Square Enix looking to sell IO Interactive, developers of Hitman

  • http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-05-11-square-enix-trying-to-find-a-buyer-for-io-future-of-hitman-in-doubt

    Seriously, Square Enix need to keep their expectations in check. It seems like we hear the same story for all their - western - games these past few years. Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, now Hitman. And those were all critically acclaimed, great games.

    Tomb Raider (2013) sold really well, yet somehow it wasn't enough. If 3.5 million in its launch month aren't enough, then maybe you fucked up your budget somewhere.

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided had a disastrous marketing campaign with their stupid pre-order program and microtransactions which generated a lot of bad press. Bad sales ensued.

    Hitman was made episodic and even though it turned out to fit the game's formula really well, it still turned off many people. Bad sales ensued.

    Maybe they should start making better business decisions instead of killing legendary franchises one after the other...

  • They're selling the developers of Kane and Lynch. How are they killing franchises.

  • Just Cause and Nosgoth were apparantly also total failures. I forsee them shutting or selling off their western side entirely, especially when sall these failures are coupled with surprising successes on their JP side, they're likely to refocus on that now

  • @ib0show Deus Ex has been placed on hiatus and we're possibly never going to see another Hitman game.

  • Speculation

  • Concerning Square's western games and side: they have that huge Marvel deal which was announced at the end of January. So I don't think that side is going away, but maybe Marvel just needs a lot more space in SE now or something.

  • @ib0show How is that speculation?!

    It's quite literally in the quote.

    "To maximize player satisfaction as well as market potential going forward, we are focusing our resources and energies on key franchises and studios."

    Hitman isn't a key franchise, and it's the only thing IO Interactive make, so they're selling the company to save money.

    It was reported in January that Deus Ex is going on Hiatus so they can focus on the new Marvel contract that Square Enix won.

    None of this is speculation.

  • @Hazz3r Never going to see another Hitman game is speculation.

  • @ib0show

    Sorry, let me qualify that. We're never going to see another true Hitman game made by the original team.

    Any sequel now will effectively be Hitman: Andromeda.

  • @Hazz3r That's also speculation. IO can still make Hitman as contractors. Square just doesn't want to own them any more.

  • They should stick to japanese games, that's what they are at best at.

  • Sounds official according to a IGN article. Still this raises the question what happens to the Hitman, K&L, and Mini-Ninjas IPs? Does Square now own them, or is IO being allowed to keep them.
    Also someone at SE Japan really, really needs to lower their expectations a bit to something more realistic (like someone mentioned the TR reboot selling almost 4 million in 3 weeks somehow being a failure)
    Also I'm pretty sure it wasn't the episodic format that killed the new Hitman for people, but rather the fact that it's a single player game that has time locked content that you can't replay. I mean on paper the elusive contracts sounds intriguing, but I don't think it was a right move to make.

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    @Musou-Tensei I guess the Avengers are gonna be Japanese now.

  • There was so much bad press for making Hitman episodic, which I think really killed the game. I'm still not sure why people got so up in a fuss over it - the episodic format fit that franchise well. It doesn't need to have some epic continuous journey. You just need to be a hitman, killing bad dudes in cool areas. Each hit is a mission. Makes perfect sense. Hell, its not even like FFVII where they cut a game up into multiple to charge more for the total experience since the full game costs the same as a regular full game, all that changes is the release schedule.

  • @DMCMaster I think the contracts are fine. What do you think not works about it?

    @Galaxy40k i think ppl were more upset before they realized it wasn't so bad. We havnt had a lot of exposure to episodic AAA games and I don't think ppl knew what to expect. It did turn out pretty good though.

    As for in general, I don't understand the discussion around tomb Raider. The article makes no mention of it except for that square will be focusing on it and marvel games. The IO interactive stuff is understandable if they're wanting to shift focus on development to other things, especially a new contract that is lucrative (marvel). Unfortunately something has to go. As much as the development of Hitman wasn't great, they probably factor in the output and worth of such a studio. They probably view it as it's weakest one.

  • @CGamor7
    Something about having limited time content in a single player game just rubs me the wrong way, in something like a MMO i can understand, but Hitman, FFXV, and I think WatchDogs 2 doing it seems wrong.
    Superbunnyhop goes a bit deeper into what im talking about

    Youtube Video

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    @DMCMaster It would be so great if we could have an anime art style without the anime animation.

    You know the one.

    The one where it's essentially a still frame with only the head, mouth or eyes moving.

    The exception of course being the over the top fight scenes sprinkled throughout.

  • @dramaticslowmo
    Good, they won't end up in another Vigile situation