Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

  • Seems bizarre but we're actually getting a Black Ops 3 DLC over a year and a half after the games release.

    It consists of 8 zombies maps remastered from the ground up, ranging from the original Nacht Der Untoten to Origins, the prequel to the Black Ops 3 story that capped off Black Ops 2's zombies DLC.

    It's $30 / £25 which is quite steep for a lot of people, but I also think that given the market they're appealing to, there's a lot of value here. Black Ops 3 did a lot for the zombies game mode and really fleshed it out as a real reason to buy CoD, as much as MP or the campaign.

    Anyone else planning on this purchase?

  • Does it include the JFK/Castro/Nixion stage?

    Although I have to wonder why not release the BLOPS3 Zombies maps as its own stand alone game for $40-$50 on PSN,XBL,Steam,ect

  • Unfortunately Five isn't included. It's all the maps that feature the original crew (Ultimis) and the original crew's alternates (Primis).

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