Weird Gaming Habits?

    • Every open world game the instant I'm allowed to do something unscripted I immediately go do everything but the main story until I can't anymore.

    • Just about every game with a manual save system I save twice each time I save.

    • Whenever I lean out of cover aiming a gun in the game, I lean IRL too.

    • I always held down the "A" button in pokemon when catching one.

    • Jumping through screens in mega man (Who doesn't?)

  • I dig through a lot of trash in video games. I blame Pokemon Red exclusively for this habit.

  • Hey, there's perfectly good stimpacks in there. No shame.

  • When playing any game with a fixed camera, I prefer to lay down on my couch or bed. Whereas anything in third person, first person I have to sit up and be dead center with the screen. (Guess as a sidenote to that, when going to the movies I always try and sit dead center of the screen)

  • In post Morrowind Bethesda RPG's, after playing it through once, with my second character, I have a habit of taking EVERYTHING that is not nailed down with me, and hoard it to my home/safehouse/whatever.

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    I have a bunch of "odd" habits.

    Im always obsessed with getting into water and make sure its "good enough". like at beaches/edges I tend to try and walk in, then jump and "cannonball" in to see if effects the water and give me a satisfying "splash" when I land in it.

    If there are an interactive object on the loading screen, like in Skyrim I just have to spin it as fast as I can, no idea why! as in the assassins creed series I tend to run in circles.

    I guess I can add more when I remember it or see it whilst playing

  • @Lotias I was obsessed with trying to get as many saibamen on screen as possible during the loading screens of DBZ Budokai 3 as a kid. I think I once even ejected the disc while it was loading just so I could mess with that indefinitely.

  • @jipostus Yes! I had to murder a number of NPCs just for the storage crates and barrels their homes provided.

  • Whenever there's a customizable character in fighting games, I always choose the tiniest bikinis for the female characters and... oh. This is a little embarrassing.

  • When I play Uncharted or Tomb Raider, I never make Nate/Lara climb or shimmy faster, and I only jump during climbing if they can't reach the handhold without it. I actually really enjoy the long climbing sections of Uncharted 4.

  • I have one:

    Every RPG I play, I MUST have my stats at either an even number or devisable by 5. Never in a game like Dark Souls will I allow a stat such as 7 or 23, unless its a starting stat.

    I'm not sure I it counts, but ill also NEVER use a first aid spray in a Resident Evil prior to RE4. I'll reset the whole game with no saves if needs be.

  • I don't even know where I picked this up, but whenever I'm waiting on a slow animation in a game - like a big door that's opening - I always act like an impatient spaz: I'll run around in tight circles, mash the jump button, or spam some emote or other thing that causes noise

    I'm not an impatient guy in real life, and I typically try to RP whenever I can to get immersed in the world, but something about waiting on animations just drives me nuts

  • Whenever I create a save game in The Witcher 3 I always try and put Geralt in a cool pose or create a neat little 'scene' to go in the little image that accompanies the save file. I used to do the same in Dragon Age Origins back in the day.

  • *i start with the not best games, then work my way around to the best ones... Anyone else?

    It's just like how 'new york ppl' eat pizza lol

  • @SabotageTheTruth If you somehow haven't been rewarded for flushing toilets or turning on faucets, you haven't been playing enough horror games. Most of my favorite games in the genre have some kind of plumbing-based puzzle-solving.

  • @alexwhiteplays Bathtubs, sure.. but I can't think of any toilet rewards.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Let me introduce you to a fun little point-and-click adventure title with strong psychological horror elements and some of the most beautiful, brutal, and honest storytelling about mental health to ever appear in video games. It's called The Cat Lady.

    I forgot to mention my own gaming habit, though based on a previous thread from several months ago, it might not be that uncommon. I often find that I find a particular food or drink that I start to associate with a particular game, and so whenever I play that game I feel slightly wrong if I don't have that food/beverage (though the opposite isn't true, I can have the food without playing the game just fine). Sometimes, it's because that food appears in the game universe, but sometimes they seem fairly random. So for Persona 4, it was spicy Asian food, usually pineapple fried rice, and that was partially because it reminded me of the Chinese Diner Aiya. But for Persona 5, it seems to be... tequila. No clue why, it just is. Final Fantasy 10 was spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, black olives, and onion. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is chocolate chip cookies, and Fallout: New Vegas is beans and rice. I've just learned to stop questioning it and just enjoying it.