always held down the "A" button in pokemon when catching one.

    • Jumping through screens in mega man (Who doesn't?)

  • I dig through a lot of trash in video games. I blame Pokemon Red exclusively for this habit.

  • Hey, there's perfectly good stimpacks in there. No shame.

  • When playing any game with a fixed camera, I prefer to lay down on my couch or bed. Whereas anything in third person, first person I have to sit up and be dead center with the screen. (Guess as a sidenote to that, when going to the movies I always try and sit dead center of the screen)

  • In post Morrowind Bethesda RPG's, after playing it through once, with my second character, I have a habit of taking EVERYTHING that is not nailed down with me, and hoard it to my home/safehouse/whatever.

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    I have a bunch of "odd" habits.

    Im always obsessed with getting into water and make sure its "good enough". like at beaches/edges I tend to try and walk in, then jump and "cannonball" in to see if effects the water and give me a satisfying "splash" when I land in it.

    If there are an interactive object on the loading screen, like in Skyrim I just have to spin it as fast as I can, no idea why! as in the assassins creed series I tend to run in circles.

    I guess I can add more when I remember it or see it whilst playing

  • @Lotias I was obsessed with trying to get as many saibamen on screen as possible during the loading screens of DBZ Budokai 3 as a kid. I think I once even ejected the disc while it was loading just so I could mess with that indefinitely.

  • @jipostus Yes! I had to murder a number of NPCs just for the storage crates and barrels their homes provided.

  • Whenever there's a customizable character in fighting games, I always choose the tiniest bikinis for the female characters and... oh. This is a little embarrassing.

  • When I play Uncharted or Tomb Raider, I never make Nate/Lara climb or shimmy faster, and I only jump during climbing if they can't reach the handhold without it. I actually really enjoy the long climbing sections of Uncharted 4.

  • I have one:

    Every RPG I play, I MUST have my stats at either an even number or devisable by 5. Never in a game like Dark Souls will I allow a stat such as 7 or 23, unless its a starting stat.

    I'm not sure I it counts, but ill also NEVER use a first aid spray in a Resident Evil prior to RE4. I'll reset the whole game with no saves if needs be.